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Release Repressed Child Love Memories


Lesson 25

Prior to doing the slightly fear-filled and pain-filled Self trauma drama of the next two lessons, let us give your child one more batch of hugs and kisses. Prior to mastering the trauma drama method to discharge you, repressed child lesion remembrances, bring up and saturate your brain with all the positive child love memories you now can in-gather. This will give you more courage to be your hurting child once you truly start confronting your repressed neurogenic shocks.

1. Review each year back from your current age, back to childhood. Remember all the positive fun and meaning and love episodes you had. Write these down and integrate them into a ladder of fond smiles.

2. Act-out some of those happy child experiences again. Re-savor their full amazement.

3. Create a joke, toy, poem, song, dance, drawing, sculpture or other astonishing artform to commemorate your most outstanding child sparkle episodes.

4. Create a procedure to remind your Self of this overwhelmingly positive child love and joy capital in your Life whenever any underwhelming negative debt in your therapy threatens to bankrupt your morale.

5. Create a procedure to use this positive stepladder to climb more quickly up into your positive, cooperative child personality when negative, competitive things get you down. Use the ladder to climb into your frontal lobes, just like you did when you were a kid.

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