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Beginner's Multiple Orgasm


Lesson 12

The more of your dormant brain you release, the more you experience multiple orgasm. The more of your neurosis you release, the more this garbage has to be excreted via multiple orgasm. The entire process of self-transcendence feels better and better with each step because each step improves your basic one-shot orgasm until it starts to become multiple. For that reason, mass transcendence will become a holy mission to fulfill God's master plan not by going into drudgery, but by coming into ecstacy.

imgWhen you eat food, your body digests it, absorbs its nutrients and excretes the undigestible parts as urine and feces. Your brain does the same thing when you eat ideas. The parts of the ideas which can be digested are absorbed as memories. But the parts of the ideas which you cannot understand yet, or which have no value to your current Life, these must be excreted. The shitting-out of brain garbage is via orgasm.

If you study hard and learn lots of ideas, you accumulate lots of thought residue slops which must be evacuated from your 10% functional brain circuits. If you do not expel these sewerages from your brain, they will clog up your thought production circuit, your emotion production circuit and your action production circuit. Such constipation causes blockages of your brain health. Regular elimination of wastes left over after thought production, emotion production and action production, however, causes increase in your brain health.

Regular elimination of backward brain scum also causes circuiting of electro-consciousness energy forward into dormant cells, tissues and organs. Thus, genetic intelligence seduces each fit individual to learn this simple logic in a clever way. The more dedicated you become to learning brain self-control, the more thought residues, emotion residues and action residues will accumulate, the more orgasm you will require to discharge these gunks, the better your orgasms feel. Conversely, the less you learn about your brain and genes, the sooner your orgasm dies. Celibacy is constipation. Constipation is poison. Poison causes death.

In time, the one-shot orgasm no longer is enough to exude the progressively increasing quantity and quality of mucks being generated efficiently by your increasingly efficient brain. The more efficiently you compute thought production, emotion production and action production in your 10% functioning brain, the more dormant networks you open into your 90% inactive cells, tissues and organs, the more residual garbage cans line up to be dumped out of your penis/clitoris. So you now must start 2 consecutive orgasms; 4, 8.

Once 10 multiple orgasms occur, the process clicks into automatic. Once you learn the simple feeling-knowing knack of how to trigger and maintain your own multiple orgasm, you no longer have to think about it. You simply relax and let it happen. It then takes place spontaneously. Just like driving a car or typing or breathing. You simply understand its mechanical sequence, do the right thing at the right time and luxuriate in the reflexive cosmic gush. When spiritual rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.

After 10 multiples occur, the process thereafter automatically flows out precisely the correct quantity and quality of excretions necessary for that day: 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 continuous, maximum intensity, maximum scream gifts of ecstacy, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. Growing up is fun. Alone or with a soulmate.

Multiple orgasm is realized naturally in both males and females. Cultural conditioning has trained all males to click off their brains so they experience only the one-shot orgasm: the killfuck orgasm from the reptile brain. Warrior. Some females, however, have snuck around this survival/cultural prohibition and have discovered, accidentally, their own genetically innate multiple cums. But even they burst off their machine gun rattles with no understanding of how it happens, no control of its happening the next time and no prediction that it will continue to happen in the future. Now, basic neurology is giving the multiple orgasm back to all men and women via total understanding, control and prediction.

In men, the orgasm has two parts. First comes the reproductive part: the ejaculation of sperm. Second comes the brain cleansing part: the dry spasms. Multiple orgasm for males does not drown one's female partner in gallons of juice. Rather, the second part of the male multiple orgasm is the same as the first part, and only part, of the female multiple orgasm. Thus harmonized after the first 10 seconds, soulmates coordinate their screams. They coordinate their wave motions. They create a super wave of progressively increasing energy and power. Windows crack. Cops are called, in the city. In primal nature, elk, bears and mountain lions yowl applause.

The energy and power of multiple orgasm not only passively crap out residual brain skuzz from already functioning circuits, but actively ram open dormant cells, tissues and organs. Multiple orgasm is a horizontal pile-driver ramming energy through the entropy barriers of one's neurosis defenses. Multiple orgasm is a power pile-driver ramming intelligence through the ignorance of one's neurophysiological retardation. Multiple orgasm is a cosmic pile-driver ramming 10% brained competitive consciousness into 51% love cooperative consciousness through the dormant trontal lobes and out into 100% cosmic consciousness. "Oh GOD! I'm COMING!! We're C O M I N G ! ! !"

Different parts of the brain compute different thoughts, emotions and actions. Thus, different parts of the brain generate different types of residue garbages after production work. Most delightfully, each unique type of residue sludge generated by each unique part of the brain generates its own unique type of multiple orgasm. Therefore, by learning to recognize the dozen or so main forms of multiple orgasms, you can point, with absolute precision, to the specific part of the brain which was active dominantly the day before and which now is pumping out its distinctive signature multiple.

The characteristic signature which each part of the brain signals through its private multiple orgasm is felt and understood and visualized in wave motion. Thus, an oceanic wave


is felt and understood to be different from a square wave



and from a spike wave.




Simply by identifying the wave profile coming out of your brain during multiple orgasm, you identify the part of your brain producing that signature. Simply by understanding the specific, unique work done by each specific, unique part of your brain, you identify the kind of problem your brain was solving the last hour or yesterday at the conscious or/and unconscious level of neural intelligence and genetic intelligence. You adjust your behavior today to supplement and expand that beginning progression into that unique growth toward that unique genius.

By so using your God-given multiple orgasm as but one more rapturous part of your genetic intelligence and personal intelligence, you can accelerate your learning of how to self-release your 90% dormant brain. Remember: Self-therapy and self-transcendence are not pain. Are not difficult. Are not complex mumbo jumbo controlled by the witchcraft and priestcraft of "professionals": psychiatrists, religionists, druggists. Self-therapy and self-transcendence are voluptuous. Democratic. Free.

The ascetic, celibate, brain-ignorant and DNA-ignorant world "teachers" of the present and past never transcended into whole brain power. If they had, they would have proven their cosmic intelligence by now by eliminating war from all Earth populations. Instead, their ignorance has increased war. Their ignorance has taught all Earth populations to be more sophisticatedly ignorant. Their ignorance is leading technological Earth to final death. All because of their one-shot orgasm. Or worse yet, all because of their no-shot orgasm. Celibate messiahs are queer.

Soh. Get to work. Save Earth. Save your Self. Go to bed. Love.

1. By yourself, or with a soulmate, make a 100% belief decision that you want to learn your brain, that you want to release your 90% brain dormancy and that you want to live your Life of democratic freedom in total egoless ecstacy. This changed attitude prepares your physical brain circuits to turn away from improper death into proper Life; into proper growth. The formerly self-defensive instinct generated by your reptile brain now turns into genetically driven counter-attack behaviors against the outside culture which forbids you to grow up. You start to fight for your rights to be all you can be in this one Lifetime. In this way, your entire physical brain re-orients itself from backward deterioration into forward growth.

img2. Examine, study and master every part of your physical body so no part is taboo. Master your comfort with each function of your physical body so no function is taboo: eating, sleeping, urinating, defecating, flatulating, menstruating. This changed attitude prepares your physical brain circuits to accept free genetic growth forward from your reptile brain into your dormant frontal lobes. Your entire brain now is ready to start multiple orgasms.

3. One-shot orgasm is triggered by the back base of your brain; by your reptile brain. Multiple orgasm happens when that one shot is allowed to shoot forward into your frontal lobes, bounce back into the reptile gun and shoot forward again. In the beginning, the way you "allow" your one-shot to bounce back and forth is via "imaging." Create an image of a solid steel door halfway between your reptile brain and your frontal lobes. Create, via imagination, the image of that door being closed. Experience your one-shot orgasm. See the image of your single shot coming out of your reptilian cannon like a cannonball shooting forward, hitting the closed door, smashing into its solidness, smashing the cannonball to pieces and dying out in your gurgling gasps and moaning murmurs (about "How good that was," when it wasn't).

In the past, you just passively let it happen, exhausted your Self and rolled over to sleep -- with no active imaging of what was going on inside your brain. Now you shall actively control that formerly anarchic spastic groin hiccup.

Just before the reptile cannon explodes, image the steel door opening. Image the cannonball shooting through the open doorway full smash into your frontal lobes. But your frontal lobes are not steel. They are rubber. Image your rubber trampoline frontal lobes accepting the full loving impact of your cannonball, stretching way out beyond your eyebrows to absorb the total, good joy of its genetic power purpose, then twanging it back to where it came from. Image your frontal lobes elasticity ecstatically twanging back your cannonball, back through the still open door and right smack down the gun barrel of your reptile brain. Feel the surprize of your reptile brain. Feel your reptile brain think for a brief moment or two about this most unexpected return of energy -- increased. Then see and feel your reptile brain gun cock itself, trigger itself and shoot out the now enlarged cannonball. See and feel the cannonball zoom more energetically and more confidently through the door, into your elastic frontal lobes, whangggg back through the door opening and back down the gun barrel -- to be blasted out again.

4. After you have repeated the cumulating cannonball shot 3 or 4 times, you will get the knack of it. Your intuitions will get the neurophysiological wisdom of it. Then, slowly and carefully, you will increase the repetitions: 5, 6, 7 ....

5. By the time you reach 10 multiple orgasms, the mechanism clicks into automatic. Thereafter, the quantity of spasms will increase in direct proportion to the quantity and quality of work being done by specific parts of your brain. Thereafter, the quantity and quality of wave motions will vary as a direct measurement of which parts of your brain are excreting their standard productions of unique excreta.

6. Once the multiple orgasm is operational, study the basic neurology of your brain as presented in this Self Transcendence Workbook, as presented in the supplementary Mass Transcendence Guidebook and as presented in the professional journal citation references comprehensively listed in the Guidebook. From that basic information, you will develop your precise diagnostic, prescriptive and prognostic tools with which to control this function of your brain into maximum efficiency of production.

7. As you master optimum efficiency of brain cleansing, which is pre-requisite to optimum efficiency of brain production, you will transcend into your dormant frontal lobes with optimum efficiency.

8. As you systematically integrate and harmonize multiple orgasm cleansing of brain with your self-therapy regimen, your intelligence and creativity will increase measurably and dramatically and drastically along a standard gradient of objective and subjective tests. You flagrantly will get smarter and more artistic, even before your final breakthrough.

9. As multiple orgasm becomes a daily energizing part of your Life like sleeping, eating, urinating, defecating and learning, you will transcend from ordinary reptile-brain/frontal-lobes orgasm to out-of-brain orgasm. Cosmic orgasm.

10. Through the now open channel of cosmic orgasm, your brain will receive direct computations of cosmic intelligence.


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