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Mammal Brain Love Sharing And Family Formation


Lesson 17

Just as you must master your reptile brain to protect your Self, you must master your mammal brain to get true love. Without understanding and controlling your mammal brain, you will blunder around blindly through icky yuckie love affairs and at least one failed marriage (just to try the gimmick of "guaranteed happiness" everyone talks about) until you too burn out your very instinct to love and to be loved; to be lovable. After that, there is nothing more in Life except getting up every morning to go to your meaningless job. And booze. And dope.

With understanding and control of your mammal brain, you will create precision love and soulmating. You will nurture your mammalian instinct for togetherness into perfect, growing, permanent happiness.

The mammal brain is encoded genetically to generate the limbic system (one in each hemisphere). The limbic system is encoded genetically to generate the spectrum of emotions from lower animal hate to higher animal love. (But not yet divine love, which is computed by the frontal lobes.) This spectrum is created to inform you of your evolution and devolution. If you are evolving properly toward your frontal lobes transcendence and indisputable noggin virulence, you will feel involuntarily all the positive emotions of animal love: happiness, contentment, a certain amount of Life meaning. But if you are devolving back toward permanent reptilian ego greed suck behaviors, you will feel automatically all the negative emotions of Self-hate and Life-hate: unhappiness, depression, pig fat embarrassment, meaninglessness, hopelessness, terror, suicide.

Your mammal brain can be nurtured progressively away from hate and toward love before your fully therapeutic maturity occurs. This can be done by a simple act of will. Prior to cleaning out your neurosis by dint of the self-therapy to come later in this Workbook, you can re-start your bubbling mammalian happiness. You can share your genetic mammalian love intelligently with a soulmate. In this way, you can start forming immediately your growth support family. You do this merely by understanding the 225 million year program genetically encoded into your mammal brain. Once understood, you will use it routinely. By flowing with and using your automatic mammalian love programming, you will transcend the phony primate cultural "love" values sucked in through today's TV, radio, movies and mags. These false "love" values trap and cripple entire populations into 10% brained devolution; into posterior mammal Self-hate and Life-hate; into reptilian emotionless deadness. You will avoid such devolution by going directly to your true feelings of true anterior mammalian love and satisfaction.

The true love programmed into your mammal brain is based upon reptilian self-defense and counter-attack. Your healthy mammal brain will not allow you to fall in "love" with a lying, cheating "soulmate" who really is a reptilian entropy person consciously or unconsciously aiming to steal your energy of growth. Your mammal brain will not allow you to be mated with a retrogressive person who prevents your mammal brain from progressing into its full primate and frontal lobes potentials. If you do stupidly mate with such an entropy enemy, your limbic system automatically will trigger the total spectrum of posterior emotions from Self-hate to mate-hate. Divorce is inevitable.

If you analyze your mammal brain and the mammal brains of all your soulmate candidates, you will reject instinctively the entropy persons and select only the energy person(s). Together, your mammal brains will grow into full triune potential.

You can begin to analyze your mammal brain by using the tool techniques already presented and soon to be presented in this text: morning pre-conscious analysis, self-guided imaging, amygdala clicking, eidetic visioning, essaying, focused meditation, dream analysis. You already have enough beginning intelligence and skill to get off the wrong track of cultural fake-love heading for disaster and to get on the right track of neural true-love heading for completion.

1. What do you want from love? Create your standard of excellence which, finally, defines your intuitively felt need for perfect love. Accept nothing less than perfection. Define which kind of personal behavior with your Self and which kind of inter-personal behavior with your soulmate shall best nurture and guide you to your maximum brain growth; shall best nurture and guide your soulmate to her/his optimum brain growth. Indeed, what do you want to love?

2. Create your standard of criticism which analyzes the foundation intelligence and motive of each soulmate candidate so as to identify her/his desire and potential to grow up with you. With what kind of a persona do you want to share the remainder of your Life in love?

3. Create your familiarity with your true mammal brain. Explore it totally. Map it totally. By means of imaging, click the center of your amygdala. This will click its maximum energy into your center mammal brain. Focusing energy into the posterior amygdala causes it to click backward into the reptile brain. Focusing energy into the anterior amygdala causes it to click forward into the primate brain and frontal lobes. But by focusing energy into the center of the amygdala, you cause it to open all circuits into only your mammal brain. This opening of circuits, in turn, allows in-coming cosmic consciousness disproportionately to flood only your mammal brain. Such massive flooding causes disproportional mammalian behaviors to emerge for review via eidetic (inner-sighting) vision. Your intuitions thus inventory your complete, natural gradient of pre-programmed, available, automatic mammalian emotions, thoughts and actions.

4. Once you inventory your mammal brain, up-grade your standard of excellence for your Self and for your soulmate. Design your perfect mammalian strategy and tactics for filtering and finding your future soulmate(s).

5. Apply your mammalian emotions, thoughts and actions into your soulmate. Receive her/his spectrum of true mammalian emotions, thoughts and actions in harmony with yours. Create true love growing into true triune evolution, shared.

6. Create the synergy of true love: 1 + 1 = 11. Allow the super sensing of true love to improve your eidetic vision which, in turn, will improve your analysis of your mammal brain. Allow your super sensing to improve your inventory of your mammal brain's full potential to share love and form family. Grow into this full mammalian potential.

7. Grow into your primate potential. Refine and harmonize your full mammal love with full primate intelligence and social genius. Create your growth support family into mass multiplying nucleus. Create a community of mass multiplying nucleus love families. Spread these facts of neurology of love growth through the mass media around your state, nation, planet.

8. Grow into frontal lobes transcendence, together.

9. Describe the most repetitive, persistent inhibitor which prevents you from starting this fundamental mammal brain love.

10. What question should you ask your Self here?


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