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Extended Family Co-Therapy


Lesson 19

If you do not have a neurally trustable, Life knowledgeable Partner, remember: It is social intelligence which is pre-requisite to transcending into your dormant frontal lobes; to transcending into cosmic intelligence. But if you create an extended family of friends into a co-therapy family, you will discover ease in learning the family, you will have difficulty growing into society intelligence. And shortcuts toward whole brain power.

The motivation for you to do the work of advertizing for, in-gathering and developing your co-therapy family is the simplest, most efficient and most effective emotion in the spectrum of genetically encoded reptilian feelings: greed. You are desperate to grow up. You are terrified by the thought of living your Life alone (even within the crowd) in perpetual confusion and pain. Only a co-therapy family can prevent you from slipping back into conformity and spiritual death. Only via such cooperation can you create an accelerating mission totally dedicated to helping each other family member to grow up.

1. Strategy for forming your co-therapy family:

A. Advertize by writing a short descriptive article or a letter to the editor into an appropriate newspaper.

B. Place notices on bulletin boards of organizations where your kind of people congregate.

C. Telephone friends.

2. Tactics for forming your co-therapy family:

D. Have fun with each other during the beginning interview period and during the beginning turmoil of growing up.

E. Help each other self-release repressed adult, adolescent, child and infant trauma memories.

F. Help each other self-circuit into dormant frontal lobes.

3. Create your "Family Co-Therapy Rules" on paper so there are no misunderstandings. Itemize all the proper and improper physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual behaviors expected between individuals.

4. Create your "Co-Therapy Economy Rules" on paper so there is a balance between giving and receiving. One person giving more energy (and absorbing more entropy) and receiving less energy will -- like a car battery -- be drained dead. Prevent pure infantile narcissistic suck.

5. After you receive an epicurial massage, you do not want to get up and massage the massager. During each formal therapy session, you should be either the therapist or the therapee. Not both. Do not switch on that day of deep probing. Get a good night's rest first to re-balance your energy and entropy economy. But during shallow therapeutic sharing, it is okay to switch sides back and forth.

6. Empathy. That is all therapy is. Sympathy is staying outside another person's shell while listening to him/her. Empathy is hearing and feeling from inside the shell. Absolutely listen, hear, feel and know the other person's pain. Absolutely listen, hear, feel and know the other person's genetic code as it tells you what it wants and needs to be done to re-start automatic growth. Every neurosis screams its own precise, step-by-step therapy. You have but to listen and hear. Listen to, and hear, the therapee's unconscious child telling you which blocks it must have removed to re-start automatic genetic self-circuiting. Merely ask the gentle and tough questions which cause the therapee to tell himself/herself what he/she wants and needs to re-start reflexive DNA advancement.

7. Neurological questioning. Form all your questions within your expanding knowledge of how the human brain works. Form your questions within your expanding experience of how the brain blocks itself from spontaneous growth. Form your questions within your expanding vision of how the brain wants to unblock itself and circuit into its dormant frontal lobes -- and beyond.

8. The reason why the therapee does not or cannot get past this block in self-therapy by himself/herself is because he/she still needs a Big Daddie or big Mommie to help him/her grow up. The therapee needs to be "endorphin-bonded" to a parent-substitute therapist. Endorphin is the hormone which causes child to be bonded and subservient to Mother or/and Father. In co-therapy family, you are Power Pa or Yumm Mammary Ma. Or both. Androgyne. Bisocksual.

9. Discipline each therapy session into one solvable problem. Not 2 or 10. Solve the problem by the end of that session. Do not leave a serious problem dangling. If it dangles, you bit off more than you two can chew. Bite off only small, chewable, swallowable and digestable parts of each big problem. Solve a problem a day. Make the therapee be a winner at the end of each therapy session with Dr. Feelgood.

10. Family co-therapy is not illegal because it is done within the family ? it is not done in public ? and no money is exchanged. It is not a business. It is not "professional" psychotherapy. Therefore, no government licensing is required. You then can expand your work with your brothers and sisters to mass-therapizing and mass-transcending all the folks in your neighborhood. All the citizens in your city. In your State. In America. Upon Earth.


Release Repressed
Trauma Memories

All that blocks your genetic drive and cosmic consciousness from self-circuiting, independent of your will, into your dormant frontal lobes (and beyond) is your neurosis. Neurosis is nothing more than repressed memories from your adult, adolescent, child and infant traumas. These unresolved traumas clog the three decision-making centers of your triune brain. The clogging causes the decision-making centers to work inefficiently. The inefficiency signals the genetic code to stop the brain from growing until the clogging traumas are cleared.

Traumas are the residual memories of wrong actions which were done to you or which you did to your Self. Each of these wrong actions caused you to grow in a direction which was away from the proper direction of growth as dictated by your genetic intelligence.

Genetic intelligence is the Earth form of cosmic intelligence. It knows how you should grow up. When you disobey genetic intelligence you grow in a direction which is away from honoring Life and helping the Lifeforce -- God. When you grow in an anti-Life direction, your genetic intelligence signals you of the mistake by causing your brain to compute three things: confusions, pains, fears.

Wrong growth starts at conception when a male and a female fertilize an ovum with a sperm but without cooperative consciousness love. The egg feels the wrongness as it divides into two cells. The egg protests the wrongness by dividing wrongly. It divides just a teensie bit lopsided. The two cells divide into four cells, lopsided. This wrong lopsided growth continues during gestation. The brain is lopsided.

Next, during gestation, the two parents strangle the fetus. They do this by withholding the crucial nutrient: focused meditation love. This nutrient must be aimed constantly into the uterus. This nutrient must be aimed into the canal during birth to de-traumatize the transition.

The merrily wrong growth metastasizes during infancy and childhood when parents inflict on the defenseless organism unintelligible environmental demands to which the infant cannot comply or adjust: cold, hunger, injury. Thus, the infant's reptile brain interprets these demands as being attacks and retrogresses accordingly. Beside being physical, these irrational demands and evil attacks can be intellectual, emotional or/and spiritual: forcing understanding that an entropic baby sitter is supposed to be equal to Mother and Father; being kissed by an unshaven, scratchy male face; being denied the instinctual right to express curiosity and awe when fondling shit or genitals.

The result of such threatening attacks is that the automatic triune brain triggers a single reflex. Each brain disconnects from the others and draws back into its lowest self-defense mode. The front lobes are disconnected. Growth stops. Devolution starts. Each such infant grown into child, adolescent and adult suffers perpetual confusion, pain and fear. Any adult who now feels confusion, pain or/and fear is being signalled that wrong growth was done back then.

When wrong growth is done, genetic intelligence stops personal future growth into perfection. Genetic intelligence stops growth into 100% brain functioning. For "modern" wo/man, 90% of the brain circuits are turned off. The resulting humanite operates, at best, on only 10% brain efficiency. The challenge is: G. O. D. Grow Or Die.

By retrogressively releasing your unconsciously repressed adult, adolescent child and infant trauma memories from their appropriate memory storage organs, they can be brought up to conscious awareness. The consciously aware memories then can be detoxified progressively. The bound energy of neurosis which forms each memory can be released into free energy. Each unit of free energy then can be guided properly into the cells of the anterior amygdala. When sufficient energy is accumulated, the amygdala click-switch clicks forward. Gross electro-consciousness energy floods forward into the inactive frontal lobes. Transcendence happens.

Once transcendence occurs, genetic growth is re-started. Automatically. Thereafter, your personal intelligence makes direct, conscious contact with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence. Normal paranormal skills emerge from the formerly silent areas on the back half of the cortex and from the two-inch layer of formerly dormant glial cells under the cortex. Direct, conscious communication with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence begins. Personal growth proceeds toward infinity and eternity.


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