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Expansion Of Happiness


Lesson 10

Once you re-discover your infant's power to feel the Lifeforce through one or more sensors via the previous exercise, expand this enchanting http://docwhisperer.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/mm_happiness.jpgrevelation into cumulating new disclosures. Expand this one open door into many closed doors now opening. Expand this one breakthrough into your dormant brain up along more inactive cells, tissues and organs. It is done simply by a concentration of willpower: merely by saying, "I, lovingly, will it to be so." Magic.

1.  Accept each new discovery of paranormal perception, intelligence and communication as a natural, routine fact of Life. Accept it fully into your greedy ego. Be sucking child taking in all of Life as your rightful ownership. Then, by an act of will, say, "I, child, now mature into adult. I, ego, now mature into egolessness. I, greed, now mature into love." The plain saying -- and believing, temporarily -- of the words clicks your brain's master click-switch, your amygdala, from backward infantile devolution to forward mutant evolution: transcendence. Automatically, consciousness floods into your dormant frontal lobes (DFL). Automatically, you feel a slosh of ecstasy.

2. Accept the forward spill over of euphoria into your egoless attitude. Be holy child sharing all of Life in divine suchness. Then, by an act of love, split the in-coming energy. Split the river into 2, 4, 8, 16 separate streams. By using imagination, guide each stream into a different part of your forehead: into a different part of your dormant frontal lobes. The simple guiding -- and believing -- of the stream flows automatically penetrates different dormant cells in different parts of your frontal lobes. The penetration automatically causes those diverse cells to compute different kinds of separate, advanced cosmic emotions and thoughts. The skyrocket exploding, diverging and re-exploding emotions and thoughts causes the convergence of an astonishingly unified, larger happiness.

3. Even after they fade from direct experience, the multiple cosmic emotions and thoughts remain in memory. You have been raised, temporarily, from lower reality into perceiving and understanding higher reality. Your memory may slip back because of the artificial manipulation, but never all the way. You took 10 steps upward and may have slipped back 5 steps, so you still are 5 steps ahead of before. Thereafter, you will expand your future happinesses from this higher and wider mountaintop view of the daily ant scurry down there.

4. Egolessly invest the capital of this extra physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual happiness wealth immediately into some problem which creates your neurosis. Egolessly receive the next, unexpected profit of that solved problem. Receive the bound energy of neurosis now dissolved into yet more free energy. Re-invest the happiness profit of this compounding free energy into a yet next problem blocking your growth.

5. Continue re-investing and paralaying your newly freeing energies of happiness until you acquire a critical mass of energies like a box canyon full of wild mustangs. Now open the gate. The stampede will start a branching chain-reaction throughout your brain pain. Nirvana.


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