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Release And Free Your Repressed Adolescent Trauma Memories


Lesson 30

Your return to your adolescent memories is the most dangerous level of your therapy. By so re-opening your adolescent memories, you re-act your adolescent personality. At this present time, as during your real adolescence, your frustration and anger have the power to be just irrational enough to click your amygdala permanently backward into permanent reptile brain hostility; into permanent ego greed suck; into permanent refusal to grow up. If so, you will retrogress subtly and irreversibly into ever increasing rebellious self-flattery behaviors which pretend that you are ?transcending? when, in fact, you are dying.

To emphasize this single crucial point about the danger of retrogressing wrongly into your adolescent memories, we shall repeat the idea of correct adolescent behavior over and over in this section; in the following lessons. We shall repeat the idea over and over from different perspectives of upside down, inside out and front to back logics. You will create a comprehensive analysis of your rebellious motivations. Hopefully, you will get the message and stop the dangerous form of your retrogression. You will click your amygdala properly frontward. For though dangerous and crucial, self-therapy of your adolescent rebellion, if done properly, is safe and fun.

Start with the definition of what, precisely, is adolescent rebellion?

Adolescent rebellion is the healthy behavior which genetic intelligence places in each brain to force the young boy or girl to be repelled physically by mother and father so as to leave home and not inter-breed incestuously with the opposite sexed parent. Such in-breeding would mix equal genes, would stop evolution and would destroy DNA.

The boy who cannot so separate from his mother suffers adulthood in the form of neurosis called ?Oedipal complex.? Oedipus fucked his mother and killed his father. The girl form is ?Electra complex?: fuck Pa; kill Ma.

Adolescent rebellion is the healthy behavior which forces the young boy and girl to outgrow emotionally the love given by mother and father during childhood so as to discover one?s own capacity to give even more and better love to a mate in order to breed a better child and to nurture the Lifeforce toward perfection. Such brute breaking of the emotional umbilical cord motivated millions of years of your successful animal ancestors to evolve up to the point of having a 90% dormant brain -- which you now are going to discover, accept and liberate. But where your thousands of generations of grand parents merely blundered into making the correct choices of survival and evolution -- thereby taking this long -- you shall make the correct choices with the speed of precision science.

Adolescent rebellion is the healthy behavior which forces the growing person to transcend intellectually the conformist values, attitudes, informations and behaviors which trap mother and father into non-evolving Life. Such magnificent combat beyond reptilian and mammalian stagnation offers you the one chance to click your amygdala fully into your primate brain and frontal lobes transmutation. You shall do this by being scientifically informed and mutationally wise.

The Negative Form

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the unhealthy behavior which genetic intelligence places in the inferior brain to force the loser into self-destruction. Such a loser has failed to complete natural adolescent rebellion naturally and now is deteriorating his/her triune brain circuits into anti-Self, anti-Life behaviors. Such destructive behaviors are designed to remove the inferior brain-body from the gene pool of evolution. If sufficient inferior individuals populate a population, such destructive behaviors are elevated to positive cultural values. If so, genetic intelligence allows for that species to remove itself from the planet. For example: the human species is about to remove itself from Earth. Homo Sap has elevated to supreme, positive value within his permanent war culture the pious phalus thermonuclear rocket. Although there is much adolescent talk about how bad war is, no single thinker, leader or ideologue has taught earthlings precisely how to avoid, stop, the coming destruction of Earth?s ecosphere: scorched soil, poisoned water, permanent sub-zero temperature. Unfortunately, this genetic design for planet purification does not allow for single advanced species extermination. The more successful lower species -- ants, alligators, albatrosses -- also must go. For such is the un-democratic perversity of humanoids, bestowing benedictions into their ego mirrors: ?If I have to go, I?ll be justicious and take everybody else with me.?

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the last unhealthy behavior which the surviving mutant shits out so as to complete his/her child and infant self-therapy. With properly understood and controlled retarded adolescent rebellion, he/she can complete clicking the amygdala forward into frontal lobes maturation. For genetic intelligence does indeed give each adult one last chance to be re-born. But only to the wise. Old fools -- and young fools -- need not apply. This is because knowledge pearls cast before swine are sucked up with grunt and belch: ?More!? -- and shat out as still complete pearls, undigested. Conversely, the un-swinish recognize their final chance for happiness. They lovingly absorb the neural information, do the work, click the switch, transcend and then help save the human species by helping masses of individuals transcend.

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the final unhealthy vomit which the conformist citizen ejects from his/her digestive brain so as to see, blatantly, the grim horror of the puddled cultural values he/she had eaten. He/she sees that his/her infant enculturation and child enculturation were nothing more than retrogressive reptilian ego cripplings. But by the gift of rebellion, maintained into young adulthood, the individual receives the final emotions and final thoughts which create the final actions that guide the self away from permanent conformity to cultural devolution. By the gift of rebellion, the individual receives the final emotions and thoughts of non-conformity. He/she fights against the culture. He/she attempts to force into the brain-ignorant culture those values of neural maturation.

Any individual who dares not so fight must suffer becoming an old and burned out adult who submits in silence, subservience and obedience to the reptile brains of all anti-Life leaders and bosses within the hierarchy of social institutions controlling planetary power.

By the gift of retarded adolescent rebellion, you are being given your last chance to click your amygdala forward. How shall you treat the offering?

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the terminal unhealthy gasp of the dying spirit. If you humbly understand the genetic and neural mechanism of your ?RAR,? you can use its negative power to judo-flip this stupendous entropy into the equally colossal positive power which accelerates your growth into perfections of which you never dreamed. But if your rebellion is so strong and so irrational that it must disagree with every mother-substitute and father-substitute authority figure, teacher, potential soulmate and friend, then you are insane. You will accept each and every fact of brain, method of self-therapy and vision of cure as a lie. To the insane, Yes means No. Day is Night. The insane person judo-flips each energy of teaching into an entropy of irrationality so as to confirm, authenticate, justify and accelerate the felt hopelessness, terror and longing for suicide.

At this writing, after 28 years of experience during our annual summer Brain In Nature Course, we have finished pondering the question: ?How can we persuade a retarded adolescent rebel not to click his/her amygdala backward into lethal reptilian retrogression?? Our pondering now is satisfied. We now are counter-attacking. The answer -- the counter-attack -- is this lesson; this section; this Workbook; the supplementary Mass Transcendence Guidebook.

Supreme retarded adolescent rebellion is thee single cause which creates thee ultimate question: ?How can a population of retardates be persuaded not to kill planet Earth??

The answer is to start with you. To grow you up.

The answer is to give you the straight scientific and clinical facts as they are known to date from basic neurophysiologic and genetic research. These cumulating facts have been applied to the more than 300 test students who came through this program. Once you are given these facts, you shall choose your own fate.

Approximately 50 of our students transcended into their dormant frontal lobes. The remaining 250 failed. They failed to transcend. In some way, because of inferior knowledge or inferior study or inferior technique or inferior motivation or inferior genes, they (and we) filed to get for themselves the desired breakthrough. Some still are trying. Some leveled out at their higher understanding of Self and are living Life as best they can with periodic ups and downs of euphorias and depressions. Some decayed back to their old neuroses and are living Life desperately. Some suicided.

We, now, know why. We know the answer. We, finally, know the complete analysis to Life?s most crucial problem. At last, we know the complete diagnosis of what causes a brain to not click its amygdala into its frontal lobes. Most importantly, we now know what must be done to persuade a sane rebel to so click. Along with this positive knowledge, we also know the complete counterfeit logic presented by the frightened adult who retrogresses into adolescent irrationality, demanding that parent substitute teacher cure his/her child hurt of meaninglessness while continuing to insist that Yes means No and that Day is Night.

The fatal flaw in retarded adolescent rebellion is the refusal to do the work of growing one?s Self up.

The fatal flaw in retarded adolescent rebellion is the demand that, paradoxically, an authority figure (against whom one also is rebelling) do the work for the rebel; do the work of growing up the rebel which the rebel refuses to do for himself/herself. But even here, the rebel?s rules for accepting such free slave work from a surrogate parent are astonishing. If the authority figure (teacher, soulmate, friend) does not do the work of totally teaching how the human brain works to the lazy student and if that overwhelmingly exhaustive teaching is not done with the precise tone of parental voice, with the precise skill of anticipating the child?s temper tantruming and with the precise love (or abuse) which the adult-adolescent remembers from his/her childhood, he/she rejects the total teaching of the teacher. The rebel?s love-testing double-bind is imposed precisely. No teacher can so teach. Such irrationality is insanity. Failure is insured. The collapse occurs. The breakdown of communication between teacher and student finally ?persuades? the student that the teacher?s knowledge and energy are wrong and that the student?s neurosis (psychosis) entropy is right. The student retrogresses into still more subtle, camouflaged sophistries of logics and deceits which sabotage all future therapeutic behaviors. Normal teaching ends.

The only alternative for such a student, short of self-extermination, is breakdown into child endorphin-bonding with a high priest psychiatrist. Or total subservience to Jesus. Or becoming Jesus.

Such is the power of the backward click of the posterior amygdala. Such is the paradoxical sophistry of the imbalanced reptile brain dedicated to the infinity of entropy. Such is the destiny of any individual who truly does not want to grow up. Such is the fate of any population on any planet which cannot grow up: black hole.



Is There Any Hope?

Only the act of willpower can pull the dying individual out of the spiritual mineshaft leading straight down into the boiling magma of the brain?s genetic self-destruct efficiency.

Only an act of willpower can click the loser into being a winner by stopping irrational rebellion against the very knowledge and teacher trying to help pull the scorched soul back up into the gently cooling rain of brain and the gently healing sunshine of basic neurology.

Only an act of willpower can click the loser into being a winner by stopping irrational rebellion against the very knowledge and teacher trying to help pull the scorched soul back up into the gently cooling rain of brain and the gently healing sunshine of basic neurology.

Only a rebel?s last act of willpower flips the amygdala out of competitive consciousness and into cooperative consciousness so as to work lovingly with Self, with knowledge and with teacher toward the common target of frontal lobes transcendence for the student; for all. Start by admitting that Yes means Yes and that No means No; that Day is Day and Night is Night; that teacher is friend and that the real enemy is neurosis.

By self-analyzing and admitting one?s own rebelliously counterfeit logic of subtle sophistries (unconsciously aimed at one?s father or/and mother), the now sane student re-starts cooperative consciousness flowing forward toward the desired goal: cooperative communication with relevant knowledge, friend, teacher.

By understanding and accepting the need to learn and test the foundation strata of one?s rock bottom brain facts, the now cooperative student climbs upward and forward with Self, knowledge and teacher. Progressive discoveries are made explaining how the posterior amygdala click slips all positive primate energies into sly and slick negative reptilian entropies; into living jinx Life. The work is done to cause anterior amygdala click.

By building and perfecting one?s brain house of knowledge over all known foundation facts which explain necessary rebellion, the now informed student lives in that brain house with perpetual parties, pleasantries and paramours. The day-to-day work of continuing to clean out old closets of traumas and to paint new window frames of progressing visions becomes a routine of whistling an singing and laughing unfoldments and revelations. Life is unfolded. Joyously. Life is revealed. Wondrously. In all its kaleidoscope of magics and meanings. No more jinx. Only winks. From cosmos.

1. Describe your natural adolescent rebellion at the age of puberty. Describe how it was ignored, uninstructed, ignoranced, inhibited, thwarted, frustrated, blocked, stopped. What consequence to you; to your brain circuits; to your genetic intelligence? What consequence to your personal intelligence; to your understanding of precisely how to grow up?

2. Describe your current retarded adolescent rebellion. Describe how it warps your healthy, progressive, necessary, natural adolescent rebellion (which is pre-requisite to get into your frontal lobes). Describe how your unhealthy retarded adolescent rebellion warps your brain, thereby forcing you to click your posterior amygdala backward into a destructive, retrogressive, deeper retardation; into your more lethal reptile brain.

3. Itemize your reptilian, ego suck behaviors by which you slyly accept energies of knowledge and convert them into entropies of dying. Be honest with your ?self. Cure comes only from honesty. The more honest you are, the more self-lies and self-tricks and self-rots you will shit out onto paper, the better you will feel immediately. Instant gratification. Then, in time, as you progress slowly and patiently and methodically through this Workbook, you will feel better and better. Self-therapy is progressive goodness of emotions, satisfactions of intelligence and expansions of meanings. So tolerate your temporary confusions, pains and fears. They shall pass quickly. Be honest. Like dawn.

4. Why is it important for you to transcend immediately above your retarded adolescent rebellion? What power does your retarded adolescent rebel have to stop all your self-therapy? If you escape the bad parts of your retarded adolescent rebellion and use only the good parts, what effect will that have upon your amygdala and frontal lobes?

5. What self-flattery values, attitudes and behaviors have been imprinted into your infant and child circuits by the American culture (through its secret agents, your Ma and Pa) to keep you in perpetual suck so that the ?consumer society? can keep all people in perpetual jobs and profits?

6. What is your unconscious child desire to be loved perpetually by your mother; by your father? If your child wants only to be loved by Ma or Pa, can s/he accept any knowledge from any teacher or soulmate who is smarter than Ma or Pa? Does your adolescent perpetuate the process of defending your child?s refusal to grow up by applying adolescent strength of body muscles and brain intelligence to fight off any knowledge, teacher or soulmate who attempts to hold up the mirror to this process? If so, describe.

7. Describe the ultimate wisdom of genetic intelligence which forces you to make the choice: G. O. D.: Grow Or Die.

8. What emotional substitute can you create inventively to soothe your child?s pain caused by the fear of having its endorphin-bonded umbilicus chopped from Mother? From Father?

9. What immediate surge of energy do you feel going into your frontal lobes during morning pre-conscious reverie after having made the decision, by an act of will: ?I shall chop my irrational, illogical child emotional umbilical tube which is sucking out my growth energy and is sucking in Mother?s/Father?s death entropy.?

10. Which values, attitudes, informations and behaviors in the American culture encourage you to so grow up? Which so support you during your transition into mature neural wisdom?

11. Have you ever felt like committing suicide? Why has your genetic intelligence put that possibility within you? Why has your personal intelligence contemplated that possibility? Was that impulse caused by your lack of information about your brain and your lack of genetic drive toward perfection? Was that impulse caused by your laziness to act upon the information you already have: the information instructing you to understand the step-by-step exercises which cause you, precisely, to grow up?

12. Inventory a list of proper, healthy adolescent rebellion behaviors you now can act-out so as to finish those rebellion behaviors you did not act-out back then, during adolescence. Create a barrier bubble so your game does not slop out and over into other people to insult them, drain their energies or stop their love communications with you. Indeed, do it.

13. Write an essay: ?My Act of Will to Survive and Transcend.? List your assumptions of why living is better than dying. Develop your logic of growth based upon these assumptions. Create your method of re-starting your automatic anterior amygdala click based upon this logic.

14. Write a section in your above survival essay entitled, ?Society Intelligence.? Describe the relationship of social intelligence to personal intelligence, genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence. What will happen to you if you do not develop your social intelligence? Why has genetic intelligence placed this consequence into your brain? Discuss: ?Genetic intelligence destroys, subtly or grossly, any individual within this first almost human species who does not accept the responsibility of protecting and preserving the species and its gene pool by tithing immediately 10% of one?s daily energy to help all earthlings release their 90% dormant brains.?

15. Inventory the retarded adolescent rebellion values, attitudes and behaviors which irrationally and insanely will try to trick you back into blowing this last chance at growing up. How, by what act of will, can you change each trick from the negative entropy of death to the positive energy of growth?

16. List the subtle and gross ways which the American culture allows only those reptile brained bosses and adolescent leaders to rise in the hierarchy of society institutions and power. List the subtle and gross ways by which you are forced to be silent against, subservient under and obedient with these killer apes. List the ways you are prevented from rebelling against these retardates.

17. What is your motivation to transcend?

18. Sophistry is the skill of using 100% correct scientific facts in a 100% incorrect philosophic argument to create a fluid, mercurial, fluctuating, irrational logic which destroys the loving fact-giver so as to confirm, authenticate, justify and accelerate one?s own hopelessness, insanity and suicide. A sophist is one who is too lazy or/and too ignorant to dig down to first principle scientific facts of brain growth and Life growth and thus because of embarrassment and guilt, must destroy the bearer of those facts. An insane sophist is one who cannot be persuaded that those facts are, in fact, facts, and who must, then, cover up his/her insanity by burning down or covering over ? killing -- those facts and the bearer thereof. Have you performed sophisticated sophistries against another person trying to help you grow up? Itemize. Discuss.

19. Which of your sophistries and lies are rooted into which of your behaviors, attitudes and values connected directly with your relationship to your mother; to your father? How are your sophistries a rebellion against your mother; against your father?

20. Inventory the step-by-step pullout therapy you will apply to your sophisticated retarded adolescent rebel when you two hit, for the last time, this basement of your brain house; when you two test your foundation sanity, for the first and last time, prior to growing up to the stars.


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