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Amygdala Click-Switch


Lesson 15

The amygdala is the brain's master click-switch. "Amygdali" is the Greek word for almond. The amygdala is shaped like the "amygdali" nut. This organ is located in the limbic system within the mammal brain. Technically, there are two amygdalae: one in the brain's left-hemisphere, one in the right-hemisphere.

But since they work simultaneously in tandem, like Siamese twins, neurologists treat them as a single, unified mechanism and use the singular word to mean both of them, amygdala. We will switch back and forth, using the singular and plural words as needed.

Howdy. I'm yourimg


You can locate your own amygdalae by placing your second fingers in the corners of your eyes. Place your thumbs in your ears. Droop your first fingers onto your skull. There, one inch in, are your amygdalae. Mark them with a nail.

Now that you know this much, become aware of the mechanical clicking of your amygdalae. Whenever the amygdala makes a decision to shunt electro-consciousness energy from one brain to another, it lets you know. Whenever the amygdala shunts consciousness from the reptile brain into the mammal brain -- or from the mammal brain into the reptile brain; or from the mammal brain into the primate brain; or from the primate brain into the mammal brain -- it makes a mechanical clicking sensation. Many people actually hear a sound when it goes "click," especially upon awakening in the morning when the triune brain first turns on for business. So if you have felt or heard a "click" in your head and never knew why, you now know. It wasn't a screw loose. Rather, your mammalian click-switch in your limbic decision-making center was making the decision to click from one mode of feeling emotions, computing thought and moving muscles to another mode. And your mammalian decision-making center merely was giving you the courtesy of being told when it was doing so by means of gross feel or/and sound.

Prior to this moment, your amygdala clicking was controlled 100% by your unconscious brain and genetic intelligence. You were the passive victim of arbitrary moods actively caused and controlled by an intelligence other than yours. You were a slave to your superior genetic intelligence guiding your inferior personal intelligence just like a parent dominates a child. You now shall mature and become a peer with your genetic boss. Together, you shall learn to control your amygdala click-switch until you can click it at will into its 6 computers; into its 12 computer.

imgThe triune brain has 3 gross computers: the reptile brain computer, the mammal brain computer and the primate brain computer. Each recomputes in-coming cosmic consciousness into its own unique form of gross emotions, thoughts and actions (ETA). But the human triune brain also has a left-hemisphere and a right-hemisphere. Each hemisphere computes each brain's gross behaviors in a different way: into finer emotions, thoughts and actions. Thus, the left-hemisphere of the reptile brain computes self-preservation behaviors (selection of homeplace, establishment of territory) and the right-hemisphere of the reptile brain computes species-preservation behaviors (breeding; establishing social hierarchy).

The left-hemisphere of the mammal brain computes family-preservation behaviors (sucking; teaching) and the right-hemisphere of the mammal brain computes society-preservation behaviors (flocking; migration).

The left-hemisphere of the primate brain computes speech and intellectual understanding of this entire triune brain dynamism while the right-hemisphere of the primate brain computes holistic artistic perception and understanding of the triune brain seeing out to the ultimate meaning of Universe.

And all these computers are controlled by the amygdala.

Now that you know this much more, you shall start to learn how to control your 6-click amygdala into 6 different computers (or combinations of computers) at will. This shall allow you the choice of pre-selecting pre-known behaviors which come out of each computer automatically so that you can solve new problems, as needed, with maximum intelligence, skill and survival. For example, if an enemy attacks you, you can make the choice of clicking your amygdala into your left-hemisphere reptile brain to signal perfectly that you intend to fight in defense of your territory rights. Or you can click into your right-hemisphere reptile brain. This will cause you to create the cleverest signal that you prefer to negotiate the conflict. In this way, you will find out his/her reasons for attacking you. You will reveal and accept whomever is right and wrong; whomever is the true dominant individual over the true subservient individual. Or you may use the right-hemisphere signal as a left-hemisphere trick to camouflage perfectly your true weakness and true intent to thereby beat the bastard.

If a toddling child approaches a campfire for the first time, you can make the choice of clicking your amygdala into your left-hemisphere mammal brain to guide the humanistic child's hand systematically closer to the intriguing flame until the idea of pure pain is grasped slowly, but progressively, without getting burned. Or you can click into right-hemisphere. Here, you will see the larger holistic picture. You will understand the larger holistic behavior that the scientific child needs to learn all environmental knowledges by means of self-controlled, self-experimented, trail-and-error tests. You will allow the babe to get burned. In this way, if the tough child is survival of the fittest, s/he, later, will become a more efficient laboratory experiment scientist. S/he will contribute greater goods to the greater good of society. All from a scorching tongue.

If a government bureaucrat makes a reptilian decision, arbitrarily and capriciously, to raise your home tax without a prior mandated investigation and without due process of law, you can make the choice of clicking your amygdala into your left-hemisphere primate brain to crush the cuss via 100% perfect verbal legal court combat. Or you can click into right-hemisphere primate brain and persuade him/her via overwhelming cosmic love that he/she done you wrong, should feel piously guilty and should reverse the decision humbly so as to grow into being a creative and affectionate public servant within your harmoniously cooperative community.

The 6 gross triune computers and the 6 fine left/right-hemisphere computers operate on two levels: consciously and unconsciously. Thus, the amygdala controls the 6 conscious computer and the 6 unconscious computers; controls all 12 computers. When transcended technologists discover and understand this mechanism, they will transpose the principle into the next (6th) generation of electronic computers. Molecular neural elements will replace obsolete silicon chips to make possible super communication between human intelligence and machine; between all Lifeform intelligences, regardless of distance, throughout the galaxies.

Prior to transcendence, the majority of brain-body decisions are made at the sub-threshold, unconscious (STSUC) level of computations. Most of the primary yes/no decisions which determine the fate of your Life are made for you without you being aware of the process, without you being invited into the process and without you controlling the process. The minority of brain-body decisions allowed to come up to your conscious awareness for your willpower choice of yes or no are only those secondary decisions which your dominant unconscious genetic intelligence offers you from time to time to test you. These tests are to see if you make a choice which takes a next step forward into evolution or if you make a choice which takes a next step backward into devolution. This, then, tells your genetic intelligence whether to keep working progressively with you until you wake up or to give up on you and start turning off the lights.

After frontal lobes transcendence, the majority of brain-body decisions still are made at the sub-threshold, unconscious level of computations. But now you monitimgor them and review them and reverse them whenever you choose. The reason you allow this majority of yes/no choices to continue to be made at the unconscious level of your awareness is because they now are routine housekeeping decisions which your secretary housekeeper better can handle routinely without bothering the boss. You now are the executive over your own brain-body. But whenever the routine is broken, your secretary calls the boss immediately. You review the problem and make the executive decision of which way you want this new change to go. Thus, the majority of tactical decisions still remain allocated to your 6 unconscious secretarial computers, genetically controlled by your amygdala. For this allows your 6 conscious executive computers -- controlled by your willpower controlled amygdala -- now to process only advanced strategic data. In this way, your personal intelligence is coordinated perfectly with your genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence to evolve your brain-body optimally into perfect fulfillment.

The comprehensive exercises of this Workbook are designed to guide you progressively into learning to control your amygdala into all combinations and permutations of your 12 triune computers upon demand, as needed.

You can begin to practice gross control of your conscious 6-click amygdala by using self-guided imaging from Lesson 14. This merely will help to persuade you that the 6-gearshift and 12-gearshift mechanism does, in fact, exist in your skull motor. Eventually, you will learn the next-to-final skill: shifting gears by using only gentle, refined, subtle thought power. Then the final skill: shifting gears automatically and properly in your sleep. The results from this backward and forward and sideways changing of triune intelligences will be astonishing.

1. Give a short lecture describing the location and function of the amygdala.

2. What are the different decision-making functions of the reticular activating formation in the reptile brain and the amygdala in the mammal brain? How do they cooperate with each other and supplement each other's evolutionary work? How do they compete with each other? Why?

3. Describe how the amygdala rheostat clicks partially into the primate brain to allow electro-consciousness energy to be re-computed into only limited, though refined, society behaviors. Describe what happens when the amygdala rheostat clicks fully into the primate brain's dormant frontal lobes.

4. Speculate on the as-yet undiscovered decision-making center in the frontal lobes. What shall its function be found to be once it is discovered by neurosurgeons and proven through parametric tests performed by neurological psychologists? How shall this frontal lobes decision-making center be used to cause mass transcendence? How shall the amygdala click into and out of it? Once the majority of wo/man animals transcend into their dormant frontal lobes, how shall they use the frontal lobes decision-making center to evolve into the next stage of humanoid maturation? Describe this next stage. Have you already had accidental squirts into it?

5. Describe specific stages of growth and specific yes/no decisions of behavior which your genetic intelligence has been making for you throughout your Life by clicking your amygdala without asking you to participate in the discussion prior to the action. Into which of these decisions shall you now enter and participate as an equal advocate?

6. Create an image of two energy needles in your brain. Move each simultaneously toward your left and right amygdalas. Come in from the front (anterior) side of each amygdala. Insert the needles in the fronts. Energize each anterior amygdala. Image the voltage flowing into each needle to be raised progressively. Do you feel your anterior amygdalae click forward? If so, do you feel electro-consciousness energy shunting forward toward your dormant frontal lobes? Describe.

img7. Create the image of one energy needle and insert it into the right side of your left amygdala. Increase the voltage. Click your left amygdala into your right-hemisphere. Describe the increase of activity in your right-hemisphere. Reverse the procedure by energizing the left side of your right amygdala to click into your left-hemisphere. Describe.

8. Only after you are totally skilled in the above exercises 6 and 7 should you try this next discovery. Very carefully image two needles and come around the sides of your two amygdalae. Insert one needle into the posterior/back half of each amygdala. Very carefully image the voltage to be the lowest possible. This is so as not to shock your amygdalae into clicking backward too strongly; so as not to cause too intense a reptilian reaction and vision too soon, thereby frightening you. Very carefully and slowly, increase the voltage by means of self-guided imaging. Observe your posterior amygdalae click backward into the two hemispheres of your reptile brain. Observe the increased reptilian activity through your "eidetic" vision (seeing internally without using your eyes, optic nerves and occiptal lobes; seeing by using your telepathic imaging network organs). If your eidetic vision and reptilian activity become too intense and scary, merely image your amygdalae clicking forward. This will click off your left and right reptilian computers. Ore merely relax. The sensory overload will cause the amygdalae to click themselves forward. But if your eidetic vision and reptilian activity become intriguingly interesting and informative, continue to learn all about this new you. For your reptile is an integral part of your higher behavioral reality.

After you have done much self-therapy and are on your way toward confident transcendence, you might want to play around with progressively increasing your posterior amygdala voltage. This will cause eidetic vision to re-experience past Lives down your reptilian retrogression, down your "kundalini" chordate spine; down to one-celled origin; out to star stuff.

9. The amygdala click exercises also can be done by means of "closed focused meditation" as described in Lesson 53. After you have mastered both these techniques to control the 6-click positions of your conscious amygdala functionings, you will be ready to start learning the 6 unconscious click tricks to control your 12 computers.

10. The entire content of this Lesson and the invention of the technique used in steps 6, 7 and 8 above are not based upon arbitrary make believe or mumbo jumbo. They are based upon hardcore, no-nonsense scientific evidence. In 1954, James Olds, and in 1969, Graham Goddard, did the first systematic experiments with white rats to discover the true function of the amygdala. They implanted electrodes in a grid pattern into all parts of the limbic systems of separate rats and then stimulated each with electricity. This caused "clonic convulsions: rearing, pawing and falling" -- the rodent's cosmic orgasm; mini nirvana. The most successful click-switch was the anterior amygdala.

If you are motivated to do elementary research into the scientific foundation identifying the mechanisms of your own coming frontal lobes transcendence, you should go to a university or medical school library and read the basic references citing the original experiments which were performed, which were extrapolated through humans at this dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory and which now are part of the structure of this Workbook. The bibliography for the amygdala is as follows, in order of development up to human use.

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