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Adolescent Irrationality Nurtured Into Adolescent Joy And Meaning

Lessons 31-35



Lesson 31

Pure adolescent drive -- caused by genetic intelligence -- attempts to self-circuit through one?s intuitively felt dormant brain tissues so as to get into one?s also intuitively felt whole brain power. The intuitive feeling is: ?I know, I simply KNOW that I can be infinitely intelligent, endlessly creative, magnificently cooperative and totally loving with others to shape society and Life into joy and meaning for all. All I need is to get past this block I feel. The block was caused by no one teaching me precisely how to grow up properly.?

When your personal intelligence was blocked, frustrated and perhaps butchered by your insensitive parents -- who did not teach your adolescent precisely how to grow into mature social intelligence -- your adolescent rebelled.

This rebellion is healthy. It is the healthiest re-action bridging child sensitivity, wonder and awe of Life with adult genius solving all problems in Life. This rebellion is the last, blind surge of genetic energy driving to break through the suffocating plastic bag of cultural conformity into the last desperate consummation of pure neuronal freedom.

If the strangulation of your adolescent is successful -- because of no successful teaching/learning of how to escape the sack -- genetic drive gives up. Slowly, you choke on the wrong, imposed values, attitudes and behaviors of anti-Life culture. You collapse down to cultural conformity, consciousness contraction, intelligence retrogression and merciless burnout of child drive to learn Life. Social insanity. Cosmic suicide.

The way to escape this trap is by an act of will. Say: ?I now shall do the amusing work of pulling my Self out of the hole.? Do you believe it?

1. Describe how your adolescent drive toward succulently breathing of neural freedom has been s-mother-ed. By father?

2. Describe the comprehensive memories you have of your adolescent not being taught specific lessons from specific questions asked by your intuitions: ?How does my Self work? How does this family work? How does this neighborhood work? How does our community work? How does this city work? How does this state work? How does America work? How does democracy work? How does planet Earth work? Indeed, how does Life work??

3. Using your current adult intelligence, play-act that you are your mother or/and father back then, during your adolescent years. Swallow your childish pride of still waiting for them to guide you to grow you up. Do their work for them. Using your current adult intelligence, play-act your mother or/and father lovingly taking you by the hand and leading you through your Self. Leading you through your family so you understand inter-personal relationships. Leading you through your neighborhood and community so you see beneath the surface masks to glimpse what motivates people to live together. Leading you through your city and state to marvel at the messy slowness of democratic justice. Play-act mother and father explaining completely how America, Earth and Life work. Fantasize and act-out your mother and father, gently and affectionately, discussing with you as adolescent your beginning understandings, blocks, confusions and breakthrough insights into each thing being analyzed. Create your image of your mother and father doing this patiently and humorously as you struggle to discover and learn each new fact of Self and society integrated and harmonized into the totality of your adolescent Life.

4. Once you solve the problem which was your parents? responsibility to solve -- finally growing you up -- observe how your frustrations over this blocked energy of intelligence diminish. Observe how your adolescent rebellion diminishes; how your retarded adolescent rebellion diminishes. Notice how your adolescent intelligence, creativity and love increase. Describe. Demonstrate this increased cooperation that you now feel. Share with others this accelerating cooperation ping ponging between your anterior amygdala and your hesitantly opening frontal lobes.

5. Express your Self as an adolescent who has been fully guided by wise mother and wise father to be a fully growing and jolly and blissfilled person. Play-act that you are a frontal lobes matured adolescent doing what naturally transcended teenagers should do -- with no blind, rebellious retrogression; with only visionary, loving progression.

[IMAGE brain being used as a bowling ball]

Lesson 32

Love Rebellion

You must finish your genetically encoded adolescent rebellion which your parents -- as conformist sycophants to American cultural values -- stopped. Now we shall re-start it and finish it by adding the one element they left out: love; teaching love. Let us finish your unconscious rebellion needs as an act of intellectually rational love. From that, you will smooth out and settle down the writhing circuits coiling between your angry reptile brain, your confused mammal brain and your dying, love-computing, love-starved primate brain. You will complete the proper genetic connection and function between each cell, tissue and organ to re-start proper genetic evolution through your triune brain into your waiting dormant frontal lobes; into your waiting whole brain power: into cosmic love. Merely do it sanely, courteously and wisely. As a full-fledged act of Self love.

1. Itemize your frustrated, love-starved, unfinished, retarded adolescent rebellion needs for reciprocally given love.

2. Intuitively, do some emotional first reactions against your blocks to express each love need to 301% satisfaction, exhaustion and boredom. Design these random rebellious reactions into a systematic program of strategy and tactics. Design a protective bubble so that you do not slop your entropy/energy/synergy game uninvited into another person?s different-directed ballpark of Life.

3. Design into your discovery and growth program an overwhelming strategy of giving and receiving love from your Self to your Self. Discuss with those living around your game park if they want to participate in this love. How?

4. Pursue your program. Observe and record the systematic exhaustion to boredom of each formerly rebellious, irrational need. Describe how you outgrow formerly rebellious behaviors once they are satisfied and integrated into your personality as quieter, more mature love actions.

5. Describe, with drawings, the neurophysiological dynamic on-going in your head, re-wiring and re-circuiting your cells, tissues and organs into more efficient advanced computers integrating love + rebellion.

Lesson 33

Guaranteed Anterior Amygdala Bank Storage

The single purpose of all the diverging, converging and seemingly repetitive exercises in this Section D is to give you many little tactical victories which add up to but one ultimate strategic conquest: the partial clicking of your posterior amygdala out of its backward bleeding off of all your energy into infinite reptile brain entropy; and the partial clicking of your anterior amygdala forward into frontal lobes. Such partial forward clicking partially opens the circuit into your sludgy frontal lobes so that, thereafter, each unit of free energy which you liberate from your bound energy of neurosis then will flow forward toward your frontal lobes bank instead of down your reptilian sewer. Each cumulating forward flow triggers your frontals to release yet another tiny extra unit of reciprocal genetic energy which bounces back with your original unit of free energy. Your original unit of unshackled energy now is transformed into a synergy: 1 + 1 = 11. The 11 units of energy then go into storage within your anterior amygdala, joining all the prior stored units of synergy, waiting for all future units of energy/synergy. Eventually, 51% new energy will overwhelm the 40% residual entropy in your amygdala. This will cause the click-switch to click forward. All the stored therapy energy then will flood frontward into our deathy comatose front lobes (and not back into your reptile brain). This will trigger the frontal lobes to release a huge gush of their own stored genetic energy. The genetic energy will flood backward through your primate brain, backward through your mammal brain and backward through your reptile brain. Your entire triune brain will be back-flushed and cleansed of more residual blockages so your genetic energy can re-start its forward flush with now again (as in childhood) free flowing cosmic consciousness. Once the free flow of cosmic consciousness re-starts, your brain re-starts perfect triune computations. Your personal intelligence is synergized with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence. Your triune brain completes its whole brain power. This is transcendence.

The way to get this ultimate strategic transcendence is to get each small tactical triumph. Do each small behavior and large exercise to cure but one more small tactical error in your overall grand strategy for living Life. The cumulating small victories will store their new energies in your anterior amygdala -- IF.

That?s a big if: If you do your work within the attitude of society intelligence.

This is the fatal flaw which doomed most of our prior students before we learned about the mistake of the posterior amygdala sewer.

If your personal intelligence does not signal your genetic intelligence that you are moral -- that you want to get more out of Life than merely sucking for your Self -- then your genetic intelligence will know you are just a routine conformist and will keep your amygdala clicked backward into routine reptilian self-defense and counter-attack behaviors -- causing all the concomitant confusions, pains and fears. All free energies liberated from your temporal lobes and hippocampi bound energies of neurosis will be shunted automatically into your posterior amygdala and back down into your reptile brain. This backward waste of your hard worked, hard won free energy is to energize your ego. Your genetic intelligence -- not you -- has made the decision to increase only your animal survival. Transcendence is not for such a greedy hominoid.

But if your personal intelligence does signal your genetic intelligence that you, by an action of willpower, have chosen to be moral -- that you want to help others transcend and to help Earth survive -- then your genetic intelligence will know you are a mutant. Bravo! The frolick game of self-therapy now gets really provocative! Now, genetic intelligence will store your cumulating therapeutic energies in your anterior amygdala bank. Genetic intelligence will add compound interest to your basic investment of self-therapy energy until you have enough capital to click forward and release your torrential cosmic jackpot.

If you do your therapy 90% within the necessary attitude of ego greed suck for ?MEEee!? while simultaneously being 10% within the moral attitude of human cooperation ?For Thee,? your bound energy of neurosis released into free energy will glide automatically into your anterior amygdala.

If you consciously and joyously tithe 10% of your daily time, energy, work, production (TEWP) -- and money -- to develop your society intelligence by helping others save the planet, your genetic intelligence will give your ego, paradoxically, egolessness. Your genetic intelligence will guide your residual child emotions and thoughts out of reptilian ego motivation and, pre-maturely, into frontal lobes holy motivation. Your sub-threshold intuitive contact with cosmic intelligence will give you the gradient of euphorias and meanings which motivate you to continue doing this work toward finally clicking your amygdala forward into full frontal lobes transcendence.

If you progressively play the game of being cooperative with Self, others and Life, you will discover the next reward of routine evolution: egoless synergy intelligence. Love will slush into your still neurotic, still rebellious brain from every stone, flower, tree, owl, peak, thunderhead and winkstar. And person. You will feel breathtaking new enchantments. You will be a delight to be with. Even while you are shoveling out your head shit. You will be the one thing that a totally ego-centered, self-sucking, bucket-over-head person is not: Exciting. Non-boring. You will relate each old problem of your neurosis and each new discovery of your transcendence to the neurosis and transcendence of each conversation mate; to the survival of America; to the survival of Earth. From such growing moral maturity, genetic intelligence will give you the gift of therapeutic maturity. From then on, you simply will do your self-therapy in full confidence that all your free energy now is pouring into your anterior amygdala bank.

1. What are your sub-threshold un-conscious behaviors which persuade your genetic intelligence that you are not a mutant? That you are a mutant?

2. What words shall you now say to your Self -- and repeat daily -- to remind your Self to tithe 10% of your time, energy, work, production and money to your project for increasing your society intelligence? What buzz words, catch phrases, snag ideas, hooking slogans, jazzy prayers, cute songs, wry jokes, hilarious hortations, shriek shouts and pompous philosophications shall you now invent as a creative genius to accelerate your run forward into frontal lobes social intelligence?

3. During morning pre-conscious reverie, observe the slight (or gross) click of your anterior amygdala the morning after you have done a particularly fine day?s work of being cooperative with someone else. Observe the stop forward of energy into your frontal lobes. Observe the cascade back from your frontals of synergic compound interest. How does this set up your day to be a larger delight of child play growth and discovery?

4. Discuss this lesson -- this Workbook; this neural vision of Life -- with a retarded adolescent rebellion entropy person who has been draining your energy into his/her toilet. Rationally and unemotionally discuss and define the problem between you two. Be non-judgmental. Merely talk about the facts, not the neurotic emotions which they trigger. Affectionately persuade that person to cooperate with you to solve that problem. Agree on a long-range strategy and on short-range tactics so you both can win victories each day by helping each other grow up. Invent small and large ways you two can celebrate each specific transcendence of entropy into energy between your now integrating and harmonizing Lives. Transform your enemy into your friend. Generate new energies between your brains. New synergies.

5. Create of your adolescent self-therapy a moral mission. Define the kind of leader you intuitively feel you can become. The kind of a leader you feel you already are. Define the tentative direction of action in which you want to go. Define the section of the circumference society problem which you want to solve. From that, re-define your self-therapy as being only a smaller tactical necessity (to get transcendence whole brain power) within this larger strategic vision. From that re-definition, do your day-to-day self-therapy with more ease, meaning, child play and -- what?

Lesson 34

Cure Irrational Reptile Attack

Rational reptile attack against a true enemy is wisdom. Is survival. Irrational reptile attack against a true enemy is foolish. Is fatal. Irrational reptile attack against a true friend -- treated as an ?enemy? -- is insanity.

Retarded adolescent rebellion attacks all knowledges, teachers and friends who hold up the mirror to the error. The insane rebel continues the attack until the desired disaster happens. The sane rebel sees the ??? , understands the error, stops the attack and reverses behavior into cooperation.

A retarded adolescent rebel attacks all authority knowledges and authority figures as the last blind act of self-defense against mother/father for frustrating the rebel?s child by not teaching him/her how to grow up into full postured maturity and full weeping happiness.

A retarded adolescent rebel mind-sightlessly attacks all teachers and friends as Mother-substitute and Father-surrogate, wreaking vengeance for the lies which were told the child about how to grow into full Life without neurosis, meaninglessness and pain.

A retarded adolescent rebel mind-sightlessly attacks all teachers and friends as Mother-substitute and Father-surrogate, wreaking vengeance for the lies which were told the child about how to grow into full Life without neurosis, meaninglessness and pain.

A retarded adolescent rebel attacks a specific other person in order to test the trust and honesty of that person?s effort to hold up the mirror. The rebel?s attack uses 100% personal intelligence to create 100% perfect sophist logic to tap the friend in 100% perfect irrationality. In this way, the friend is boxed in perfectly to suffer every change of logics, assumptions, facts and motivations from the wily wildly probing rebel. The friend perfectly is boxed into the rebel?s cunning sophistry. The friend now is tested:

?Prove to me (to my child) that you are a perfect friend (Mother, Father) by fighting your way out of my irrational sophistry to prove to me -- via endless hours and days of your energy and rational intelligence and patience -- that I am wrong (which I know that I am). Prove to me that you (Mother, Father) love me more than your Self. Prove to me that you truly shall save me from the insanity of my Self.?

Every retarded adolescent rebel is looking for the perfect teacher (perfect Mother, perfect Father) who will, finally, explain brain, explain neurosis, guide self-diagnosis and guide self-therapy to intuitively felt, guaranteed transcendence and freedom.

Every retarded adolescent rebel is searching for the perfect teacher who can be trusted 100% to be 100% honest and 100% knowledgeable and 100% strong and 100% patient and 100% loving and 100% witty while the rebel lazily and languidly, condescends to finish the work of growing up.

The impossibility of such perfection is the first understanding which the sane rebel finally realizes. From that realization, s/he then takes whatever knowledge, teaching and friendship (and wit) is available, blatantly pays for it via reciprocal rationality, sanity, cooperativeness, tithing of social time / energy / work / production / money and love, then gets to work finishing the growing-up game. Via self-therapy.

1. What are your unconscious and conscious needs to attack your Mother for not teaching your child how Life works? What are your unconscious and conscious needs to attack your Father for not teaching your adolescent how society works; for not teaching your adolescent about healthy rebellion and the way to do it comprehensively, and finally so as to nurture your genetic drive into finished maturity?

2. How do you transfer these attack needs to Mother-substitutes? Father-substitutes? Why do you not attack Mother and Father directly? If Mother or/and Father is dead, how does this affect your need to rebel against them?

3. Itemize your adolescent counter-attack sophistries which your reptile brain triggers automatically when your child is threatened by withdrawal of love; when your adolescent is threatened by an imperfect teacher.

4. What quick gimmick test can you invent and apply to your Self to discover that you are using irrational sophistries against a friend? What quick gimmick behavior can you invoke to stop the attack and start rational, cooperative discussion?

5. What persuasion can you invent to teach a true friend about your sophistries so he/she can protect himself/herself from your irrational, unconscious attacks? So s/he can help you see that you are a damm fool vomiting into your inside skull mirror? What plan can you two invent and follow to help each other outgrow your retarded adolescent rebellions?

Lesson 35

Cure Adolescent Fear Of Growing Up

When an adolescent fears to grow up, s/he feels guilty. If that guilt persists into adulthood, s/he is forced to admit consciously that s/he is a coward. But few people so admit. So the guilt is repressed; becomes unconscious. Now, s/he justifies that unconscious guilt by turning that unconscious cowardice into attacks against others. By attacking the identity, dignity and integrity of another person -- especially a parent, a parent-substitute, a lover or a teacher; or a society; or a planet -- the coward diverts her.his attention from the self-criticism and self-judgment which says: ?You are a loser. Your identity is rotten. Your dignity is collapsed. Your integrity is a lie. You truly do not want to grow up.?

The cure is an act of will: ?Am I, finally, ready to grow up? Am I, finally, ready to do the work of growing up? Am I, finally, ready to do the work of self-curing my neurosis crated by my parents? Am I, finally, ready to re-start my genetic drive so I can get on with the game of circuiting into my dormant frontal lobes??

No or Yes?

1. Do you fear growing up? If so, what episode in your Life caused you to be so traumatized?

2. Write a batch of self trauma drama scripts which define comprehensively this problem. Solve each via self trauma drama.

Dingle Jingle Song

Solve a problem a day hey
Solve a problem a day
Bye ?n? bye
You?ll get pie in the sky
So solve a problem a day

3. Itemize your adult behaviors of attacking someone else as a diversion so you do not attack your Self to expose your fear/laziness of growing up. Give this Self a ghoulish, outrageous name so as to shock you into insult, embarrassment and contrition whenever you catch your Self doing it.

4. By an act of logic and willpower, see and understand that your genetic intelligence loves you and wants you to grow up -- if you but jump over this last blocking attitude which is preventing you from growing up. Describe your genetic intelligence. Describe its love for you. Describe its plan for you to grow majestically.

5. How can you smother your Self with love to help make the decision to grow up? Go on! Be gigantically extravagant and fabulous! Soak your Self in the warm goosh of fanntassstickkkk love satisfactions.


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