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Self Trauma Drama, Theory


Lesson 26

Up to this point, all the lessons in the Workbook have been soothing the symptoms of your brain disease. We now shall cure the cause.

A brain is a computer which receives primary data from its internal genetic code and which absorbs secondary information from its external environment. The adjustment between these two sources of Life facts forms your "personality"; forms your person.

When an adult brain absorbs information from the external environment which conflicts with the internal genetic program, it automatically sidetracks that evidence down to its lowest reptilian computer of reflextive self-defense and counter-attack reactions. The infant and child brain, however, is encoded only to grow into full neural power driven by total love energy. Thus, it does not yet understand negative hate entropy from the environment. So when infused with negative information, the defenseless and powerless infant and child brain automatically clicks off those circuits which are being forced to compute that conflicting knowledge. The attack data passively is stored and saved for re-computation in later years. In this way, the modern human primate brain is doomed to be over 90% closed down. Only random chance mutants manage to escape some of the neural butchery of childhood. These are the adults who still can display at least such random things as pre-cognition, reading colors with fingertips, telekinesis and astral projection. But not yet all at once.

If you cannot demonstrate even one of these normal genetic skills, your brain is signaling you that it was blocked during infancy or/and childhood -- when such behaviors are natural and routine. You were prevented from automatically self-circuiting into your waiting and ready "silent areas" within your 10-sensor sensorium on the back half of the cortex; into your extra sensory glial cells under the cortex; into your frontal lobes. Because of the overwhelmingly competitive messages which you received from the outside hostile environment -- from mother, father, the permanent war culture -- your brain simply compared the incoming rivaling messages with its basic genetic drive of cooperative love and spiritual fulfillment and turned off those circuits which did not fit the disputation; turned off those circuits which were being burned out during the home warfare. Thus, your 90% (at least) dormancy.

During conception, the in-coming telepathic negative information can be: "We, ovum and sperm, are joining by accident, not by plan. We are fertilizing in disgust, not in love."

During gestation, the in-coming telepathic negative datum can be: "I am not wanted." The in-coming physical negative confirmation can be: Punching. Bad nutrition, alcohol, nicotine, drugs in the bloodstream through the umbilicus.

During birth, the in-coming emotional negative manifestation can be, from excessively hard uterine contractions: "Life out there is hard and constricting." In addition, excessively hot or cold or dry or bright delivery room will make the transition from the dark, warm, watery environment too abrupt and too shocking. (In the Soviet Union, the first step in creating superchild is to give birth into a tank of warm water, within which the infant floats for several days while all sensors complete their neural connections.)

During infancy, the in-coming physical and emotional negative information can be: Bad breast. Oral frustration. Lack of mother love. Kick off blanket in cold room. Disease. Painful medical treatment. Repulsive medicine. Forced feeding. Careless treatment. No parental response to crying. No parental guidance of sensor cell fibers (axons) unconnected to their proper brain computer cell receivers (dendrites) and allowed to wander haphazardly, thereby connecting only minimally.

During childhood, the in-coming physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual negative information can be: Ambivalent love. Conflict with toilet training. Cruel treatment, humiliation and unreliable behavior from parents. Injury from environmental objects; parents. Injury from ideas. TV. No parental teaching of brain self-control during this time of most rapid growth between triune inter-computer connections and personal willingness to so inter-connect. No teaching about unity of Self, Life, Earth, stars and Universe.

Each negative data bit forced into the child's brain (by parental sins of co-mission or o-mission) is negative because it does not correspond to its genetic counterpart. Each negative datum becomes a trauma not because it is intrinsically negative -- for after all, the genetic code designed the triune brain with a reptile brain which computes only positive self-defense and counter-attack reactions against all such negative stimuli -- but because the infant and child cannot yet understand that negativity (cold, injury, ignorance) is a standard part of the also growing and evolving environment. The infant and child cannot yet control their reptile brains to fight off that negativity which parents have allowed to enter their awareness too soon. It is this lack of intellectual understanding and control which propels the negative in-coming information and the negative genetic reaction -- the trauma memory -- into repressed organ storage.

Infant trauma memories are stored in the hippocampus organ, located right next to the amygdala in the limbic system of the mammal brain. Child trauma memories are stored in the temporal lobes organ in the primate brain at your temples. Such storage is perfect. Each trauma is stored in perfect video tape. Such storage allows you, at the age of self-therapy, to review all the video tapes and to correct all misfits between in-coming information, genetic code and evolving personal intelligence. Such correcting causes the evolution of your personal intelligence.

Starting now, by means of your adult intellectual logic, you shall create the proper fit between outside and inside realities. You now shall adjust your child/infant, finally, to all the confusing situations back then. In this way, you shall self-release your long-held bound energies of neurosis into free energies. The free energies then shall be guided to re-open those circuits which were closed during infancy and childhood. Start with your frontal lobes.

Self Trauma Drama Technique

The retrieval and review of video tapes stored in your temporal lobes and hippocampi (one in each limbic system, next to each amygdala0 are done by a number of procedures. These techniques will be described later. But once retrieved (remembered) and reviewed, each negative trauma can be neutralized and converted to positive energy by means of the method called "self trauma drama." It is democratic in the extreme. And free. It is the basis for mass self-therapy and for mass self-transcendence.

Self trauma drama allows you to replay the negative video tape and to change the unwanted action to positive. It allows you to understand your own neurosis and to control your own therapy so as to discover subtleties and nuances of new facts which a professional (and expensive) therapist never would allow you to explore.

In the original trauma episodes, your infant and child were helpless. They could not understand or control the in-coming negative hurts. They were powerless. They could not stop the continuing jolts of obviously wrong stimulations and data. So they reacted as best they could: only by crawling back deeper into blind reptilian hiding. But in so doing, this cut off more wires leading up to the frontal lobes and down into the layer of paranormal glial cells.

In the re-play of the trauma tape, you now shall change the action by giving your infant/child full power. Full control. You now shall empower your infant/child to have the full intelligence and full voice of command of your now adult. This allows your infant/child to speak out, to judge, to choose and control all sensations, informations, understandings and experiences entering his/her brain. This allows your infant/child to change all sensations, informations, understandings and experiences which actually entered his/her brain contrary to genetic rightness. Each wrong data bit now shall be excreted by an act of will. Each wrong data bit now shall be removed from the neurotic memory tape and replaced with a correspondingly right data bit. The corrected memory tape then will be re-played and found consonant with the genetic code. The harmony between experience and genetic growth will signal the genetic code to open the next closed circuits which are designed to use the now positive information on your tape to cause more growth. The healthy memory tape, finally, will be re-stored in the proper stack on the proper shelf in your memory library, to be used, joyously, as needed.

The specific way to empower your infant/child to have full intelligence and full control to change a memory video tape is via acting-out. By play-acting an episode as it actually happened, you will add your adult's intelligence and voice to dominate, control and change the behaviors of those others -- your parents; sometimes sister or brother -- who caused your trauma. You will manipulate father and mother like puppettes to do the right thing to you. You will guide them lovingly, but toughly, to do the loving thing to your infant/child. You will convert your parents from enemies to friends; to soulmates. You will convert entropy to energy; to synergy.

1. After you have solved at least 51% of your repressed adult trauma memories and 51% of your repressed adolescent trauma memories, go down to your unrepressed, consciously aware memories of child traumas. Later, you will use such techniques as dream analysis, focused meditation and suture tapping to bring up repressed, unconscious memories. Eventually, interview all family members (using scripted questions and tape recorder) to get the facts of your conception, gestation, birth, infancy and childhood experiences; both positive and negative. You will use these facts to enrich and complete your later trauma dramas.

2. Don't go insane. Don't overload your brain with too much emotion too soon, thereby causing breakdown into psychosis. If you do not feel pleasurable revenge because of being able finally to grow up, stop for that day. If you feel too much fear, stop and try again tomorrow when your courage and strength are built up. Remember: Self-therapy is self-responsibility. If you cannot accept responsibility for your Self and if you cannot therapize your Self, go to a professional therapist. But if you feel the most gorgeous excitement about this ultimate simplicity of mass planetary sanity, you are survival of the fittest. Proceed. While actually being-feeling your child at that age when the trauma happened, maintain your adult sanity rope up out of the retrogression hole of pain and tie it to a rational fir tree of responsibility. Then drop down into the mine shaft of memory and actually B E your child. Re-experience your child fully. Feel that pain fully. Feeling only 99% is not passing in the school of Life.

3. Attitude is all. Make self trauma drama a child playsie funsie gamsie. Create of your whole self-therapy regimen a lovely attitude of child "suchness." "Such is the way Life is: A snake swallowing a mouse. A sun cooling in a solar system. A child outgrowing a mother. Such is the way this trauma happened to me. Such is the way I must get my Life back on the track. Such is the reality of the hard work I now must do to cure my Self. Such is my thankfulness and love that I have been given this one last opportunity to do this work to be re-born." Play with your therapy so that it does not get too heavy and morbid. Have fun with the interressstinnnngggggness of your self-therapy so your tears and snot are as intoxicating, ravishing and bewitching as a necessary (but sideways) bowel trick blastout. Make a daily game of your self-therapy so you look forward to playing it and gaining its progressive rewards of lessening neurosis, increasing energy and approaching frontal lobes transcendence. Fall in love with growing up.

4. Act-out the trauma. Act it out either verbally or silently in your head. Split your consciousness. Play several people at once. Simultaneously be your child, your mother, your father and your now adult. Be each separately. Use the words, meanings and understandings of each in your fluid, flowing dialog. Experiment with different locations and times of day. Morning pre-consciousness reverie always is best because your energy is refreshed totally from sleep and your adult neurosis still is snoring, thereby allowing you maximum efficiency in reviewing your childhood video tape so as to change the bad parts into good parts. Primary nature environment always is best because the pure energy of forest and sky harmonizes with your purifying child energy to cause a therapeutic synergy. The urban environment is less nurturing. It merely requires more dedication, concentration and determination to do the work of trauma drama in the distracting and scream-intolerant city.

5. Act-out the trauma in a progression of 6 "acts."

Act-I is reality. It starts with powerless and helpless child you suffering the full emotional pain of the trauma because you do not understand why it is being inflicted upon you.

Act-II is revenge. You now add the intelligence, power and planning of your adult. Re-play Act-I, but this time allow your child to speak out with full adult intelligence to judge and damm the person -- mother, father -- who allowed that injustice to happen to you.

Act-III is forgiveness. You forgive your parent for being ignorant and for inflicting that pain. Your child gives love and understanding to your parent.

Act-IV is re-editing the tape. You re-do the entire episode as it should have happened: with parent being knowledgeable, wise and loving. Parent forbids pain to happen to you. Parent cures pain instantly if it does happen to you. Parent gives comprehensive and unconditional love to your child, asking nothing in return. Parent is saint; child is child. Child properly relaxes and absorbs it all.

Act-V is victory parade. You change the electrical charge from - to + on each traumatized cell in your memory library.

Act-VI is forward flow. You guarantee that the free energy from your bound energy of neurosis accumulates in your anterior amygdalae to click them forward into frontal lobes transcendence.

Acts III, IV and V convert the negative data on the video tape into positive data; convert the entropy of the tape into energy and synergy.

In Act-V, after each trauma drama, you review the neurophysiologic mechanism involved and consciously repair broken circuits. You consciously open dormant circuits.

In Act-VI, you end your egotistical work by doing social intelligence work, thereby guiding your free energy away from the ?????????? of your reptile brain. You consciously re-orient ????? toward frontal lobes transmutation via egoless work.

Self Trauma Drama Mechanism

Infants and children nurtured in perfect harmony with the genetic code do not cry.

Parents ignorant of perfect neural growth blackmail a child not to cry its deepest trauma pain at the moment it is happening. To so cry would require the parent to analyze, recognize and stop the in-coming negative information which does not fit the genetic code and is being signalled via cry. Since the parents do not understand the genetic engine, they do not understand which stimuli to the child are negative and wrong. So rather than learn neurology, parents condition (force) the child to learn culture.

The child learns cultural values. The child learns to remain silent and to repress traumas when negative stimuli are allowed to enter its brain. In this way, the child is trained to obey the neurally ignorant values of the nursery which value child silence, obedience and neurosis higher than child whole brain power and freedom.

The reason why this blackmailing works is because each parent intuitively knows that child is endorphin-bonded to parent and is encoded with the deepest fear of all: rejection; abandonment. Slave. The deepest fear in each child is that parent will withhold the ultimate nutrient crucial to sane growth: love. But once your adult enters the courtroom in Act-II and assumes the role of lawyer representing your child before the bar of justice, your child breaks the endorphin-bonding. Your child breaks that enslavement to perverted love. Your child now intellectually understands its past emotional subjugation to the double-bind lie: "Dammed if I do. Dammed if I don't." Your child soars free. The memory is transcended. The pain is transcended. The damnation is transcended. The video tape is edited, changed, energized, synergized and re-stored in your memory library to true forgetfullness.

By performing self trauma drama, you allow and assist your genetic intelligence to re-circuit your triune brain properly, as it should have been circuited at birth. You allow and assist your temporal lobes in your primate brain and your hippocampus in your mammal brain to loop back properly into your reptile brain and to loop forward properly into your primate brain. This re-balances the three brains properly, as they should have been at birth. Once your triune brain is re-balanced, genetic intelligence again begins to circuit forward into the primate brain; into your dormant frontal lobes. Thereafter, all in-coming cosmic consciousness flows smoothly from reptile brain through mammal brain to primate brain and out through frontal lobes, back out to complete the circuit with cosmic consciousness and cosmic intelligence.

Act-I causes the sub-threshhold, unconscious memory to be volted up to conscious awareness. But conscious awareness if not emotional discharge. Act-I is classical Freudian couch therapy: intellectual insight therapy. It is not emotional feeling therapy. It does not discharge the negative emotion. (Thus does such "therapy" prolong itself -- and $$$ -- for 20 years with zero reports of frontal lobes transcendence into cosmic perception, intelligence, communication and love.)

Act-II causes partial discharge of negative emotions, but the lack of love causes the amygdala to click only backward into posterior mammal brain and reptile brain to strengthen grim self-defense and counter-attack circuits. Act-II is animal revenge only. The therapee becomes a better animal surviving better in the American jungle.

Act-III causes total discharge of total negative emotions from temporal lobes and hippocampus. Love fills the void where the wound was cleansed. There is no danger that one cancer cell of self-doubt remains to metastasize negative memory and re-infest the whole brain again with pain. Love closes the wound, forever. Love heals the memory of the pain to a chuckle. Love creates the proud scar of ultimate wisdom. Total cure.

Act-IV causes change in the electro-consciousness imprints of the memory impressed into the synapses and cells of the memory organ. Once you edit out the negative parts of the experience and edit in the positive parts, the new video tape plays as if that was the way it really happened. Entropy is transformed to energy. Storage becomes peaceful.

Act-V causes mass efficiency in changing the electro-consciousness imprints on all the memory cells. The very process of your child inflicting judgment and redemption upon your parents causes the electro-chemical-consciousness valence to change from - to + in the cells of the hippocampus, temporal lobes and cortex -- as well as in all other connecting brain organs. Once the surface cells are de-conditioned from a - charge to a + charge, the process can be accelerated. After neuro court judgment, perform a victory parade. Go to each cell in your temporal lobes or hippocampi and consciously pay off the negative charge on each cell by replacing it with a positive charge of love. As you click each cell from - to +, re-connect each positive cell with its neighbor. This makes the neighbor cell turn from negative to positive. Now comes the cumulating army game. March those 2 positive soldiers to 2 still negative cells and convert them to positive. Then march the 4 positive cells to 4 still negative cells and convert them to positive. After that, 8 soldiers march to 8 negative cells; 16 to 16; 32 to 32; 64 to 64; 128 to 128. When it gets to 1,000,000, you have a very interesting mass love war. Spectacular gang-bang. Once all the formerly negative cells in the organ are converted to positive, turn on the spigot. Let the formerly bound energy of neurosis, now cumulated as free energy, lightning bolt into your amygdala; into your anterior amygdala. This triggers your brainbomb.

Act-VI causes the free energy to accumulate in your anterior amygdala -- not in your posterior amygdala -- thereby triggering this servomechanism so it clicks forward and allows cosmic consciousness to zapp into frontal lobes explosion.

Accelerating Trauma Drama With A Soulmate

Bonding in total trust and love to a reciprocally growing soulmate causes the fear of growing up to dissolve and to be replaced by excitement, drive and perpetual fulfillment. As water in a U-shaped, clear plastic hose seeks its natural, balanced level, so too does the high level of energy within the superior person lovingly go down to the low level of energy -- of entropy -- within the inferior person. This brings the inferior person up and the superior person down to their natural, shared equi-librium (libra: balance; liberty: freedom) point.

The trauma drama is acted-out together at this disproportionately energizing point, causing accelerated breakthrough, cleansing and healing of a single, repressed, blocking, poisoning child pain.

After the superior person helps the inferior person to act-out and emotionally discharge the Life-ruining trauma, the bound energy of neurosis holding together the trauma memory -- binding to the tissues of the temporal lobes for child memories; binding to the tissues of the hippocampi for infant memories -- is liberated into free energy. That unit of your personality entropy is dissolved. That unit of that free energy raises the equilibrium point between you and your soulmate.

This process continues until both of you are equi-liberated; until both of your energy/entropy mixtures are equal. From then on, you both progress in reciprocal, accelerating love growth -- as true soulmates, not as wish-fulfillment fantasy soul murderers. You go through your first frontal lobes transcendence climax. Together. Then you continue up the genetic escalator into all stages, expansions and circuitings of nirvana and diverse creativities through your whole brain powers converging in shared social actions.

1. What is your reaction to the description of how the child brain computer receives external information, compares it with the internal genetic data base, then stores all mis-fit traumas until now: your adult age of self-therapy?

2. Are you willing -- 100% willing -- to stop soothing the symptoms of your neurosis and start curing the causes of your neurosis?

3. What child traumas do you remember right now most vividly?

4. Why is Act-II, "Revenge," crucial to your self-therapy? Why is it insufficient by itself to complete your self-therapy?

5. What intellectual understanding do you now have of child traumata which you did not understand back then and could not control to prevent injury? What intellectual understandings do you now have of how your parents should not have allowed that trauma to happen?

6. How has your childhood inability to stop traumas -- your childhood powerlessness -- created your adult powerlessness?

7. What adult powers to control your own Life do you want?

8. On the self-diagnosis scale of -10...0... +10, with -10 being absolute enemy and +10 being absolute soulmate, how do you now judge Mother? Father?

9. Shall you find a co-therapy soulmate?

10. Shall you and your co-therapy soulmate do egoless social intelligence work together to guarantee that your personal intelligences harmonize with genetic intelligence to complete your frontal lobes circuits with cosmic intelligence via transcendence?


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