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Reptile Brain Self-Defense And Counter-Attack


Lesson 16

All people are not loving. That is the revelation which one receives by living daily Life. All people are not transcended. Some people are hostile and aggressive and specifically plan to injure your desire to grow and transcend. So you must defend your Self against them as pre-requisite to rising above such jungle reality.

The best self-defense is perfect understanding and control of your available reptile brain. It is pre-programmed genetically to give you all the perfect thought-routines and action-routines with which you can stop anyone attempting to stop your own growth. All you need do at the moment of being attacked is to click your amygdala fully backward into your reptile brain. And get out of the way. This will trigger-on into dominance your automatic, stupendously ruthless, coldly efficient reptile intelligence. This will trigger-off your more mushy, less fighting-efficient mammalian and primate emotions. Your brain machine will turn into a reptilian fighting machine. You will counter-attack perfectly. Your cold, emotionless reptilian intelligence then will create the most comprehensive thoughts and most absolute actions to solve that specific problem. You systematically will do what must be done to dominate, control, neutralize and eliminate your aggressor.

The single thing which causes inefficient conflict is mammalian and primate emotions. Two equal adversaries disputing one desired target pre-determine which shall win by the fact of which is least emotional. The most emotional combatant gets flustered while dueling and misses seeing a momentary opening which gives temporary advantage. S/he does not thrust. The least emotional disputant remains cool, sees the opening and lunges. The most emotional person is shocked unexpectedly by the sudden, overwhelming surprise penetration, gets more emotional, collapses defenses just enough to allow the next penetration, gets yet more emotional and thereby becomes the victim of double envelopment. Moral superiority and physical strength crush all further resistance.

Talk of "survival" and "growth" and "transcendence" from such a loser is fool's play. Survive first. Transcend later.

The winner does not talk. He/she learns brain. Reptile brain. He/she uses reptile brain during necessary combat.

The absolutely cold reptilian brain generates 0% emotions and 100% intelligence to defeat all enemies. Absolutely.

1.Create your standard of excellence which defines your targets of survival and transcendence. Create your standard of excellence which defines your behaviors of self-defense and counter-attack. Always give in on matters of etiquette. Never give in on matters of principle. Define three levels of your animal combat behavior. Begin battle slowly, through necessary moral disorganization to allow your adversary full time to prove he/she truly is evil.

The first level of your disorganization is when your personal being is being penetrated only slightly, though repulsively, intimately. You tolerate it without protest. You tolerate slight invasion of your privacy and comfort and rights in the same wry way as an understanding parent tolerates tumbling children in the bedroom at 7:00 A.M. Sunday.

The second level of your disorganization is when your spiritual dignity and integrity are threatened. You are being penetrated more intimately and more repulsively. So you begin to energize specific, automatic, reptilian reflexes of self-defense. You trigger these routinely, without thinking, whenever someone touches your pre-defined depth within your defense perimeter.  Whenever an enemy quietly invades your defense ring, your pre-created mine field will explode silently. Without thinking, just like a turtle going into shell, you will withdraw into your pre-prepared deeper defense echelon. From there, you will have time to review the situation and perform appropriate actions for deeper self-defense or counter-attack.

The third level of your disorganization is the re-organization of your reptile brain from self-defense to counter-attack. During the first two levels, your posterior reptile brain was dominant. Your posterior reptile brain computes only self-defense behaviors. Your anterior reptile brain, which computes counter-attack behaviors, was subservient. During this third level of re-organization, you re-circuit your anterior cell loops into dominant action. You now are energized for gross self-preservation. At the moment your physical body, your intellectual identity or/and your emotional security are threatened with blatant abuse, injury or death, you trigger your rattlesnake reflex. By primate pre-reasoning, create a specific, instantaneous reptilian reflex designed to cover this contingency. Design it to be a true, full, totally self-confident reptilian reflex. Do not stop to think. Counter-attack. Protect your Self. Strike with 100% forceful, emotionless, precision efficiency. Overtly or covertly, strike at any enemy who has taken the time and invested the energy to calculate his/her penetration into your rights of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Make no mistake about it. He/she is motivated with the single purpose of destroying those rights.

2. With primate intelligence, create your total familiarity with your true reptile brain. Explore it totally. Map it totally. Inventory its strengths and weaknesses totally. By means of self-guided imaging, morning pre-conscious questioning, focused meditation stimulation and eidetic (eye-sightless) visioning, click your posterior amygdala backward into your pure reptile brain. Allow its pure power and pure intelligence to emerge and be displayed in the privacy of your home. Allow your primate brain to learn the absolute power and intelligence of your reptile brain before you need it -- lest its overwhelming capacity for counter-destruction shock you into paralysis once it truly starts to emerge. Inventory your full armory of self-defense energies and counter-attack strategies. By means of systematic sampling and circumstantial analysis, display for your settled primate understanding your total force of reptilian defensive and offensive tactics in your home war games. You then will know with absolute certainty your potentials and your limits. You then will maneuver with absolute certainty and proper force against every attack along your pre-created, standardized gradient of self-defense perimeters and counter-attack plans. You will be prepared for, and will re-act accordingly, to each stimulus, from Sunday morning kid tickle through Saturday night booze riot to Friday afternoon peer snitching to boss screwing you out of your job.

3. Create your subtle camouflage to hide your true reptilian expertise. The hypocrisy of American reptilian competitiveness does not allow for such conspicuously perfect and honest self-knowledge and self-control. Analyze and itemize all the hypocritical values, attitudes and behaviors (VAB) within your unique environment which are based upon reptilian ego aggressiveness but which pretend they are not: occupational "courtesies"; social hierarchies; political power leverings. Within the limits of camouflage and discovery, create your optimum defense perimeter; your optimum reptilian strategy and tactics.

4. Create your subtle reptilian skills of camouflaged self-defenses and counter-attacks to move confidently and progressively through the American hypocrisy smiling jungle. Analyze each ignoramus or hypocrite who, unconsciously, is attacking you without full realization of his/her true, unconscious reptilian motives. Counter-attack him/her with camouflaged 100% precision. Conquer each target with 100% neural efficiency. Then make the primate decision as to whether or not you will heal each inexorably defeated adversary with love or/and teaching.

5. To survive the competitive reptilian jungle so as to transcend into frontal lobes cooperative planetary society, talk quietly, but carry a big stick: your triune brain knowledge.


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