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Understanding Endorphin-Bonding


Lesson 23

Endorphin is a hormone. It is produced in the brain. It causes the brain of the mother to suckle her child; to not walk away from the nursery and go on a week-long binge in Acapulco. Endorphin causes the brain of the father to bring in food and protect mother and child. Endorphin causes the brain of the infant to compute the emotions and muscle actions which form the lips into the suck shape, to suck milk; causes the brain of the child to compute the emotions and muscle actions which drive legs always to return home.

Endorphin is the hormone which genetic intelligence put into all prey to soothe and block their temporary pain while being eaten alive by a predator. Endorphin is an opiate; the base form of opium.

Beta-endorphin is the form of the hormone (different from alpha-endorphin) which causes mother to bond with child; which causes child to bond with mother. It causes female child to bond with mother in one way and male child to bond with mother in another way. It causes female child later to bond with father in yet another way and male child to bond with father in still a more different, more unique way.

Beta-endorphin causes wife and husband to bond to each other in ways which are similar to bonding to mother and father (many people "marry their mothers/fathers"), yet slightly different since the incest taboo is surmounted.

Beta-endorphin causes lover to bond with lover. True friend to bond with true friend. Wise student to bond with wise teacher. Disciple to guru. Novitiate to messiah. Slave to dictator.

The narcotic effect of irrational, non-understood, non-self-controlled endorphin-bonding is 100 times stronger than nicotine and alcohol addiction; 10 times stronger than heroin addiction.

Irrational endorphin-bonding is caused by not understanding the endorphin mechanism. The intellectual ignorance increases the intensity of the psychological bonding and addiction.
Rational endorphin-bonding is caused by understanding and controlling the endorphin mechanism. The intellectual knowledge balances the physiological and psychological bonding so there is no uncontrollable addiction.

Irrational endorphin-bonding is the trap which the immature, neurotic person is compelled to enter with a dominant parent-substitute person so as to lessen the pain of the immature person's neurosis.

Rational endorphin-bonding is the maturely open relationship into which the self-therapizing student wisely chooses to enter with an equally wise and experienced teacher so as to accelerate trust, respect, growth and Love between each.

Irrational endorphin-bonding is the dead-end into which the non-growing devotee demands to enter with a non-teaching parent-substitute person so as to retreat from making the hard decisions of internal and external Life -- decisions which the guru/ messiah/ dictator now demands to make for the crippled child-adult so as to feed the reptilian ego of the non-democratic guru/messiah/dictator.

Rational endorphin-bonding is the relaxed security of reciprocal adoration which the blossoming student/friend shares with proud teacher/friend to expand knowledgeably and democratically into confronting hard decisions about the student's growth into internal and external Life -- thereby causing the student to grow up in the shortest possible time with the greatest possible efficiency.

Irrational endorphin-bonding is the fibrous, inter-twined roots, trunks and branches of two trees of Life parasiting into each other until each strangles and kills the Lifeforce within the other: Ignorant MotherChild. Desperate HusbandWife.

Rational endorphin-bonding is the soft, smoothe, luscious cooperation of soulmates surrounding and enfolding and absorbing the hard, strong, acidic competition of Life. Rational endorphin-bonding is two separate, unique, alone, lonely individuals growing into each other with no parasiting or suffocating of the other. Thus can each retreat if feeling trapped. Thus can one withdraw if the other stops growing. Thus can both withdraw if both are growing and both need aloneness. Thus can both rejoice in creative solitude: Let there be spaces in your togetherness.

Rational endorphin-bonding simply is: love. Mature love.

1. Describe your endorphin-bonding (E-B) to your mother. To father. Which bonds were, and continue to be, healthy, helping you to grow? Which were, and are, unhealthy, inhibiting growth? What preliminary things can you now do to weaken, loosen and break the unhealthy bonds?

2. Discuss: Temporarily endorphin-bonding to a mother substitute or/and father-substitute helps cut the umbilical cord of a wrong parental bond. The bond to the parent-substitute person helps wean you from your improperly bonded and un-weaned mother or/and father. The bond to the parent-substitute person is less painful to cut later, if necessary.

3. Invent a method to endorphin-bond to a parent-substitute person who agrees to this experiment. Invent your steps of increasing the voltage of the emotional bonding to the substitute while the process is proceeding. Invent your steps to decrease the voltage of the emotional bond to your true parent.

4. Chop the bad bond with your parent via the "Self Trauma Drama" method to follow in Lessons 26 and 27.

5. Dissolve the good bond, if necessary, with your parent-substitute by means of rational discussion. Create a new and better bond of friendship with your teacher and helper. With your honest soulmate.


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