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Self-Guided Imaging, Introduction


Lesson 14

imgThe power of the triune brain to heal itself and expand itself is infinite. All that stands in the way is your lack of self-confidence; your lack of trust and understanding of how to use this free genetic gift. Your unlimited health and happiness are locked in your stinking dungeon of awareness by only one thing: your neurosis.

That neurosis, eventually, will be cured down to its deepest dank causes as this Workbook progresses. But now, you are being invited to leap up the stone stairs into the singing sunshine prematurely. You are being invited to fly over the surface of your neurosis into a shortcut which accepts immediately the next orders of dormant energy ready to emerge from your reptile brain, from your mammal brain and from your primate brain. The name of this shortcut: imaging.

Imaging is a perception without a direct outside stimulus, causing a totally flowing, infinitely creative vision of what your Life was, is and shall be.

Imaging is cosmic consciousness attempting to flow cosmic intelligence through your triune brain so that your personal intelligence sees and understands the gradient of your full human potential.

Imaging integrates your components of sensing emotion, intelligence, cognition and motivation to create a new power of fantasy by which you know your Self to be expanding rationally into more Life and all Universe.

Imaging is the expression of the brain's self-confidence to see and clarify its own neurotic confusion into perfect vision of past, present and future targets of mutation, thereby transforming total confidence into total trailblazing into total triune transcendence.

Imaging is the brain's power to see itself healing itself totally, so that it can expand itself into infinite physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growths.img

Imaging is the brain's power to see itself teaching itself totally, starting with understanding each of its own dysfunctionings, so that it can discover its own automatic genetic mechanisms which re-start unlimited physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growths.

Imaging causes your child playsie funsie gamsie personality to be dominant over, and to control, all boredom / confusion / pain / fear experiences in Life.

You now can start to cause imaging to happen in the same way that you still remember your child used to play "pretend." "Let's pretend my two fingers are the legs of my Little Wo/Man." Walk her/him around your belly. Dance a jig. Twang up to your head. Explore all those wow caves.

Pretend your hands are magic carpets. Pretend you are flying to the stars. Pretend your body is a radiant fog of energy flowing over and around and through all bad people and bad things. Pretend your brain is a strong physician healing itself. It is.

This is fantasy. Phantasie. Phantasstique.

This is imagination. The energy of creation. This is your genetically innate power of visualizing, sanely and rationally, beyond current cultural limitations into still undiscovered truths, beauties and goodnesses of Universe reality.

Indeed, this is imaging.

By using your DNA encoded, child practiced skill of imaging, you now shall re-discover your brain's magic method of bringing your unconscious power of self-healing and global growth up to conscious self-control. Once this sweeping energy becomes a routine behavior in your daily kit of available tools, you will use the mechanism of imaging whenever you need to click into full functioning of your reptile brain, into full functioning of your mammal brain or/and into full functioning of your primate brain. You will use the machine whenever you need to demonstrate unfaked increasing physical health, intellectual improvement, emotional joviality, sexual grandeur and spiritual grandness.

Later, once you are committed whole groundhog to the method of self-curing the deepest and hammiest causes of your neurosis, you will use imaging to identify your repressed child trauma memories so as to release them and detoxify them and allow the free flushing of cosmic consciousness to flow through your brain to unleash still greater images of Universe reality.

Neurology Of Imaging

imgTo repeat, imaging is an inside perception without a direct outside stimulus. In ordinary sight, you do not see anything unless it is in front of your nose. Hold up your finger. You see it. Now move it behind your head. Your ordinary sight cannot see it. But your imaging sight can.

Imaging is perception of real objects computed not through the eyes, but directly through mostly dormant organs of the brain. In ordinary sight, you see an object, your finger, through your eyes. In super sight, you see your finger through another circuit in your brain cells. Here is how it works:

Your finger is composed of vibrating molecules of energy. The oscillations of those molecules of energy are transformed into waves and particles of motion which enter the eye, strike the back wall of the retina and there stimulate the rod cells and cone cells. Those cells then re-compute the in-coming wave and particle motions into electrical pulses which are transmitted by the optical nerve to the occipital lobes at the back of your brain. Those lobes finally unscramble the electric pulses, re-combine them into scan lines which duplicate the original object and tell you what you see. "Ahh. My fingie."

Conversely, in imaging you see your finger telepathically.

In imaging, the gross vibrations from your finger molecules do not enter your eyes and occipital lobes. Rather, the fine consciousness which creates the molecules of your finger by-passes your gross eyes and optic nerves to enter directly into your imaging network. This network is formed by the silent areas located on the back half of the cortex, by the two-inch layer of glial cells located underneath the cortex and by the frontal lobes. The molecule-causing consciousness enters the image-causing network directly through the skull bones. It then is re-computed back into the image of the molecules which make up the image of your finger. In this way, you see via imaging what you do not see via your eyes and primitive occipital lobes.

Experiments are underway to teach blind students directly to see felt objects and heard people through the virtue of imaging.

By developing your power of imaging, you activate the silent areas of the cortex, the dormant glia and the dormant frontals. From such development, your creative vision will progress into ever higher and ever greater discoveries of true reality. You will see more facts of lower reality in your day-to-day interactions with citizens of conformist society. You will see more facts of higher reality beyond the mundane 5 senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. These facts then will be incorporated into your daily decisions while interacting with conventional people and conventional institutions within society. Your interactions will be those of the puppetteer dominating the puppette: total self-confidence. For your self-confidence will be based within your now totally flooding, infinitely creative vision of what your Life was, is and shall be.

Not only is your ordinary vision up-graded by the super vision of imaging, but the other four conventional components of sensing also are quantum-leaped into their super sensing modes. Sound demonstrably is detected beyond the 20 and 20,000 wave cycle limits of the ordinary human ear. Smell returns to your animal ancestor sensitivity by which mammal and reptile sniff danger and food at great distance. Taste gets down beyond the molecular and atomic particles of sensation to make you aware of the deliciousness within the consciousness creating every mouthful of humm humm. Touch becomes subliminal. The gross clanking tumblers make it child's play to feel and open any killer ape's carefully hoarded bank safe, leave a note with the cash, then gigglingly re-lock it.

Most importantly, imaging -- once neurosis is cleansed and frontal lobes transcendence routinized -- liberates the five silent areas located in the posterior cortex so that the individual can enjoy the conventional 10 sensors which genetic intelligence has dictated shall be the complete humanoid sensorium. Experiments with formerly neurotic students who self-therapized into frontal lobes transcendence and then bred children indicate that most of these 10 sensors are kept open at birth without the necessity of re-training them in the next generation.

Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie Of Imaging

During your first experiments at re-discovering your innate power of imaging, you will enjoy the sheer pleasure of climbing your inner mountain. By simply playing with your remembered whooppee kid, you both shall expand into the awe and wonder of passing through your forest of doubt into the ever heightening, ever widening view of the ever increasing horizon of Life. Eventually, you two too shall break out onto the crest of infinite telepathic perception, intelligence and communication (PIC).

Start slowly. Cautiously. Skeptically, if you must. For healthy skepticism ultimately accelerates the melting of defense walls and retrogressive lies and fear paralyzations which conformist culture forces into each infant at birth as a pervasive value nerve gas. Once the goods of imaging inexorably start to emerge, the skeptic quickly is transcended into lover. Love, then, speeds up this natural growth into ripe nerval potency.

With imaging, boredom transfixes into play. Confusion transfigures into understanding. Pain heals. The experience of living Life becomes full.img

With imaging, you start to release and use the full power of your triune brain even before you release the entropy of your neurosis. With imaging, you start to accept your full triune interconnectedness with health even before you cure the disease of your ignorance. The reason this shortcut works is because your genetic intelligence is loving. It wants your personal intelligence to be persuaded as quickly as possible that you are, in fact, survival of the fittest. It wants your personal intelligence to be uplifted immediately over the clouds of cultural lies to see and understand the gradient of undulating mountain massifs rolling away to the celestial horizon as your human potential rises toward final cosmic intelligence.

1. Start with child play. (Everything in backward self-therapy and forward self-growth starts with naif play.) Start with your fingers; with a stick; a stone; a toy. Turn your toy upside down, front to back, inside out. By an act of will, allow your emotions to percolate 100% into this fantasy. Guide your flow -- emotions first, intelligence later -- into becoming a two-way laser beam. Guide the laser beam of your reciprocating emotions and intelligence into your toy. Allow the laser beam radiating into your toy to be reflected back and to penetrate your brain. By an act of play, direct the laser beam reflected back from your toy deeply into your brain. Move the laser beam around your brain. Penetrate different organs, tissues and cells. Energize them. Be amazed at the surprize lights and sounds and smells and tastes and touches you experience as you stimulate appropriate sensory stimuli centers with your laser image.

2. Flow along with the laser beam fantasy until your brain and your toy are one. Your brain is in the toy; is the toy. The toy is in your brain; is your brain. Expand your braintoy up to the size of a city. Condense your conscious Self down to the size of an atom. Walk around the braintoy city. Walk through the braintoy city. Take apart different parts of your toy brain. Discover the throbbing consciousness energy inside each part of your brain. Watch the consciousness energy busily pumping out the particles of matter which make up the atoms and molecules of your brain. (If you must, walk behind the throbbing consciousness energy and up the shimmering channel and through the primary colored energy fields into the golden bedroom to discover God lazily watching TV reruns and eating onion sandwiches and pushing buttons on the cosmic computer -- which really is the brains behind this whole Universe scam. Watch the cosmic computer pumping out all those consciousness energies pumping out all those sub atomic particles pumping out all those atoms pumping out all those molecules pumping out all those people pumping out all those babies to play with all those toys: Earths and stars and such.)

3. Once you image your at-one-ment with your brain toy, and with all Universe toys, play with it from the inside out. Play with it from its inside essence and soul radiating out to the essence and soul of every other toy thing around you. Observe how space and time collapse, temporarily. This is what happens, permanently, in nirvana: Space and time collapse; stop; reverse. Matter expands into eschatological energy. Everything expands into divine consciousness; into bed with that lazy lout, that computer hacker, sucking-in the boobtube. Flow with this Lifeforce timelessness. Squirt with this creative childplay timelessness. Observe how the fun of the play with everything comes from the most precious experience you must have as thee pre-requisite to cosmic invention: solitude. Silence. Best in primal nature. Wherever you are, create the simple Life. Even in the city, create your leisure. Have time enough for everything. Be moral purity within child play. Be ethical domination over the clock. Be in dominion with all consciousness and all intelligence. For, from this, subtle subtle subtle creative production shall emerge from your lascivious brain. Go slow slow. Dead slow. This causes synergy: transmuting each entropy in your brain into energy; multiplying one discovery into firecrackerings of discoveries. You then experience true power. True love. True growth. You then sluice into ultimate meaning. You then are doing God's work; slicing onions. (While Shee rolls over, farts and starts snoring.)

4. Now, actively walk around the house. Your bedroom/kitchen house, not the one inside your skull. Walk outside your house. Walk around your neighborhood. This is to force you to learn the skill of willpower. Keep your child image contact with cosmic essence throbbing and pumping while you bump into trees and gates and cars and cussing people. Keep your child play fun image throbbing and spewing around and over and through every toy tree, toy gate, toy car and puppette person. Without appearing to others to be freaked out, calmly and sanely image the essence of every material object and person you meet. Blithely and rationally penetrate to the center of each thing and idea so as to turn it inside out, upside down, front to back. Creatively. In this way you will discover the creative revelation of its next stage of natural evolution so as to invent, creatively, that special toy which helps birth that next growth.

5. Once you have developed the skill of child imagining in any environment -- especially hostile ones -- do this at your money job place. Within the limits of conformist credibility, do imaging with your money-making job. Carefully. Surreptitiously. With your work mates. With your boss. Observe how the formerly boring job now becomes a funmake toy. Take it apart. Front to back. Inside out. Upside downsie. Discover its first principles -- upon Earth; within Universe. Discover its next stage of natural evolution. Gently invent that special toy which helps you birth your job into its next organic growth. Create the merriment of endless re-births and growths. Collect your cash bonus for doing so. Be the company inventor. Invent your boss's job up into its next organic collapse up to simplicity. Get your boss's job when he's not looking; when he's imaging that you cannot do so. Create your own money-making company to teach your own employees to do your job via imaging.

6. Image your ego. As a balloon or a yeast dough or a fungus or whatever. Condense it down to the size of an atom of infinite intelligence and feeling. Place it in your bloodstream. Flow to visit, understand, heal and liberate various cells, tissues and organs in your brain-body. Prepare each for transcendence, transmutation and cosmic communication. Transcend your ego and do the same trip as a pinpoint of egolessness.

7. Later, after you have started the "self trauma drama" technique of discharging your repressed adult, adolescent, child and infant trauma memories, go to each organ which stores each category of memories. Use imaging systematically to unfreeze and float up to the top of your ocean of conscious awareness one formerly repressed iceberg of memory from the bottom of your sea of unconscious awareness. Use imaging systematically to guide a blowtorch into your cortex to release adult and adolescent traumata; into your temporal lobes at your temples to release child icebergs; into your hippocampus next to the amygdala to release infant icebergs.

8. Create an energy image and guide it into your reptile brain. Become a hissing creature crawling around the wilderness. Create an energy image and guide it into your mammal brain. Become a cougar pouncing a deer to bring food to den cubs and mate. Create an energy image and guide it into your old primate brain. Become a screeching, jabbering, jousting chimpanzee. Guide your energy image into your frontal lobes and zinggg out a first transcendence experience.

9. Write an Imaging script prior to approaching an emotional therapeutic problem. Use it to guide the scene and emotions into dramatic, pre-chosen brain-body responses. This will create an optimum, vivid healing episode.

A. Describe the problem.

B. Describe the best image to approach that problem.

C. Describe the best route that image should take through your brain-body to approach the problem.

D. Describe the best pre-chosen, dramatic, cleansing and healing response to be expressed in your brain-body upon first contact with that image.

E. Write down the key words to keep repeating to your Self as the imaging drama unfolds. This will keep your innate power of self-guided imaging focused on that single problem until you penetrate it fully and turn it inside out to reveal its creative solution. The vividness of creative penetration of the problem will cause super sensing and super knowing of the solution. The vividness may become so intense that it causes transcendence, temporarily. If so, trust it while it is happening.

10. Trust imaging. Trust your Self. Trust your genetic intelligence. Trust Life. Self-guided imaging is scientifically valid. Experimentally measure the bio-information which imaging makes available to you. Observe, measure and record periods of warmth, sweating, chills, racing heart, breathlessness, intestine gurgle, reactive constipation and diarrhea. Self-guided imaging is not dangerous. It is automatically safe. If your imaging gets too vivid and overpowering, it will turn itself off. If your imaging gets too disturbing or threatening, the picture will turn off. The ideas will turn off. Your competitive consciousness will turn off. Your brain will turn off. Your consciousness click-switch in the reticular activating formation in your reptile brain will click off, automatically. You will go to sleep. You will wake when you are wiser. After that, you will be closer to trusting your Self; closer to trusting a soulmate: to share imaging through shared consciousness.

But what if a person cannot do self-guided imaging? What does this suggest about his/her ability to do self-therapy? Or even therapist-controlled therapy? What is the fate of such a person? What super sensing and super knowing can you discover in your dormant brain via self-guided imaging?


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