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Instant Gratification Brain Growth


Your 90% dormant brain wants to give you immediate feelings of joyous surprize and intelligent freedom. Your 10% functioning brain can give you courageous intuitions and wise discoveries which self-circuit into your coming transcendence. Start by circuiting your brain into 11% action. Then grow into 12%, 13%. Then chain-react into whole brain power. The way to do this merely is to trust your Self. Merely trust your genetic intelligence. It will show you your step-by-step method. Merely play with the rapture of unfolding your own sleeping love of Life. This first section guides you gently and affectionately. You shall reveal to your Self those dormant energies of fulfillment which you always knew were there. Those latent powers of your brain patiently have been waiting for you to be ready to accept their free gifts. Soh. Are you now ready to grow up into your full mountaintop vision of happiness? If so, let us start by understanding the simple parts of your brain motor and how they interact. From this understanding you will learn to control them. From this control you will guide them to perform their optimum productions of emotions, thoughts and actions. To persuade you that these promises are true, this first section of the Workbook shows you how to get immediate increase in your euphoria, intelligence and creativity. And love. Go!!!!!

Lesson 1

Build Up Your Ego Strength

imgYour ego is your instinct to not die. Your ego is your intuition to always choose the alternative emotion, thought or action which preserves your Life and to reject that which accelerates your confusion, pain, rot and Death. Your ego is your genetic drive to be survival of the fittest. You are alive today because every last one of your ancestors for the past few hundred million years made not a single ego Life/Death mistake until they could breed. Your ancestors all were successful. You were smart enough to choose only ancestors with healthy egos. They made only the proper choices because they knew they were destined to pump out the final utopia: You. Just think of all those other unhealthy egos who made improper choices. What shall your progeny say of You?

Modern culture destroys your ego by confusing you about your alternative emotions, thoughts and actions. Half of you wants to regress from the jungle of competition and hide and protect your Self. The other half wants to progress cooperatively into your 90% dormant brain. Now, you no longer shall be the indecisive jackass half way between the two nutritious hay piles who starves to death. You shall eat of both instincts, simultaneously. You shall protect your Self from those competitive parasites and predators who suck and weaken and eat your ego; who cause your neurosis. At the same time, you shall grow cooperatively forward and upward beyond neurosis and enemies. You shall get your ego’s neural fulfillment into transcended egolessness.

imgBut first, we must diagnose how much of your healthy ego instinct was crippled or destroyed by brain ignorant parents and culture. Whatever remains alive is like a spark in your cold campfire. It can be blown gently into Life, to re-ignite your dormant kindling, fuel and logs of desire. It can be resurrected to burn down and away the entire forest of dead tree enemies.

But wait. There is yet a first step to this first diagnosis. The diagnosis of “neggos” – negative memories and traumas and angers – is scary. So we will start with “possos”: positive memories and loves of Self and laughters. This will motivate you right now to dive into the warm work of growing up – because it is fun.

Start with your belief in your Self. (We will capitalize Self so you begin thinking of him/her as a completely separate, different person: your mirror image whom you shall heal and create and dress-up and love until the two of you again become one.) Your cultural conditioning – the brainwashing which your parents, schools and mass media did into your skull – taught your Self not to believe in himself/herself. You were educated very carefully from gestation and birth to be competitive against your Self and against all other Selves. You were warped to be a self-defensive and counter-attacking animal, not an evolving mutant. Jackass between the alfalfa lunches.

Now you must reject that mis-education which blatantly accelerates your Self-confusions, growth-pains, neurosis-rots and premature Death. Allow your healthy ego (just like when you were a kid) to accept your Self and love your Self as you are at this very moment. Cast off the rigid mask and itchy armor of the Self which your mother and father want you to be; which your “friends” demand of you; which Madison Avenue advertizing is seducing into wanting to be. Embrace your naked, natural, free Self joyously just as you are now, body odor and pimples and quirky ways and all. Trust your Self. Trust your brain and body to contain all the necessary and excessively abundant redundant intelligence you need to get you back onto the right track of self-redemption and self-salvation which you had at birth and during childhood. Trust your innate wisdom of ego to re-start your growth toward terminal transcendence and the paradox of egolessness. For at the moment when Pa’s sperm obeyed the whistle from Ma’s ovum and they swapped 23 chromosomes (chromo: color; soma; body; color-stained blobs under the microscope) which build your toenails and fingernails and haircut. The joke is that most of them are dormant. Just like your mostly dormant brain, these sleeping energy triggers which cause your cells to multiply according to the cosmic blueprint building your somatic engine are waiting for you to wake up to wake them up. But don’t think about that when your angry alarm clock gooses you unintelligently to go to money instead of to mutation.

Your DNA genes are waiting for you to discover that you first must transcend your neurotic brain before you can understand how to flip on more of them into super growth. After transcendence, you will be able to read your genetic code directly; to select your next growth into your next brain-body maturation; into your next escalating rapture and wisdom. So just relax in the wry appreciation that your mostly torpid genic regulator has been waiting patiently for the last few million years until you were ready to accept its free gift of teaching. You now shall learn how to control your own growth into chain-reacting moral power and wisecracking Godly meaning.

Merely do not get confused by the fusty musty scientists who discovered and proved each of the following isolated, basic facts about your brain. Those scientists have their own neuroses to wrestle. So they never got around to putting all their scattered facts together into one unified system to get their own transcendences. In public discussion, those who are retarded adolescent rebels even go so far as to grumble and block your way toward your own growing up. They do this because they are jealous of what you are getting.

imgSoh. Relax. Believe in your Self. Just like you did when you were a frisky little pisher. Welcome the free offering of your “common sense” intelligence: your sub-threshold, unconscious intuitions. Accept the basic scientific facts, but go beyond them. Play the game of self-experimentation. Use your intuitions to integrate and harmonize these experimentally proven facts, then experiment further by taking the next step into your personal transcendence. Trust your intuitions. They are the way you know, clearly know, a fact beyond the facts of the scientists. Your intuitions are the tips of your icebergs of absolute neural and genetic intelligence. Your intuitions are the way you know the truth of your infinite phyloplasmic powers. Play the game of intuitions as you watch your neural and genetic intelligences rise like icebergs in the deep, dark sea of your culturally confused unconscious awareness. Be amazed as they poke their tips of direct communication into the sunshine of your personal intelligence – through your intuitions. For know this: Your intuitions understand and use the next and the next higher spheres of your direct contact with inexhaustible cosmic intelligence. Accept your intuitive emotional insights as the start of your growth-trip to the galaxies.

1. Do you believe you have the right to love your Self just as you are this moment?

2. Do you believe you have the inalienable right to accept all the reserve intelligence already contained within your brain and body to grow you up to be all you can be in this one Lifetime?

3. Do you believe – truly believe – that your genetic intelligence loves you and wants you to grow up into perfect maturity, fulfillment, happiness and peace of Universe?

4. Do you believe – in the honesty of your crying child – that you have the full, genetically innate, automatic power to now release your own reserve intelligence? To tomorrow release your own 90% dormant brain? To next week release your own transcendence above the obfuscating scientific facts of competitive American culture preventing you from using those facts to improve that culture?

5. Do you believe – as flouncing youngster – that this game of growing up is gunna be funnnnn?


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