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Learn Your Triune Brain


Lesson 13

Below are some links to material that will assist you in learnig about BSC.

The Triune Brain
The Self
Self-Realization and Social Responsibity

The human brain is 3-brains-in-1. It is a tri-three, une-one, a "triune" brain. Just like an evolution-shaped peach composed of stone, flesh and skin, we each contain a reptile brain surrounded by our mammal brain, both of which are enveloped by our primate brain.

The reptile core emerged out of the spinal cord of worms 350 million years ago during what the geologists call the Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era. The mammal brain bubbled up around that nub 225 million years back during the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. The primate brain extruded to wrap around the lower pair 70 million years ago during the Paleocene epoch of the Tertiary period of the Cenozoic era. The primate brain contains the frontal lobes -- which bulged out practically yesterday, 700,000 years back during the Pleistocene epoch of the Quarternary period of Cenozoic era. Only now are we beginning to learn why.

Each brain is connected to the others. Yet, each brain functions separately from the others. Each brain is a biological computer which has its own unique intelligence, its own personal understanding of itself, its own sense of time controlling how best to behave, its own meaning for being alive, its own memory of how best to survive, its own special behaviors to express itself and its own mode of living Life. Thus, your daily behaviors of sleeping, waking, eating, working, communicating, defending, growing, loving, breeding and relaxing are specific mixtures of precisely identifiable reptile brain reflexes, mammal brain reflexes and primate brain reflexes.

Each brain does two things: It operates independently of the other two and it operates in cooperation with the other two. In this way, some human behaviors are purely reptilian, mammalian or primate, while other human behaviors are precise percentage combinations of automatic reptile, mammal and primate reactions. By learning the exact behaviors generated by each simple brain, you can analyze the exact percentage of each brain's contribution added to form any person's complex human action, thought or emotion.

The reptile brain computes self-defense and counter-attack reflexes. (The "4-Fs": feeding, fighting, fleeing and reproduction.) It originates no emotions except the self-survival one: the fear of being killed. Just like its name implies, the reptile brain is a snake. It does nothing except passively defend itself and actively attack others. Reptiles do not love their babies. Reptiles (with the exception of crocodiles) give birth to their young, then slither away. "You're on your own, kids. Eat or be eaten." The efficient human warrior is clicked into his reptile brain. The ruthless human businessman/businesswoman is clicked only into his/her reptile brain. The reptilian human mother batters her baby.

The mammal brain accepts the necessary behavioral wisdom of the basic reptile brain to defend itself from enemies and to attack prey. But the mammal brain loves its babies.

The mammal brain creates mammaries. Milk. The female mammal brain allows its babies to suck milk. The male mammal brain protects the female and babies while they are thus vulnerable. Family is formed. While the female nurtures and teaches the young, the male circles the territory, fights off competitors, hunts food and brings in security to the family. In the human family, the mammalian behavior is exactly the same, though a bit more civilized. While the mother nurtures and teaches the children, the father goes to work, fights off competitor labor unions or exploitive employers, buys food in the store and brings in the security paycheck to the family bank. If competitors from other nations invade his nation's territory, he bands together with other fathers to form an army and go to war. Reptile-mammal-primate-human fathers thus kill each other to obey the instinct of protecting their idea territories and nation families -- even though the bashing instrument now is the Earth-killing rocket.

The primate brain accepts the basic behaviors of the reptile brain and the mammal brain and merely up-grades and refines them into inter-personal, social institutions. The primate brain evolves culture. Culture evolves institutions which balance the polar individual behaviors of competition and cooperation into economies, religions, educational systems and political systems. By this interplay of the triune brain and culture, man has evolved into killer ape. Ape-man is the most advanced and most efficient killer in the history of Earth. But unlike his lower animal ancestors, ape-man no longer kills only for necessity. He now kills for sport. He now goes beyond killing other species for food. He now kills his own brothers, sisters and children for entertainment -- then refuses to eat them. He continues to obey the kill instinct by concentrating on his own species, but he is beginning to learn that this is wrong genetically as he comes closer to killing himself. As he approaches his own suicide, his society intelligence is beginning to wake up and question his basic reptilian motive: "Now that I can kill all people at one time on this entire planet, do I want to?"

Ape-man is not yet full wo-man because s/he still contains a 90% dormant brain. Once that is released, wo-man will outgrow her/his kill instinct and become totally cooperative and loving with herself/himself, with all other species and with the Lifeforce.

Energizing The Triune Brain

Consciousness is the unique form of energy which activates the unique form of matter: brain. Cosmic consciousness is universal. It exists everywhere. It originates from God. Cosmic consciousness is neutral valenced. It does not have a positive electrical charge. It does not have a negative electrical charge. It has a zero charge. It does not act positively or negatively upon others by its own volition. It merely creates the joke of ovum and sperm, which create brain. Then cosmic consciousness settles back in the rocking chair to watch the comedy.

Cosmic consciousness allows each brain to evolve naturally upon each unique planet within teach unique environment. Thus, on Earth, cosmic consciousness allowed reptiles to transform its neutral force into totally negative competitive consciousness; allowed mammals to evolve into 60% cooperative consciousness and 40% competitive consciousness; allowed men to evolve into 80% cooperative consciousness and 20% competitive consciousness. Once the wo/man animal circuits into her/his dormant frontal lobes, s/he will become 100% cooperative consciousness and 0% competitive consciousness. Fully mature wo/man will communicate directly and fully with cosmic consciousness. With God.

Cosmic consciousness (CC) does not care what 20th century Earth man and Earth woman do with it. Use it to survive, die or transcend. the choice is up to each man and woman because God, in Her infinite slapstick, placed into each ovum and sperm the ultimate prank: free will.

Each man and each woman now has the free choice of accepting or ejecting cooperative consciousness ( (*) ) or competitive consciousness ( )*( ). Each man and each woman now has the free choice of accepting or rejecting the facts of neurology which show precisely how to self-circuit into his/her 90% dormant brain so as to transcend through the inactive frontal lobes into cosmic perception, intelligence and communication.

Cosmic consciousness enters the triune brain through the reptile brain; through the consciousness click-switch located in the reticular activating formation. The reticular activating formation (RAF) is the first of the three decision-making centers in the triune brain (TB). Here, cosmic consciousness is re-computed into competitive consciousness. The posterior, back half of the reptile brain (RB), re-computes the competitive consciousness into self-defensive reflexes. The anterior, front half of the reptile brain, re-computes the competitive consciousness into counter-attack actions. The reptile brain is the locus of pure ego: of "MEEEEEEeeeeee!" greed suck behaviors. Human infant sucking breast; cigarette; booze; dope.

The transformed cosmic consciousness -- the competitive consciousness -- next moves to the middle part of the triune brain: into the mammal brain. The mammal brain (MB) contains the limbic system which computes all emotions from hate to animal love (not yet frontal lobes cosmic love). Here, half of the competitive consciousness is allowed to remain unchanged while the other half is re-computed into cooperative consciousness. The posterior, back half of the mammal brain re-computes the competitive consciousness into family-protection and territory-protection behaviors. The anterior, forward half of the mammal brain, re-computes the cooperative consciousness into the animal type of family love and society formation. Mammalian human parents "love" their children, but only as animals do. Mammalian human parents work hard to nurture their children and to teach them that outside society is competitive; is reptilian. The children learn and perpetuate only these mammalian behaviors. They do not transcend this foundation cause of competition, hostility, aggression, violence and war.

The amygdala is an organ located in the limbic system within the mammal brain. It is the second of the triune brain's three decision-making centers. It is a click-switch.

The amygdala is a gradient rheostat. It can be clicked forward and backward, step-by-step, on a scale of +10...0...-10. Within 20th century civilization, the amygdala is partially clicked forward to energize the primate brain (PB) partially. Most of the primate brain is not yet energized from the mammal brain. But by learning to self-click one's own amygdala fully forward to +10, any individual can cause electro-consciousness energy (ECE) to flow into the dormant frontal lobes. Once this is done, the consciousness is re-computed into pure cooperative consciousness. The cooperative consciousness, finally, is re-computed into pure cooperative behaviors. Pure mutant behaviors.

Primate human parents within today's partially clicked civilization are cautiously altruistic. They still are struggling to discover and obey their genetic intuitions to become totally loving and egoless. At best, they prepare their children for the final fling forward. The final evolutionary fling will be when all children are allowed to click their amygdalae fully forward into their frontal lobes. Currently, when this happens among accidental or self-controlled mutants, the feat of transcendence is experienced.


Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Intelligence

Frontal Lobes
0% Competitive Consciousness
100% Cooperative Consciousness
100% Cosmic Intelligence

Primate Brain
20% Competitive Consciousness
80% Cooperative Consciousness
80% Cosmic Intelligence

Mammal Brain
50% Competitive Consciousness
50% Cooperative Consciousness
50% Cosmic Intelligence

Reptile Brain
100% Competitive Consciousness
0% Cooperative Consciousness
0% Cosmic Intelligence

Reticular Activating Formation

Future Genius Discovery

Your daily state of consciousness, emotion, thought and action is dependent upon which part (or parts) of your triune brain is (are) re-computing the original energy of cosmic consciousness. With elementary practice, you can develop the skill of identifying which brain your unconscious decision-making centers have chosen to be the main computer for that day, hour or minute. You can develop the skill of consciously controlling that decision and choice.

The third of the brain's three decision-making centers has not been discovered yet by neurosurgeons and proven with scientifically precise experiments, but it is postulated to exist in the frontal lobes and to be the organ (the "third eye") which links cooperative consciousness back out to the original cosmic consciousness to complete the Universe circuit. Such final linkage produces nirvana.

Cosmic consciousness is the radio/TV carrier wave which carries cosmic intelligence. Cosmic intelligence is the cumulation of facts, values and wisdoms originating from God and enriched by passing through the experiences of all planetary civilizations whirling around the 100,000,000,000 stars within each one of the 100,000,000,000 galaxies.

Cosmic intelligence creates the genetic intelligence of ovum and sperm which creates your personal intelligence. If personal intelligence is neurotic, it retrogresses back into the reptilian brain. It there reflexively defends itself until it learns to evolve. But if neurosis is cured progressively through the release and discharge of negative energy (entropy) from repressed child trauma memories, personal intelligence matures into social intelligence. Social intelligence utilizes cooperative behavior to help others cure their own neuroses. As personal intelligence is being enriched by social intelligence, it increasingly converts the negative energy from its own neurosis into positive free energy. Entropy is transformed into energy; into free energy. This free energy surges into the anterior amygdala, clicks it forward fully, circuits consciousness into the numb frontal lobes and causes the transcendence fulfillment.

Personal intelligence (PI) thus completes the circle from cosmic intelligence (CI) through genetic intelligence (GI) through social intelligence (SI) to make contact directly with cosmic intelligence and back to genetic intelligence. Each intelligence then can be read plainly just like reading this typed page of information. All problems then become soluble merely by linking one's cooperative personal intelligence with cosmic and genetic intelligences.

1. What are your automatic reptilian self-defense actions? What are your atuomatic reptilian counter-attack actions? How can you increase those which are necessary and good to perfect efficiency? How can you decrease those which are unnecessary and bad to extinction?

2. Have you ever observed a reptilian human mother? A reptilian human father? Describe

3. Discuss why a warrior must be clicked totally into reptile brain. Can he love? Can soldiers come home from war and raise warless babies?

4. Discuss why a truly competitive businessman or businesswoman must be clicked totally into reptile brain. What is the consequence to his/her business if he/she is not? What is the consequence to his/her family if he/she is? Either way, what is the consequence to society?

5. What are your automatic mammalian competitive actions? What are your automatic mammalian cooperative actions? Which do you feel should be increased? Decreased? Why? How?

6. Which mammalian behaviors practiced by the entire American population are good? Which mammalian behaviors practiced by the entire American population are bad? How can you/we change bad to good?

7. Which modern American institutions are reptilian? Mammalian? Primate?

8. Why did the frontal lobes bulge out 700,000 years ago to lay dormant all this while? Is it possible that the frontal lobes are dormant only in modern wo/man but were not dormant in earlier humanoids? If so, what was daily Life like for cave dwellers in pre-history times? If so, what turned off the frontal lobes in modern humanoids? Is it possible that modern frontal lobes are not dormant but merely generating unappreciated powers like ultra-violet and infra-red radiations?

9. How does this lesson help you grow up quicker, with more efficiency, into your full triune brain? Into your snoring frontal lobes?

10. Can you create a neural algebra out of TB, RB, MBV, PB and CC, )*(, (*), and CI, GI, PI, SI? If so, how does this shortcut symbolism improve your power to diagnose, prescribe for cure and prognose the neurosis of your Self? The neuroses of other individual humans?


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