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These are presentations by different students (I think) from every chapter of the book "Multimedia Communication: Directions and Inovation", by Jerry D. Gobson, Oct 2000. I have found them to be very helpful during while writing the chapter on multimedia communication networks.
These presentations can be found on here.
Some more Presentations on XML can also be found on this page. The related URL is Here

aecXML.pdf Arrangements.pdf chapter1.pdf chapter11.pdf chapter12.pdf
chapter13.pdf chapter14.pdf chapter15.pdf chapter16.pdf chapter2.pdf
chapter3.pdf chapter4.pdf chapter5.pdf chapter6.pdf chapter7.pdf
chapter8.pdf cpl_xml.pdf DOM.pdf Done_Report.pdf Parsers.pdf
Schema.pdf Signature.pdf SMIL.pdf svg.pdf Tools.pdf
VoiceXML.pdf XML_browsers.pdf XML_Repositories.pdf XSLFO.pdf