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Learn Your Temporal Lobes Joy Child Memory Library


Lesson 24

Your temporal lobes are at your temples. They are part of your primate brain. They store all your positive and negative memories from childhood. Childhood begins about age 6 or 9 months, when speech begins, and lasts to puberty, when curious new ideas begin to mix in with those hunks on the centerfolds of Playboy/Playgirl.

Your temporal lobes are a comprehensive video tape library. Each scene from each day of childhood is stored in neet racks. With techniques soon to be presented in this text, a dedicated person can pull any tape reel of any pleasant day and re-play it on his/her skull TV for lunchtime amusement with the sandwiches and sweet pickles. The deeper tapes of bad days, when traumas happened, also can be pulled for honest review of the facts and for systematic therapy of the injury. But best when not digesting chow. Causes belches. And pickle shrapnel.

You shall heal the bad memories. Later. For now, just appreciate the goodness of your genetic intelligence for setting up this special library which has been waiting until you were old enough and reach enough to use it.

1. By an act of will, bring up to conscious awareness one surface iceberg memory which is easy to recall from childhood. This flashback will be one from the first order of your surface memories. This first order of your surface remembrances is the one which prepares the way for the emergence of your second, third and last orders of deepest, most repressed childhood trauma memories.

2. Merely play with this first order, most pleasant, least threatening child memory. Show it that you respect it and it will reciprocate by bringing up a friend later. Play lightly, with no therapeutic purpose or consequence. This memory now knows that you now are dedicated to healing the hurts of its deeper, more repressed companions. So they too, way down there, relax and matter of factly enjoy the friendly banter and joshing between you two up there. For they know, way down there, as do you way up here, that the more serious curing work will come another day.

3. Invite your first and second orders of pleasing child memories to come up during your most precious time: during your morning pre-conscious reverie. This will flatter them. You have signalled them down there in your temporal lobes that nothing now is more important in your Life than they. They, thus, will reciprocate and bring up a still deeper, repressed, cringing, scared friend. Play lightly and lovingly during your morning leisure with your children. Learn each other. Teach them to trust you. Teach your adult Self to trust them. Learn that they are honest, as only children can be. Together, prepare your Self for the coming full trust and honesty of your therapy during self trauma drama.

4. Observe the slight (or gross) buzzing you feel in your temporal lobes before, during or after a direct communication with your child. Using your healing hands, feel the increase of temperature over your temples (as compared to the cooler adjoining areas). This indicates that friction is being encountered. Your oldest, most frozen memories are resisting this flow up to your conscious awareness; are resisting the fate of being melted in preparation for coming evaporation to true forgetfullness.

5. Observe the increase of joyfulness throughout your entire brain and personality after each direct communication with your child. All parts of your brain now know you are dedicated fully, committed fully and beginning the final work of cleaning out your child traumata -- which are the key logs in your genetic log jam. The relief of knowing the blockage soon shall be picked apart and that cosmic consciousness soon shall sluice freely causes your 10% functioning brain to operate at increased efficiency within that limit. You become physically more active and attractive; intellectually more wise and witty; emotionally less shoving and more loving; spiritually: your aura flicks gold.

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