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Trauma Drama Script Writing


Lesson 28

As you start a trauma drama, you are nervous. You fear the dentist's truth drill. Even though you know the cavity of repressed poison must be cleaned out, you dread the start of doing it. Thus, there is danger that you might "forget" the most important single fact which caused and unified that bad old experience. To avoid this danger, you now shall write down the most important facts which caused that cavity of poisonous emotions in your brain. You now shall write a script.

A script is a carefully prepared flow of your words and ideas. A script builds up the trauma drama in its proper sequence of events and emotions. By following the script, you -- or a friend helping you do the trauma drama; or your entire co-therapy family -- do not skip any crucial links in the logic chain binding you to your neurosis. Merely by following the words and ideas you wrote down when you were a cold intellectual boa, you will squeeze out the true warm emotional hurts of your child. Most importantly, once you are in the center of your emotional cyclone, the key phrases which your mother or father used to traumatize you are right there on tattle-tale paper to be repeated over and over and over until your trauma tornado is accelerated to 100% intensity and belief; to 100% pain. Once it gets that furious, it rips open your defenses and allows your true poisons to bleed out.

The key mother-phrases and father-phrases which traumatized you are the end words of the script. These are the phrases which are repeated over and over until your defense dam breaks and you feel 100% true pain. Your script thereby guarantees that your trauma drama will be 100% effective.

By so boxing-in your unconscious memory with a conscious script, you cannot escape confronting this absolute truth through the virtue of your usual laziness, procrastination, avoidance and fear. You are forced to break your defense dam preventing total recall of your memories. All the accurate facts and toxic emotions trapped within your repressed memory organ break out of your defense perimeter and pour up into conscious expression. From that, you then do love cleansing and love healing.

1. Once you have identified a primary adult, adolescent, child or infantile trauma memory, write down its details. Write down the physical facts, the intellectual ideas, the emotional aches and the spiritual consequences. Describe the step-by-step sequence leading up to the traumatic scene. Describe the trauma.

2. At the end of the script, itemize the key quotations which can be thrown shockingly at you by members of your co-therapy family. What did Mother say? What did Father say? What did I say in self-defense? What did she/he say in rebuttal? What did I say to my Self as I collapsed under their weight of intellectual and emotional dominance? These power words keep irritating your defensive integrity until you are forced to collapse into the trauma. These insulting phrases keep accelerating your trauma drama until you fully feel what you felt back then: 100% pain.

3. Discuss the script with the family before starting. Give the script to the leader of your co-therapy family. Hug and trust. Go.

4. Lay down in the most comfortable, unstressed, relaxed position to allow your thoughts to flow maximally. Close your eyes. Use a blindfold handkerchief or a wool ski hat over your eyes.

5. Regress your age slowly from your current age to the age at which the trauma occurred. Include key memories and images during key years of your retrogression. Play your Life movie backward. Get into the mood and spirit of each age. "I now am 20 years old when I got my summer job at the store and lost my virginity in the stock room. I now am 19 years old when I...."

6. Once you have reached the trauma age, re-see and re-live the episode. Re-be your Self at that age. Do Act-I. Describe it as it is happening, in the present tense: "I now am walking with my soiled underwear into Mom's room. She now is saying to be lovingly as she picks up the baseball bat...."

7. Once you have reached the trauma action in Act-I and once you have recited the key quotations from Mother/Father, the family will throw these same quotes back at you (with devilishly clever embellishments to bore into your defenses) over and over. They will grind in the misery and convulsions until your defense dam bursts and the tears flow. Scream. Feel 100% pain. Prolong the agony for several minutes to brainwash your conscious memory that you truly were penalized this deeply merely for living. Then flush the toilet. Go into Act-II.

8. "You daughter of a bitch! You stupid asshole! You stinking dumb cunt! How dare you call your Self a mother! Why the hell didn't you realize that my spirit was being crushed when you allowed your fat pigsuck ego to overwhelm me when you...." Complete Act-II. Fight back. Express your repressed anger. With no taboo on words used. Be profane, if that is your way; your need. Punch the laundry sack. Punch Mother. Punch Father. After exhaustion, go take a long walk alone. Sit down in the woods and think about this entire experience. Write down your new intellectual insights into your "Brain Journal." Eventually, complete Acts III, IV, V and VI.

9. Continue doing script writing and co-therapy until the family becomes a hindrance. They become a hindrance when you begin to notice that they do not sound like Mother. They do not grumble and squeek like Father. They have the wrong burp inflection, the wrong scratch attitude and the wrong squint vision of how the trauma really happened. Good! You now are ready to do self trauma drama by your Self. Alone. In your own head. You now have built up your courage to the 51-percentile point. Your genetic motivation now is chain-reacting. You now need no one else to be your crutch. You now are on the fast track of self-therapy. You now will be able to zipp off a self trauma drama in a fraction of the time it took formerly. Soon, you will be grouping 2, 3, 4 diverse traumas into a single unifying hybrid category discharged with a single acting-out. Soon, you will be doing 2, 3, 4 trauma dramas per morning. Soon, you will be doing 2, 3, 4 ununified trauma dramas simultaneously. Super therapy.

10. Create a "Trauma Inventory Sheet":

A. Date of trauma drama.
B. Quick-phrase title of trauma.
C. Percentage of pain intensity felt.
D. Percentage of cleansing catharsis felt.
E. Insight acquired.
F. Growth achieved.
G. Estimated percentage of residual entropy.
H. How do I feel after doing this job this day?


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