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Self-Belief: I Feel Good About Me


Lesson 3

Have you every yearned to re-be that beautiful, giggling child you once were? Stop reading this and close your eyes for a moment. Choose a good age. Re-see your delicate child Self back then. Re-feel the gush of rapturous emotions at that pure young age.

Do you ever feel the need to excrete the heaviness of your too adultish toughness and struggle? Would you like to live the good Life of simple trust and beloved sunniness which you had as an innocent kid? Do you still contain the murmuring desire to re-live your child Life in perpetual, meaningfilled simplicity?

You can, instantly, by way of self-controlled imaging.

Do this exercise once a day for 20 minutes. Sit quietly in a darkened room. Perhaps during lunch at your job place. Or out in the park. Lying stretched on the passion grass is better. Close your eyes and believe Believe BELIEVE: in your Self; in your power to heal your own hurts; in your power to re-be your own natural happiness.

1. I am regressing into my luscious imagination. I am slipping backward from my present weary age. I am sliding backward year by slowwww year. I am going back to an age in pimply adolescence or ice cream childhood when I was pure truth. I was pure beauty. I was pure goodness. I am creating the warm wide-eyed image of my Self at that age of delicious happiness. I see me physically. I understand me intellectually. I feel me emotionally. I spiral me spiritually. But I do not solely see me and understand me aat that age. I am me at that age. Touch. Now, let’s play. Together. Adult and child.

2. I feel absolutely certain that I am good and that Life is good and that I and Life are one. We are magnificently the same; unified; in love. Now magic is happening. I no longer need to force my Self to think and imagine this thought and feel this feeling. It purely is here, without thought or feeling, just like it was when I was a precious kid. I am my kid. Hug.

3. I feel absolutely certain that my intelligence is unlimited. I can learn everything about everything to understand everything. Slowly but surely. I don’t have to think about it or persuade my Self. It simply is so. I simply know it is true. My intuitions are my cosmic guides. Now that I believe in my own infinity, I am starting to feel expansive. I feel my intelligence starting to re-grow out toward the heavens. I am bubbling along in my skull flying saucer. Let’s go up to the stars. We now are flying up the energy river of my natural child creativity. Hi, Big Dipper. Can I have a drink? I thank you for the drink with a promise. I promise that as soon as I come down from this spacey trip I shall discover and invent all sorts of surprizes for each of my dull adult actions each passionate day. And I also promise I shall say Hi to you each magical night. I promise that from now on, each little thing I will do each day and each night will be turned upside down and inside out. Whimsically. Inventively. Adoringly. Like the child that I am. This exercise is giving me my milky meaning Meaning MEANING. And ecstacy. Gee, I’m glad I am MEEEEE and alive in this stupendously growing Life!!!!!

4. I am creating a new me in profound affection. I am discovering and building a new me in exciting vision. I am building my new me partly from what really happened back then and partly from new ways of being me that I now am giving to my earlier self. I can do this because I now understand and appreciate that I could have tasted greater purpose and unlimited glow in that limited Life when I was a little pooper. I now am re-birthing. I now am borning my Self again into the full, true, beautiful, good me. I feel warm and wet and well. (Well, I shouldn’t have gone that far in this game: peeing in my pants!)

5. I feel my contact with the totally mysterious Universe open and expand. I feel this happening through my “third eye” between my two old eyes. I am looking at those two old eyes now looking cross-goggled and surprized at this new stranger who always was there. I feel the front part of my brain balloon out. I feel it flow out of this galaxy under my own perfect control. Bye, Big Dipper. We’re gunna see what’s out there. I now feel boundless, unconditional love pouring into me and my Life from all of this Universe. I feel sacred love. I feel God’s love. I feel God. Tickle tickle.

6. Now I’m coming back to Earth. Now I’m on Earth. Now I’m here. But now I feel different. I feel unconditional, unlimited, divine love pouring out of me. I am pouring pure love into every flower, animal, tree and cloud. I feel the sacrament of love squirting out into other people. I love other people. I love not only those who understand me, but those who do not understand me. I am in precious contact and cascade within the Universal Lifeforce. Indeed, pure love. Now I feel an impulse to share this feeling of consciousness expansion. I feel the desire to share this feeling-knowing of religious at-one-ment with a soulmate. I feel I now can receive this same kind of consciousness radiation from a soulmate. I feel I now can share one consciousness with a soulmate in love so we both can tumble doubly out to God’s love.

7. I feel eternal youth. I am eternal youth. I am genuinely spontaneous and enthusiastic within each skin wrinkle, fat bunching, lung wheeze and bed ache of my honestly aging body. For my brain is getting younger and younger; more and more child simple. My brain is self-circuiting automatically into its dormant cells, tissues and organs. True wisdom is happening. It is coming from my feeling of harmony between all those cells. With this wisdom, I no longer shall fear Death. I shall welcome Death as the rightful, endearing, interestinggggg conclusion to my well-lived, fully-lived brain Life. I winkingly look forward to my final comfy sleep so I can wake up on the other side in my next Life at the next higher plane of reincarnation. Above ego. Me. Thee. Wheee.

8. I now am expressing my Self fully and freely. I now am transcended (temporarily) above my daily adult confusions, pains and fears; above my daily adult guilts, shames and blockages. I now am expressing my child Self minutely and uninhibitedly in any way and every way my needs and intuitions demand: yelling, screaming, crying, laughing, singing, dancing, gazing, wondering, thinking, knowing, speaking, awing. (If I can’t do this at my money job place, I will wait until I get home into the tub with my more understanding and more compassionate rubber duckie. If I can’t do this at home because of paper-thin walls in my apartment and the gleeful neighbors yearning to call the cops, I will wait until I get out to my secret patch of primal nature on the weekends. But best of all are my yells in the hushed wilderness privacy atop a mountain.) I am total me – not what Mother, Father and others wanted me to be. Yell.

9. I now feel 100% self-confident in 1% of my still sleeping brain. Tomorrow I shall feel 100% self-confident within 2% of my awakening brain. I am rising free from my neurosis. The day after, I shall feel my freedom spread to 3% of my hat-holding-up lump. Then 4%, 5%, 6%. One day soon, my gorgeous cerebral seed will popp open like popp corn into automatic nirvana transcendence. This will happen when 51% of the sludge inhibiting my natural genetic growth has been swabbed out.

10. I am beginning to open my eyes. I am ready to come back down to lower reality. Once I open my eyes and re-see lower reality, I shall be transformed. I shall be, simultaneously, my younger Self and my older Self. My younger Self will be exulting gloriously in the memory of my higher mountaintop reality while my older Self is wrestling, and laughing, with the bearish problems of lower reality. I shall be, simultaneously, my younger/older Self while communicating with neurotic people, boring job, spiritually suffocating workmates, insensitive boss, competitive economy and insane world events. My kid and I shall change all these negatives to their polar positives.

Write down in your Brain Journal each experience you have with this exercise. Stay with this task of breaking loose from entropic conformity until your child spirit can fly freely. But caution. Hate makes waste.


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