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Primate Brain Step-by-Step Transcendence And Genius


Lesson 18

The vast dormancy of your primate brain is the reserve intelligence in your reserve cells. Especially your frontal lobes. These cells now can be brought into active use. By so bringing specific new cells into action, you will start to compute solutions to problems which are way beyond the cleverness of everyone else. Especially of your current Self. For when you solve a problem -- even an ordinary simple puzzle -- which no one has solved before in your unique way, you are a genius.

A genius merely is one who crosses a frontier of society problems and discovers new objective truths about universal reality which help ordinary people live Life happier. You can be a genius just by inventing a new way to open a can of pop or a new way of which all people can popp into open happiness.

The reason we know so much of the primate brain is dormant is because of the simple experiments performed by neurosurgeons. They cut out all parts of the brain which are injured, abscessed or tumored. They give each patient physiological and psychological tests before and after each operation. By measuring the difference between each test, the function of each brain part is identified. Thus, slicing off the modest occipital lobes at the back of the brain -- or even razoring one incision there -- causes a dramatic effect. You go blind. The same heroic catastrophe occurs when they butcher away the small parts on the back half of the brain which compute your hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and moving of muscles. But when they chop out the entire 1/3rd bulk of the frontal lobes, the most astonishing thing imaginable happens. Nothing. Patients only get a little cranky (because their hats no longer fit), but nothing else changes.

The frontal lobes are not dormant in the same way that corpses of Siamese twins in a casket are dormant. The frontal lobes are dormant in the same way that an automobile is dormant when its motor is running but it is not yet shifted into gear. A small amount of electrical energy constantly flows through those tissues to keep the chemicals in the cells from rotting and stinking, but cosmic consciousness does not yet enter the computer to generate personal perception, intelligence and communication with Universe infinity and eternity.

Merely rest assured that in this straightforward way of scientific experimentation, we now know all the "silent areas"; we now know all the inactive cells, tissues and organs; we now know that the human brain is more than 90% dormant.

Since 1957, more than 300 special test students have come through the exploration program of this research facility. As the facts progressively were discovered to explain how the human brain works, the method of brain self-control progressively improved. All those who achieved the transcendence experience reported it to be an overwhelming pressure and breakthrough in the frontal lobes. Before-and-after tests measured large, dramatic increases of intelligence and creativity. Medical monitoring is measuring longevity. Now, by means of the pre-tested exercises in this Workbook, the general population can get frontal lobes transcendence.

Your first strategic target is to liberate your sleeping frontal lobes. But while working on that, you can conquer smaller tactical targets. You can set free smaller circuits of dormant cells in your intelligence and creativity.

1. Review the morning pre-conscious questioning technique of Lesson 8 and the self-guided imaging procedure of Lesson 14. Re-think them to be tools to probe into your most advanced primate brain.

2. Re-think the function of your primate brain. It accepts the automatic self-defense and counter-attack reflexes of your reptile brain and refines them into the cultural behaviors of arguing with an adversary and suing an enemy in court. Re-think the function of your mammal brain. It produces the automatic mother love and father protection which are the first instincts of family. Your primate brain refines these social impulses into the cultural hunger for human cooperation and warless Earth. By so understanding the primitive function of mammalian human love which your mostly dormant primate brain is trying to extend into social institutions, you can become the genius who discovers the next step toward harmonious inter-personal behaviors and who invents the next improvement in institutionalized world peace.

3. Before going to sleep, ask your primate brain: "Which dormant cells now are most ready for me to discover, energize and use for my advancing intelligence and creativity?" In morning pre-conscious reverie, before your neurotic reptilian defenses have awakened, move your cosmic energy finger around your skull in a systematic grid pattern. The entropy from the most dormant, most frustrated, most ready patch of cells will suck in the energy from your wise, healing, evolving finger. You will feel/see a jolt of lightning when your energy finger gets sucked into your entropy toilet. The shock will awaken you fully. Your finger will be magnetized to the precise spot which your genetic intelligence has dictated to be your next tactical target to energize.

4. Repeat the drill two more times two more mornings. When you have identified the same spot three times, you will be sure that your neurotic ego is not playing tricks. Do self-guided imaging. Create your unique unit of energy and move it into that spot of dormant cells. Later, you will learn closed focused meditation to supplement the energization with a more powerful force. Each day, systematically increase the voltage pouring into the now awakening spot. Each day, systematically awaken the million year slumber of the now computing spot.

5. Via morning pre-conscious questioning, identify the subtle new computer circuit function which has been added to your general primate computer. Identify the specific new skill which this new circuit adds to your overall primate power to create thoughts, emotions and actions. Test your new skill. Measure your new increase in this new skill and compare it with some old measurements which you made previously of this beginning skill prior to its up-grading. For example, if you are opening a new hearing circuit, merely re-play an old favorite musical record and now hear deeper and higher harmonics of tones heretofore unheard. Or if you are opening a new left-hemisphere intelligence circuit, merely re-take your most recent IQ test and measure the increase. If you are opening a new right-hemisphere creativity circuit, compare your old production of artforms with your new production of old artforms and new artforms. Once you are persuaded subjectively, and measured objectively, that you have, in fact, released a dormant patch of cells into now routinely active computations, move on to the next target. Repeat the drill. Identify a new spot of dormant, ready cells. Energize this new spot into a new power of intelligence and creativity. And while doing so, know that all such tactical advances cumulate to help your strategic advance into your frontal lobes transcendence. The big bang.


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