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Child Play With Fun Trauma Memories


Lesson 20

"Joking" is the triune brain's way of telling the primate cortex: "You're off the track! You're growing in a wrong direction! You're slipping away from the right direction demanded by genetic intelligence!" You recognize your embarrassed wrongness by laughing. Your laugh helps you quiet the terror of realizing you are devolving toward pre-mature death, rather than evolving toward routine Life. Your laugh helps you turn around your motivation and re-start your growth toward total triune brain power.

Comedians make a joke out of adult confusions, pains and fears rooted in child confusions, pains and fears. But they offer no therapy. You are a comedian. Make a joke out of one of your current confusions, pains or fears. Laugh good. Observe how this helps you confront the true root cause -- and cure -- of that malfunction in your brain. By laughing at the most obvious tip of your neurosis iceberg, we can sneak down to the deeper tunnel work of melting that floating massif of frozen poison out of your ocean of consciousness.

Play like child with your bobbing icebergs of aches and growling icepacks of punishments. Play with your neurosis. Play with your trauma memories. This will help you get used to looking at each problem you have been avoiding. Through play, you now can look at them eyeball to eyeball because you, finally, are dominant via laughter; because you, finally, have the joking tool to solve each one to perfect happiness: this Workbook.

Play like your carefree kid with your surface serious and silly slops of neurotic emotions. Soothe them out with a jest for now so you can make them more tolerable and more patient while each problem waits its turn to be melted and exasperated with the love exercises to follow.

1. Make a joke out of your most obvious confusion, pain or/and fear. Turn the problem upside down, inside out, front to back. Turn your usual reaction to the problem upside down, inside out, front to back. Laugh freely at your new reaction to the newly re-defined problem. Exaggerate the laugh to squeeze out the deepest possible therapeutic relief from finally facing up to this entropy dolor. Repeat the process with a second problem; a third; all.

2. Create a fun toy to remind you that this problem now is laughable: a couple of sticks, or a stone written on with brush pen, or a rope hanging from a tree with dangling log, or a flower bouquette. Each time you touch the toy you trigger the laugh. Each time you play the toy you lessen the misery.

3. Play the toy game 100% in your reptile brain. Imagine your Self going back 350 million years to be a hissing, slithering, grunting crocodile. Confront your modern problem again -- as a croc. Be 100% self-defensive; 100% counter-attacking. Attack the problem and solve it like a single-minded, emotionless reptile. What new insight does this reptilian retrogression give your now primate brain to solve the problem? What new creativity does this reptilian retrogression force into awareness within your primate brain?

4. Play the toy game 100% in your mammal brain. Imagine your Self going back 225 million years to be a loving, protecting wart hog. A jungle pig. Confront the modern problem again, but this time with a cuddly, affectionate, compassionate piggy vision to see around it and through it and over it and beyond it. See your Self evolving beyond the problem See your Self transcending the problem. What new creativity does this mammalian retrogression force into awareness within your primate brain?

5. Above all, courage. Know, simply know, that your triune brain is well on the way to solving this problem with unpremeditated wisdom beyond your wildest Xmas expectations. Your current ill does not, yet, allow you to see that problem as a blessing in disguise. Your current problem is forcing you to grow up in a way you never suspected was possible. Soh. Patience. And courage. And work. Via play. Joking. Laughing. Growing. Whee.


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