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Learn Your Cortex Adult and Adolescent Memory Library


Lesson 21

All the trauma memories from your adult and teenage years are stored in the 1/6th of an inch thick "bark" covering your brain: your cortex. These trauma memories are not repressed fully to unconscious unawareness because your adult and adolescent both were aware fully and understood fully what was happening when it was happening. Thus, they both were able to react as free people. They could fight back. Because of this awareness and free will, whatever unwanted pain remembrances occurred were stored in your shallow memory library and can be brought back to full awareness by a simple act of willpower. Retrieval of child and infant traumas, however, are repressed and require more subtle techniques to bring them up for re-confrontation. Child and infant traumas are repressed because your child and infant did not understand each wrong thing which was happening when it was happening and did not have the intelligence nor the power to react defensively when it was happening. They could not fight back. They could not prevent the insult from happening. For that reason, they each stored these realizations in your deep memory libraries until you were old enough to bring them back up for tough fighting against the evil doers: for therapizing. Which begins now.

Start your self-therapy process by first curing your easiest trauma memories. The easiest ones are your adult traumata. This will build your experience and courage. After you have solved at least 51% of your adult traumas, you will be tough enough and cunning enough to start solving your child traumas; then, finally, your infant blocks.

But caution. If you do not solve at least 51% of your adult and adolescent trauma problems first, this inefficiency and confusion and lack of courage will be communicated down to your repressed child trauma memory storage organ and to your repressed infant trauma memory storage organ. By watching Big Brother or Big Sister freeze up and refuse to do perfect self-therapy, Little Brother and Little Sister will freeze up even more solidly. Child and infant trauma memories will refuse to emerge from storage for therapy, melting and evaporating. The entire self-therapy process will fail and collapse back into deeper despair.

The precise method to release and cure your adult traumas will be taught in the next lesson. This lesson merely is to take the first walk through your cortex memory library. Gently stroll through the stacks, observing the shelves of books. Each book precisely documents one day of your past Life experiences. Each book is an accurate record of what happened to you on that one day. Each book can be retrieved absolutely from your memory library and re-read clearly by your conscious awareness merely by following the exercises in this Workbook. For now, just use your imagination and walk through the stacks. Glance at a few titles. Perhaps take down a volume that catches your fancy to skim the table of contents. Flip the pages. Be amazed at what you read and see in the pictures. Be amazed at how you now remember so clearly how that passed day actually happened. Indeed, look at the volumes which record your adult history/herstory; your adult problems. Though many, your adult problems are finite. They can be solved. They shall be solved. Quickly and efficiently.

1. Get 4 pieces of paper. Write your "PIES." At the top of one write, "My Physical Problems." Itemize them. On the next sheet, "My Intellectual Problems." "My Emotional Problems." "My Spiritual Problems."

2 Physical problems and solutions are stored and computed in the "motor strip" across the top of your head. While discussing the details of a physical problem about your body, tap your motor strip firmly with two fingers. This loosens up the thoughts relevant to that problem and helps define that problem with more comprehensive details. Later, in the next lesson, you can solve that more comprehensive problem more comprehensively. For now, merely appreciate where your raw data are stored.

Intellectual problems and solutions are stored and computed in the entire cortex sheet over the left-hemisphere of your brain. (This is so if you are right-handed. If you are left-handed, they are stored and computed in the cortex over your right-hemisphere.) While discussing the details of an intellectual problem, tap your left-hemisphere from back (reptile brain) to middle (mammal brain) to front (primate brain; frontal lobes) in a grid pattern from your ear up to the top middle line. This loosens up the thoughts relevant to that problem and helps you solve that intellectual problem with more unsuspected, but now available, data bits.

Emotional problems and solutions are stored and computed in the limbic system of your deeper mammal brain. They will be discussed later.

Spiritual problems and solutions are stored and computed in your frontal lobes. Since these still are snoozing, we won't wake them yet.

3. By means of self-guided imaging, image an energy ball to move across and around your motor strip. Observe the improved definition of your physical problem. As you proceed, observe the improved solution of this problem: the increased creative insights arising magically. Such imaging energization not only releases an improved definition of a problem but its more specific, divergently and convergently creative cure. The imaged energy unit enters the specific memory library and goes automatically to the specific book stack, the specific shelf, the specific book, the specific chapter, the specific page, the specific sentence and the specific words which define that problem and cure that problem.

Use self-guided imaging to enter all your memory libraries and to retrieve all your problem definitions and cures.

4. Study the other functions of your cortex. Reason out the relationships between each function and how they can be used more efficiently to help you solve your total gradient of problems. Read up on the cortex organ at the library in an introductory neurology book.

5. Contemplate the fact that your cortex is operational only on the back half. Then why do you get "headaches" in your forehead? In your frontal lobes?


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