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Healing Hands


Lesson 11

imgThe history of the human race goes back hundreds of millions of years to our one-celled ancestors. We know about that through the study of fossils in geologic strata. The history of the Lifeforce throughout the Universe and its potential for unsuspected healing and infinite growth has not been studied yet. Scientists soon shall. But while waiting for conservative science to grow up into mature discovery and description of the true objective reality of your Life, wouldn't it be droll to go beyond those grumpy, growly, myopic testube "experts" and "authorities" to discover and describe your own magic of the Lifeforce? Shall we now reveal that power of healing and growing which has been cumulating slowly and patiently all these eons (long before Ph.D.s and M.D.s were invented), merely waiting to be let out and used through your healing hands? Nobody knows what the Lifeforce is. Religionists call it God. Scientists call it genetic intelligence. Philosophers call it Tao or Ishk or GooGooNuts. So you can call it whatever you want. You are just as smart about this ultimate mystery as the wiseguys in robes, smocks and diapers. Better yet, you are smarter than they. For they only talk about it. You now are going to let out and use the Lifeforce.

1.Create your proper attitude of child wounder and awe at the existence of your Self within the Lifeforce throughout the Universe. This attitude automatically causes cosmic consciousness to circuit forward into your dormant frontal lobes. Humble your greedy, sucking ego properly to receive this stupendous gift of universal energy. By imagining your frontal lobes to be a balloon, expand your consciousness out to the size of the Universe. Feel at-one-ment with every thing and every body. With God. Be religious, in the finest sense of the word: pure child accepting infinite growth so as to help teach others how to grow up. Create a loving attitude. Totally, unconditionally, voluptuously loving.

2.Create a fantasy image. Close your eyes and create an image of cosmic consciousness flowing as a golden river of pure energy, flowing right into the back base of your brain, down your spine and legs and out through your toes; out through your chest and arms and fingers; out through your frontal lobes. You are a flood plain being flooded by the goodness of the Lifeforce. When your total brain-body is totally saturated, you will feel at-one-ment with this Universe power. The healing moment is upon you. Heal. Start with thy Self.

img3. Place the two palms of your hands a few inches away from each other. Bounce them back and forth without touching. Feel the rubbery energy balloon being squeezed between them. This is the Lifeforce being radiated from each palm. Do the same with two opposite fingertips. Do you see an energy aura around your palms or fingertips? (Circular auras are static, inactive energy. Linear auras are flowing, active energy.) In physics, like forces repel. Unlike forces attract. Two negative things or two positive things repel each other. Two negative or two positive poles on two magnets push each other away. Two neurotic geniuses married to each other must divorce. But if only one is a genius, they will stay married, for neurotic reasons. A negative force and a positive force – an entropy and an energy -- suck in each other like a hungry infant on tit. This explains why your palms and fingertips, radiating like forces, repel each other.

4. Entropy is the opposite of energy. Entropy is negative energy. Energy is anti- entropy. Entropy is degrading energy; rotting energy. Entropy is the power of destruction. Energy is the power of construction. Death is entropy. Life is energy. Dis-ease is caused by entropy: by an improperly functioning cell in the brain-body, improperly computing in-coming cosmic consciousness. An entropic cell is a cancer cell. An entropic cell accepts the in-coming, neutral-valenced cosmic consciousness and re-computes it into competitive consciousness. The entropic cell thus uses the neutral energy of cosmic consciousness to overwhelm the cooperative consciousness of the Lifeforce within its neighbor cells. These neighbor cells then become entropic; become cancer cells. They metastasize. Ease is caused by energy. Ease is caused by a properly functioning cell in the brain-body, properly computing in-coming cosmic consciousness. An energy cell is an anti-cancer cell. An energy cell accepts the in-coming, neutral-valenced cosmic consciousness and re-computes it into cooperative consciousness. The energy cell then uses that neutral energy of cosmic consciousness to overwhelm the competitive consciousness within its neighbor entropy cells. The energy cell dominates and controls the entropy cells which are deteriorating the Lifeforce and rotting themselves into dis-ease and cancer. The energy cell then transforms these neighbor cells to become energetic: to become anti-cancer cells: to become health cells: to become longevity cells. They metastasize. Energetically.

5. Bounce one finger over your opposite arm. Feel at what distance the energy balloon is -- slowly and gently -- most comfortably squeezed. This is your diagnostic distance. It usually is about one or two inches. The exact distance is a direct measurement of the energy flow pouring from your fingers and encountering the energy field radiating around the body (your body aura). Move one finger over your body and brain, keeping it at its proper diagnostic distance. Identify your first entropy point. You will discover an entropy point when your finger is sucked down like a dowsing rod. Your finger will be sucked down to touch the skin surface under which are hidden your diseased cells. The negative entropy from your diseased cells will such in the positive energy from your finger.

6. Comb out the entropy from the diseased cells. Form the fingers on your hand into a bent claw; into a comb. Comb the entropy toward your fingers or toes. (Do you see an entropy aura around your fingers and toes as you comb out the gunk?) Image the voltage in your comb to increase progressively toward maximum cosmic energy. Image the high voltage energy from your comb penetrating down through the skin, through healthy intervening cells and into the very nuclei of the diseased cells. Slowly and patiently and lovingly comb the entropy away from the cells, down your body, down your arm or leg and out your fingers or toes -- out these toilets. Comb your brain from the back base toward your excreting frontal lobes. Shake the icky goo off your comb and comb again. Feel the ecstatically explosive pleasure of cooperating with the Lifeforce. Feel the harmonic reverberations between your hand and the Lifeforce. Feel the extra cosmic consciousness pouring into your brain-body, thereby super-energizing you by giving you an unexpected celestial orgasm for doing the work. Each time you comb, test the entropy point with your energy finger. On a scale of - 10 to -1, measure precisely the quantity and quality of remaining entropy. If it still measures entropic, comb again. Comb until it measures zero; until it measures +1, +2, +3, +9. Energy. After each combing, healthy neighbor cells pour warm healing, cooperative consciousness into the abscess. Eventually, the rotted tissue is cleaned out and healed back to its original child purity: no entropy; all energy. Aging slows. Stops. Reverses. Longevity occurs. Once you develop your subjective healing skill with 100% trust and blessedness, test it objectively. Bruise or cut your body in two opposite, equal places. Heal one place with healing hands. Allow the other place to heal by itself. Measure the difference in time. Demonstrate this proof to others to persuade and encourage them to grow up. Continue to measure your healing power increase after you release your bound energy of neurosis into free energy during self-therapy; after you transcend fully into your dormant frontal lobes.

img7. To master your full understanding of the true power of your combing skill, comb an entropy backward. Comb an entropy wrongly, away from your fingers and toes and toward your central body and head. Comb an entropy away from your frontal lobes and toward the back base of your brain. This causes congestion. This combs back entropies into greater concentrations into dead-end sacks. Feel the discomfort. Feel the pain. Learn the wrongness of this combing wrongly. (This is like wrongly combing primal nature energy into an entropy city.) From such negative information you will be more wise and understanding when you properly comb out entropy from others.

8. Later, after you learn a little more basic neurology in the Workbook you will understand that your healing energy is controlled by your brain's master click-switch organ, your amygdala. For this first time through, however, you do not need to know the underlying science which validates this technique. Later, you will identify the first principle facts. Now, merely do the healing exercise in love and delight as one more gift from the Lifeforce to persuade you to study your brain and to release its dormancy. For it is this dormancy which is suffocating your brain's natural genetic energy.

9. Once you develop your personal healing skill with 100% trust and beatitude, try it on a friend. Discuss this entire Workbook thoroughly with him/her to develop his/her proper attitude toward you and your love power. Develop total trust between each other. With your finger or hand, properly diagnose his/her entropy points. Comb out.

10. Once you develop your friendship healing skill with 100% trust and graciousness, share it with many friends and neighbors. Be an energy cell in your neighborhood, loving the entropy cells of your neighbors with overwhelming common sense logic. Each one teach one. Spread the word and technique of healing hands to ordinary people healing themselves and others with no other skill than basic love and trust. But be careful of the American Medical Association. They will try to protect their money monopoly. They will try to destroy you as a quack. Cover your ass. Protect it from them shoving up a lawsuit. Protect your Self from them suing you. Killer apes will try to bankrupt your money and material wealth and put you in jail. They will do this if you charge money for your healing hands. So merely do not charge money for giving your moral love service. Thus, they cannot claim you are a business. They cannot claim you are pretending to be a physician practicing medicine without a license. Do not over trust your skill and under diagnose a dis-ease prior to your ready time to heal it. Do not do injury to anybody unwittingly. Create your moral loophole through the non-cosmic American law system whereby you can practice your homeopathic love healing with the same open respect and dignity as the current monopoly physicians do with their alopathic profit healing.


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