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Cure Fear-Filled Adolescent's Refusal To Do Self-Therapy

Lessons 36-39



Cure Fear-Filled Adolescent's Refusal To Do Self-Therapy

Lesson 36

Re-living your memorized pain of being hurt during adolescence is frightening. Thinking about going to the dentist to have a gangrenous tooth pulled is scary. Thinking about laying down before a surgeon to have a fermenting tumor cut out is terrifying. But it must be done. Courage.

If you have come this far in your decision to cure your neurosis and grow up, you already have clicked enough cellular click-switches in your reptilian, mammalian and primate decision-making centers to finish the job. All you need is just a bit more encouragement and love to keep you going until you too feel the pleasure of getting rid of your constantly aching, rotting, tumoring neurosis. All you need is just a bit more willpower to put your toe
-- your foot, your leg, whole cute ass -- into this cold water of self-therapy. Once immersed, the naked shock of starting will dissipate fear. The orgiastic pleasure of growing will dominate motivation. Vision.

Your adolescent has courage. Your child does not. Your adolescent is coded genetically to have the courage of rebellion against conformist parents. Your child is coded only to suck conformity from parents and to give conformity back to parents. Paradoxically, your adolescent is rebelling both for and against the drag of your child. Part of your adolescent rebellion is against the injustice inflicted upon your child by ignorant parents who slowed down or stopped your natural genetic growth into guaranteed mature child wisdom and happiness. Yet, it is this sub-threshold, unconscious child fear of re-confronting each of those pain memories which also is causing your adolescent to balk to doing deep, honest adolescent self-therapy.

The mix causes adolescent confusion. We now shall separate the two causes of confusion and paralysis. We now shall, separately, soothe your child with love to separate him/her from your adolescent. Then we can teach and show only your adolescent how to start taking the first steps toward the dentist?s office to discover novocaine.

Let us go down and analyze that child who is retarding your adolescent from completing his/her rebellion.


Infantile narcissistic suck (INS) is the flip side of the behavioral coin of retarded adolescent rebellion (RAR). When genetic infantile needs are not satisfied, at infancy or during adulthood, the adolescent explodes in anger and desperation. Such hostility is a proper step up the step ladder of human growth. By being angry, your adolescent is attempting to mutate out of culture conformity to infant-suffocating and adolescent-killing values and actions practice in today?s permanent war economy. But where adolescent rebellion, retarded or normal, rebels against the intuitively felt wrongness of a culture which it still is trying to understand intellectually, infantile narcissistic suck behavior does not rebel. The infantile adult merely sucks upon that same culture without knowing, or caring, whether it is ?right? or ?wrong? for ultimate national and planetary survival. The infantile narcissistic suck person simply needs and wants to suck nutrition -- any kind of nutrition: books or booze; vital amines or pesticides -- merely to stay emotionally alive.

Infantile narcissistic suck behavior in a young adult usually exists side-by-side, separately, but at the same time, with retarded adolescent rebellion behavior. It is the desperate action to suck new knowledge about how to self-cleanse and self-release one?s own dormant brain. Characteristically, the sucking is done regardless of how others are doing; regardless of how society is doing; regardless of how the planet is doing. ?I?m gettin mine (slurp slurp slurp). And I really don?t care how you?re doin.?

If it is pro-Life, infantile narcissistic suck comportment eventually matures fully into full retarded adolescent rebellion behavior -- which has the best chance of maturing into transcendence; into truly mature functioning. But prior to such transformation and maturation, the infantile narcissistic suck need must be fed. Preposterously.

Unless infantile narcissistic suck behavior is fed with the same exorbitant love and excessive giving as that of infant clamped at mammary, the young adult will not grow naturally into retarded adolescence and on to the semi-nature job of self-cleansing repressed child trauma memories -- which are pre-requisite to causing the amygdala to click forward into the slothing frontal lobes; into nirvana. Thus, teaching and learning at this crucial stage of the self-therapy regimen must be exquisitely sensitive and rational by both teacher and student -- less the titt sour and the infant collick; lest the teacher be sucked dry and the kid die.

After Separating Child From Adolescent

By having a proper attitude of separate adolescent courage and determination and by having a joyous adolescent vision of future growth, your amygdala stops fibrillating. It stops jerking back and forth like a berserk pinball machine. Your amygdala stops flipping consciousness into child fear, then into adolescent courage, then back again to child fear. Your amygdala stops twitching into reptilian fear, then into primate courage, then back again to child fear. Your amygdala stops twitching into reptilian fear, then into primate courage, then back again into reptilian cowardice. Your amygdala, finally, clicks forward, once and for all, so your consciousness then flows only forward to compute only emotions and thoughts of courage. From that time on, you simply settle up to do the slow, plodding, systematic work of cleaning out only your repressed adolescent trauma memories (RaTM).

Start by creating this proper attitude and vision. Do it by an act of adolescent will. Once your child sees its big brother/sister behaving so courageously while the ship of Life is sinking, the kid stops crying and gets into the Lifeboat and goes to sleep.

It is that simple. Merely by first separating and quieting your confused, pain-filled and fear-filled child, your adolescent intelligence then can get on with the work of releasing its own repressed trauma memories and discharging their entropies. As soon as your deepest child tantrum is separated and quieted and assured it will be cured later, your highest adolescent sufferings can be purged.

Once your adolescent is shown how to set apart himself/herself temporarily from the purely emotional logic of your child traumata, he/she intellectually will use the automatic genetic energy of natural adolescent rebellion to rebel against being neurotic; to rebel against being sick; to rebel against each and every repressed memory which is poisoning natural growth into automatic love and happiness. Once you intellectually see that you now have to solve only your relatively simple adolescent problems -- and not your more subtle and complicated child and infant narcissistic suck problems -- you can relax and play the game. You can start step-by-step release of each old adolescent problem from memory storage and step-by-step discovery of each new answer. And step-by-step enjoyment of each new teenaged freedom erupting into volcanic energy and galactic exaltation.

What started out as mixed child/adolescent confusion, pain and fear now transforms into pure teenybopper hoopla.

1. Which specific behaviors of your personality and character are infantile narcissistic suck actions? Which consciously? Which unconsciously? Which are rational? Irrational? What consequence?

2. Review a passed day. Which irrational, infantile narcissistic suck behaviors did you force upon another person? What was your motive for doing so? What consequence?

3. Describe how your infantile narcissistic suck behavior and your retarded adolescent rebellion behavior are mixed in your masked adult behavior. Give examples. What consequence? When is such masked mixing accepted and rewarded by the American culture? When not accepted and punished? What consequence to your transcendence and maturation?

4. Why does your adolescent fear to start and do his/her therapy properly and continuously?

5. What do you need to do to persuade him/her to start? To keep going until at least 51% of this level of brain gunk is shoveled out?

6. Draw a schematic diagram showing how your brain organs click closed and block your self-therapy. Trace the diagram to your key block point. Add the lightning bolt of willpower. Apply a proper therapy exercise to click-open and unblock this cosmic logjam.

7. Intellectually invent a child play fun game which lulls your purely emotional child into security and confidence so s/he goes to sleep, thereby allowing your baby-sitting adolescent to get on with the more intellectual work of lowering the last Lifeboat of reason into the turbulent sea of argument so as to get away from the sinking ship of parents. Intellectually separate up your adolescent neurosis and adolescent therapy from your child?s deeper emotional neurosis and therapy (which shall come later).

8. Does your emotional adolescent feel a need to attack and test your Father -- or each authority figure -- to prove his continuing trust, honestly and love for your growth? Is this an adolescent need or a child need? If the latter, can it be separated?

9. When aimed at a teacher, how does your adolescent rebellion and attacking and testing injure the quantity and quality of your teacher?s teaching? Is that wise?

10. How does your rebelling and attacking and testing improve your resole to stop such attacking so as to trust your teacher totally?

11. How does love accelerate your process of growing up at this crucial stage of your intellectual adolescent self-therapy?

12. How does adolescent love accelerate the release and emergence into full awareness of your next deeper layer of icebergs forming the next barrier to transcendence: your repressed child trauma memories?

13. How can your intellectual, scholarly adolescent now begin to become mature parent-teacher to your frightened child? How can your now separate and strengthened adolescent begin to encourage your child to emerge from hiding by soothing child with the wisdom of prior experience and the reassurances of disciplined skill: ?Really, kid, it doesn?t hurt too much. Just let those icebergs of memory rise up and we will melt them together. I?m with YOU! You are not ALONE! You can talk to me. We are pals together -- against the same Ma and Pa. I will show you how to grow into me so we both can grow out of them. C?mon, let?s play!?

14. Describe your most courageous, most idealistic, most comically intuitive vision of what you can -- and shall -- be once you finish 51% of your total adolescent therapy and start to transcend into the first stage of your frontal lobes gladness and universal intelligence.

15. What final question should be asked here to help separate your child from your adolescent so your pubescent pal can jump into the work of more efficient self-therapy trauma dramas?

Lesson 37

Adolescent Killer Ape Versus Transcended Killer Ape

Whenever a retarded adolescent rebel attacks a transcended friend or teacher who commands a superior knowledge which holds up the mirror showing neurosis and which is dedicated to helping the rebel grow up, such an irrational rebel must be prepared for honest combat. Friend and teacher have the moral right to defend themselves against an irrational enemy. In addition, a brutal fight may be the only believable thing which will shock the true winner into realizing, finally, that s/he is losing; is insane. The shock may cause change.

No valid knowledge, friend or teacher is under the responsibility and obligation to be destroyed -- physically, intellectually, emotionally or/and spiritually -- by a fallacious, Life-losing rebel just to prove to the rebel that s/he is totally loved. No valid knowledge, friend or teacher needs to be a saint or martyr to a foolish rebel destroying the personal integrity and dignity of another person by waging war with stupid sophistries. The friend/teacher will fight back -- with love, but with ruthless killer ape honesty of knowledge.

The result of such ethical belligerency is that the rebel will be defeated -- hopefully by breaking up to a wiser understanding of the neural dynamic involved. If not, the defeat will crush the rebel. The duel will cause lowering of confidence to grow up, lowering of motivation to do self-therapy and lowering of vision to get salvation. Thus, such warcraft should be entered into with great trepidation by the jerk. Be advised: The first stage, senseless argument, may be met with silence. For the wise friend/teacher knows never to argue with a fool -- because a passer-by will not know which one is the fool.

But if push comes to shove and true warfare is started by the aggressor rebel, watch out.

Here are the facts and rules of student/teacher infantry combat.

Battle Line

Retarded adolescent rebellion must fight its friend/teacher because it is ignorant and irrational. Yet paradoxically, such rebellion is one?s final genetic drive to outgrow conformity (to the permanent war society) so as to mutate into the warless, cooperative, loving evolution of Homo Novus and Homa Nova. If combat is to be done on that battle line, the rebel should know why s/he is motivated to so attack.

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the final genetic drive to re-remember and re-live the full, original cosmic perception and communication otu of which you emerged to be born through your mother. Merely understand the highest reason and highest target before you start shooting wildly.

Retarded adolescent rebellion is the paradox of the child attempting to be a transmutated adult by attacking each available father figure or/and mother surrogate. The reason the attack is waged is to prove that the child has balls enough or cunt enough to make it in the outside world of freely growing, transcended, cosmic communicating humans. The male plays the ?PYB? game: prove your balls. The female plays the ?PYC? game: prove your cunt. ?Let me attack you incorrectly, Big Daddie/Big Mommie, so you can correct me and teach me to make my attack against you more precise and effective. Stop your own Life and growth to invest your total time and energy into me to train me to dominate you -- even if that means destroying your whole Life of past values and slowly accumulated beliefs and Lifelong acquisition of knowledges and skills of survival.? Recognize this as your supreme arrogance.

Retarded adolescent rebellion in the adult brain-body can be either destructive or constructive. Destructive rebellion against authority figures blindly rejects the authority person?s knowledge and skill of survival (perhaps even of transcendence) without first comprehensively mastering the outline of principles which are that authority person?s data base. Without knowing that data base, how dare you criticize it intelligently? How dare you extrapolate beyond it creatively? All authority individuals -- doctors, lawyers, judges, businesspersons, engineers, scientific researchers, philosophic researchers, mutant teachers -- are masters of a comprehensive information foundation of a time-tested methodology of inquiry, procedure of professional discussion, empirical evidence from controlled and replicated experiments and logical discourse by which that pyramid of facts and values is evolved and presented to others in orderly, sane progression toward satisfying learning aimed at improving human evolution. Destructive rebellion, ignorant of this impregnable fortress, blindly attacks it to satisfy the neurotically intuitive (wrong), egotistic drive not to conform to the consciousness contraction which the fortress and the authority figures are assumed (perhaps wrongly; perhaps rightly) to represent. Destructive rebellion does not know how to get the alternative -- consciousness expansion -- hence, attacks all authority figures, including the mutant teacher who can teach the rebel how to get consciousness expansion.

Destructive rebellion destroys the creative teacher?s creativity by turning orderly discussion into illogical chaos and irrational emotions.

Jump-Off Into Battle

When attacking a conventional, conservative, conformist, non-mutating power authority, the destructive rebel is cut down -- slice by logical slice; fact by logical fact; law by entrenched law -- until the rebel?s spirit is broken. No instructions are given. No systematic teaching/learning is offered. Once the spirit is crushed, s/he is forced to retreat into the age-old dictum (especially after the first baby comes): ?Conform or die.?

When attacking a non-conventional, progressive, non-conformist, mutating power authority, the destructive rebel also is cut down -- slice by fact by law -- but with the addition of teaching. Sometimes. If there is time and desire, the moral power authority may take a few moments while the nail boot is on the vanquished chest to explain the loser?s error -- before shoving in the semantic sword.

The wise rebel avoids such unnecessary intellectual and spiritual death. The mutating rebel who is wise enough to avoid destructive rebellion and clever enough to grow into constructive rebellion chooses his/her pyramid o authority knowledge, enters it, masters its outline of principles and then -- and only then -- extrapolates from its carefully reasoned facts to identify its errors so as to invent truly new methodologies of improvement and evolution, not only for Self, but for all Wo/Mankind. Anything less, is temper tantrum. Ego suck. Pigsuck. Fool suicide.

The constructive rebel, realizing s/he still is suffering from lethal neurosis, avoids lying ?intuitions? and blind ?revelations? based upon no laboratory tested facts of science and no historically tested values of philosophy. The constructive rebel avoids the chaos of ignorance which confuses repressed child confusions, pains and fears for ?intuitive? wisdom. S/he avoids the chaos of ignorance which confuses untestable fantasy for testable fact. The constructive rebel pursues a discipline of scientific facts, philosophic values and orderly logic until s/he is sure of knowing the difference between personal intelligence, social intelligence, genetic intelligence, cosmic intelligence and ego temper tantrum.

The constructive rebel acquires this knowledge via serious, disciplined personal work, not via whining for his/her master teacher to do the work for the rebel.

Once ego is understood, controlled and mastered to the point of beginning natural growth through the triune brain toward genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence -- toward egolessness -- constructive rebellion matures in a normal revolutionary way: into Life-long scholastic research, writing and publishing to receive necessary peer criticism and to share evolution with other scholars; into changing the human race on planet Earth. The mature revolutionary starts by respecting and helping his/her teachers to teach mature brain evolution, not by destroying such teachers through disproportionate sucking of their time/energy/ work/ production -- and then temper-tantrumming when the suck is stopped abruptly because teacher spiritually is dying. Or just plain bored by such jousting with a fool.

1. With love and compassion, describe your retarded adolescent rebellion in terms of your repressed child trauma memories causing your adolescent neurotic needs to strike out against authority figures because you cannot (yet) strike out against your biological Father. Is your Father morally obligated to be your wisdom teacher to solve this problem of helping you to grow up? Of showing you the precise, step-by-step way to grow into your full genetic and cosmic potential? If he is not smart enough and cannot assume that responsibility and obligation, who then ?must? assume the responsibility of growing you up? If you cannot grow your Self up and require the services of another person, under what conditions should that person assume your responsibility?

2. Describe your strategy and tactics to master the available empirical evidence of this program describing, controlling and transcending the nature of human nature and the nature of human motivation before you attempt to change the nature of your Self and others. What is empirical evidence? How does it prevent Life and history from collapsing back into chaos? What is the difference between the scientific method of inquiry (SMI) and the philosophic method of inquiry (PMI)? What is the value of each to advance rational human discourse?

3. What is the proper method of civil discourse between adversaries? What is the proper method of disputation between scholars? How does this proper method maintain orderly, unemotional procedure and logic while advancing through the data base of an established, credible, respected authority in his/her field of knowledge -- such as law, politics, economics, history, medicine, dentistry, neurology, genetics, consciousness, physics, neural cybernetics, human transmutation and cosmology? What is the proper procedure to identify and correct errors in that data base?

4. In scholastic terms, how do you properly state a theory? How do you properly state a hypothesis? How do you design a valid experiment through which, objectively, to test and prove (or disprove) that hypothesis?

5. What is your procedure when attacked by a retarded adolescent rebel?

Lesson 38

Cure Adolescent Rebellion Via Child Play

Your adolescent rebels reflexively because your child was injured and blocked from natural genetic growth into natural happy adolescence and adulthood. The comprehensive cure of that problem now is underway. But such self-cure is heavy work. Let us fluff it up and lighten the load by means of child play.

Start the play by separating the players. Identify your adolescent as a separate, intact, integrated personality within your adult personality of neurosis. What is your adolescent?s unique name? Describe his/her personality integrated like a tapeworm into your adult personality. What is your child?s unique name? Describe his/her personality integrated into your adult personality. What is your infant?s unique name? Describe his/her personality. Now, what is your adult?s true name? True personality? Describe how all these four separate personalities are integrated so they can re-act separately away from each other or inter-act harmoniously into each other like a clockwork.

There is no conflict between your adolescent and your child. Your adolescent rebels, but not against your child. Your adolescent wants to play lovingly with your child, as truly helpful big brother/sister. Only when not playing with your child does your adolescent stop loving and start fighting. Only when rebelling against parents and kultur does your adolescent turn reptilian; competitive. So always remember that your adolescent, yea verily!, loves and understands your child.

From that belief, now allow your child to reciprocate the love and understanding. Allow your child to give your adolescent what s/he has forgotten to do in this Section D: play with self-therapy. Allow your kid to teach your butch punk how to play again.

Start by having your child rise into loving dominance over your adolescent. Once dominant, your child will teach your teenager precisely how to play with all the exercises into his Section D; with all the exercises in this Workbook. Allow your child to re-introduce your adolescent to your genetically unlimited curiosity, imagination and playfullness while wrestling with specific parts of your neurosis. Melodramatically. Allow your child to fliff up your adolescent?s too serious seriousness into an occasional jackass bray during the heavy work.

1. What child playsie funsie gamsie can you add to which problem-solvings in this Section D?

2. What child sing/dance/laugh can you add to, extract out of, the too serious work of finishing your adolescent rebellion?

3. What child relish/gusto/bliss can you feel after each success problem solving?

4. Invent a way for your child to solve an adolescent problem using child intelligence, child logic and child emotions.

5. What special innate genius does your child have to enrich the wisdom of this lesson?

Lesson 39

Salvage Adolescent Genetic Idealism Logic

?Thou shalt not kill.?

Nice idea.

But what are you going to do about it when some wild-eyed, drooling zombie is running toward you with a straight razor and you suddenly discover a loaded pistol in your manicured fingers?

What does a vegetarian do when -- although not killing the Lifeforce by eating a cowburger or chickiebaby omelet -- s/he kills the Lifeforce in a wheat seed sandwich?

Such dilemmas of choice block your survival and transcendence. When do the idealisms of teenage intuitions no longer apply to adult reality?

The dilemma of proper moral action chooses the fit to transcend the unfit.

If you use adolescent idealism and adolescent logic in an adult reality, you will discover an interesting solution. But who wants such interestingness as a daily diet of stress experiences? The paradoxes and hair-splitting choices and guilts wear you out. You never can relax and just live Life leisurely.

Conversely, if you abandon or ?outgrow? such adolescent idealism, the resulting adult may be quite a conformist bore -- who also may happen to be immoral and evil. The computerized killing robot: the NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) red button-pusher. Can you relax with that?

Obviously, you want to save whatever adolescent idealism has not already been butchered out of your teen years to fit your adult more comfortably into your cultural coffin. For only thus can you use this natural genetic energy of chivalrous rebellion to re-kindle your neural fire into idealistic adult chain-reacting; into brainbomb.

1. What are your surviving ideals rooted down into your neural efficiency and genetic code?

2. Which no longer survive -- although you barely remember they once were healthy and pulsating within your thoughts and passions?

3. How does the death of your adolescent idealisms cause your rebellion?

4. How does the death of your adolescent idealisms cause you to rebel, wrongly, against a friendly teacher, soulmate?

5. How can you separate rebellion from idealism? How can you separate irrational sophistry from rational logic? How can you do this so as to communicate cooperatively with friends? How can you do this so as to finish your rebellion? So as to grow up by salvaging your genetic idealism and chain-reacting it into moral maturity?


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