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Child Playsie Funsie Gamsie


Lesson 4

Play is your supreme motivation to release your malfunctioning brain into whole brain power. Play is your easiest motivation and easiest way to explore your neurosis so as to discover fun techniques to release it into more pure play energy. Play is your quickest methodology to start and complete your self-therapy so that your bound energy of neurosis can be released into free energy, thereby allowing your free energy to circuit forward into your frontal lobes.

Philosophy Of Play

Child play is the form of human behavior which is 100% uninhibited because it is 100% trusting of the Lifeforce and 100% honest in searching for the way to harmonize personal intelligence with genetic intelligence.

Child play is the emotion of human perfection which is 100% real because it is 100% love of Self growing naturally into Life upon Earth within Universe.

Child play is the spiritual completion of personal ego expanding egolessly out to others in order to discover the intuitively felt potential of all humans to love each other with 100% trust and honesty.

imgNeurology Of Play

Child play fun is the brain's way of motivating the neurotic cripple to try one more time to discover the precise method with which any individual can self-circuit into the dormant re-birth phenomenon, which happens automatically via play. Child play fun is your DNA's way of seducing your entropy of neurosis so that it transforms itself into the energy of transcendence, thereby re-energizing and re-starting the automatic drive of deoxyribo-nucleic acid molecules forcing the brain to complete its self-circuiting into total neural perception and communication with cosmic intelligence.

Child play fun is the Lifeforce's way of loving competitive consciousness (which was necessary to survive and evolve over the millions of years) into becoming cooperative consciousness which is pre-requisite to learning the true, unified motive of DNA brain and Universe.

Goofyology Of Play

Child playsie funsie gamsie is the laughing method by which the science of self-experimentation discovers the painless way to perform perfect self-therapy and ecstatic self-transcendence for all Earthlings.

Child playsie funsie gamsie is the crying technique with which you discover the pain of your repressed adult, adolescent, child and infant trauma memories so as to release them from sub-threshold awareness and to discharge them to true forgetfullness.

Child playsie funsie gamsie is the holy awe gimmick which cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence have conspired to invent to trick your personal intelligence out of wearing its lead suit. You wear this suit of heavy depression while you are swimming over the ocean of consciousness. Play causes you to stop atop a whale and undress. Play next causes you to fly naked on wings of trust up into the sunshine of Life love and on to the stars of universal sisterhood and brotherhood. And childhood.

OK, Let's Get Serious

Blocked child blocks brain. It's that simple. When your child's self-confidence first was blocked by a first slap, a first insult or a first injury, your genetic drive toward totally free expression was blocked. Your genetic energy was stopped behind a dam of confusion, pain or/and fear. The dam was an automatically negative defense reflex within your Life-driven, Life-loving brain cells. Your confused child learned caution and stopped playing so spontaneously and so uninhibitedly with that part of positive Life. Your pained child stopped growing into the unlimited, free gifts of his/her genetic code. This sudden and unexpected attack from parents or/and environment caused your child to be traumatized and blocked.

Like your thousands of ancestors who built cave fires and house walls against unwanted intruders, your brain automatically built your defense behaviors to block this starkly confusing attack against your innate infant goodness and child integrity. You built your first defense wall of memory, value and attitude against this fully painful hurt. The hurt was doubly hurtful because it was inflicted upon you by those whom you trusted. You thought they loved you. They injured you. Because of this first trauma, and all the others which later jelled onto it, everything in your Life slowly or suddenly turned backward against Life. Your brain circuit click-switches began clicking off. Your brain began being "dormant."

All children are born genius. Parental ignorance clicks it off.

At birth, everything in Life is driven forward by genetic intelligence toward totally undormant brain. Then blockages happen. Thus, the fittest individuals are those who learn to keep their genetic drives going forward, partially, in spite of traumas. At adolescence, they evolve into discovering, accidentally, how to circuit into more and more of their neural loops which were clicked off into dormancy during childhood.

imgYou now shall discover, scientifically, how to circuit into all of your dormant brain. The way you shall do this is by means of dissolving the dam which holds back your genetic energy. The ice dam freezes -- binds up -- your natural genetic energy into bound energy of neurosis. You shall melt your bound energies of neurosis into free energies. The free energies will accumulate in your master click-switch: an organ in your brain called the "amygdala." Your amygdala will click forward. This will open the gate to your first major reservoir of dormant power: the one-third bulk of your frontal lobes. They also are dormant. This pair of organs occupy your entire forehead. Once opened, electro-consciousness energy will flood into your frontal lobes automatically. When this happens, you will experience the transcendence phenomenon.

The way to start un-blocking your dammed-up brain is to re-start child play. By again playing as child -- while auto driving, while on bus or subway, while at your money earning job, at home -- you automatically re-build your self-confidence. You automatically release your motivation to learn your brain and liberate your full genic potential. You automatically re-discover your love of Self and love of Life. Your brain then automatically self-circuits into its dormant parts. Thereafter, you have to do no more. Genetic drive does the rest for you. Automatically. You totally are motivated to do the work of completing your self-therapy and self-transcendence.

Once child play re-starts your stopped genetic drive, genetic intelligence communicates directly and blatantly with your personal intelligence. Your personal intelligence wakes up from its too-long sleep of cultural conformity and starts doing all the right things to keep your genetic drive going and accelerating toward frontal lobes breakthrough. You just naturally understand the mine tunnel trap you are escaping. You just naturally understand the mountaintop freedom you are achieving. You just naturally are motivated to keep doing the work -- because the work now is play.

And once you start doing the deepest self-therapy down into the deepest drifts and slopes of your repressed infant trauma memories, even that will be child playsie funsie gamsie. For even the dentist drilling down into his/her own neurosis cavity is intrigued utterly with the curious joy of the pain. Such pain is bearable because of two titillating things. First, it promises to be cleaned out and healed over so nevermore shall it poison the emotions. But secondly, while each drilling is just starting, it is one thing more than any other thing in your Life:interrresssstinnnnngggggggggg.

Here's How You Do It

Unblocked child unblocks brain. It's still that simple. When your child's self-confidence is unblocked by play fun games, your genetic drive is unblocked, automatically. Your genetic energy melts and leaks around and over and through the ice dam of your neurotic defenses. You re-start playing with Life: with a flower, fly, forest. You re-start your growth into more hot Life. You come out from behind your sub-threshold, unconscious defenses -- cautiously -- to play with these intruders who caused you to build your emotional defenses. You play with your adult memories of the adult friends who betrayed you. You play with your adolescent memories of the adolescent soulmates who hurt you. You play with the child memories of your kid being confused and fear-filled by Father. You play with the infant memories of your cherub being pained by Mother.

You unblock your negative memories, behaviors, attitudes and values via play and re-build them into positive memories, behaviors, attitudes and values. You unblock your entire Life from conception, gestation and birth up through infancy, childhood and adolescence. Then you re-birth your Life. Frontal lobes transcendence. You re-build your Life. Whole brain powered creativity. Life's perfect artform: Thee.

All via play.


Start Doing It

Start gently. Like love, start gently. The first kiss. Gently. Your child has been frightened too deeply for too long to again trust any new ideology which promises nirvana and utopia too soon. Once burnt, twice shy. Start to get back in touch with your child not through vigorous playing of games, but through quiet. Re-experience your child's genetically innate wonder and awe. Quietly. Watch clouds. Study an ant hill. Take apart a flutterby. This is the gentlest and most loving way to open your circuit back to your child memories from which your repressed traumas soon shall emerge to be cleaned.

As soon as your child play re-starts naturally, become more vigorous. Become more uninhibited. Look at the world upside down through your spread legs. Split. Climb a tree. Pee. Roll down a grass slope. Yell a yodel. Duet your mountain echo. Get the idee? The more free flowing your child play, the more you relax your defenses, the more your mine-deep traumas relax and rise gassily to be self-therapized.

The more you play unselfconsciously -- in the lusciousness of love and Life -- the more you remind your child that there were fun times as well as ache times back then. This further relaxes the torque of your unconscious memory library and further releases your tension. For it simply is this tension in your brain cells which causes you to be afraid to grow up.

Keep Doing It Kid!

Harmonize your clean child energy with whatever clean energy you can find in the city. Play with a lawn, a tree, a cat, a sparrow. Play with your alarm clock, your toilet, your car, your neighborhood. Play with morning crush hour traffic, with your wry job, with your job mates, with your suspiciously watching boss (carefully, carefully). Play with your family, with your inter-personal stressors, with your philosophy of existence. In short, play with Life.

imgIf possible, retreat periodically away from the artificial city, from the un-natural entropy. Retreat to primal nature. Natural energy. Solitude in a log cabin. Harmonize your clean child energy with the clean energy of the mountains, the sea, the plains, the rivers, lakes meadows. Play with the deer and hawks and the splattered celestial dome. Kid talk to them, with them. Talk out loud. Or just motor grumble-rumble. Or just quietly murmur in your head. Or just understand everything silently in your soul.

In split paradox, allow your frozen adult to observe your liquid kid talking or not talking. Observe your elegant child playing so as to discover intellectually the deeper therapeutic function of this play method. Intellectually observe how your twinkling child puts you in touch with your pure, deep love, joy and meaning within the Lifeforce; within cosmic consciousness. Later on in this Workbook as you learn neurophysiology, observe how different organs click off inhibitors and click on enthusiasms. Observe how your brain automatically shifts from left-hemisphere verbal thinking to right-hemisphere non-verbal being: artistic emotion flow.

And after that, once you learn still more of your brain parts and how to control them, you will return to this lesson and play around with clicking your amygdala into your right-hemisphere and then gently massaging your consciousness with fingertips up into your right frontal lobe. This is the shortcut to nirvana.

1. Start play therapy by writing an essay to your Self. Explain why you want to re-start your spontaneous play joy. Analyze why you believe this is the quickest way to release your full brain potential. By writing out your hidden, unconscious thoughts and feelings onto tattletale paper, you polarize your opposing, conflicting attitudes. You separate and straighten out into clear understanding the individual strands of culturally cooked spaghetti which are your mind. You simplify into simple action the can of worms in your skull. By writing out your confusions, you galvanize atone pole of your comprehension all of your culturally conditioned values and attitudes which say that play is not for adults. At the other pole, you gather all your reasonings magnetized by your genetic intuitions and instincts. These are the ones which demand that play also is for adults (enthusiastic kid play, not that rigid stuff of bowling and golf).

2. Play as a natural part of everything you do: sleeping, waking, urinating, eating, defecating, working, loving, being. Do not compartmentalize play as something you do only when you specifically think of it or when you make an appointment in your schedule book to do it. You do not make a conscious decision to breathe or beat your heart. So too with play. Blandly do it when it feels right to do it. Play cuddle while sleeping. Play newborn infant ooohing and ahhhing upon rebirth each morn, seeing wiggie fingies and big wall and shiney thing out the window and churney live cloud for the first time, ever. Play fire hose onto glaze bowl; bomber bombing ocean. Play love war with munnie job.

3. Accumulate a treasury of toys. Select each toy as a special treasure of emotional wealth. Re-get those magic toys which you remember from your childhood enchantments. Create those tough toys which give deeper and wider meanings to your adolescence; adulthood. Make secret message toys out of the most mundane, public material objects: your car, your job machine, your job tools, your conformity clothing, your silly money, your sillier bank, your supermarket food, explosive house, grumpy neighborhood, smoggy city. Use each toy to evoke an automatic response which causes you to play with it in a free-form or repetitively ritualistic way. By so bumping into each of these toys at unexpected moments, you will be forced to stop being so damm adult serious. You will be enticed to continue being your yummm child clown. Indeed, play with each part of each day.

4. Defend your child Self. As part of your gorgeous play, defend your child's identity/dignity/integrity from those necrophiles and killer apes who reflexively ridicule your adult wisdom guiding you to play with everything in Life. As an integral strategy of your play, create childishly clever defenses and wickedly imaginative tricks and spectacularly unsuspectable camouflages which shield your kid play from the acid comments and murderous actions of those who no longer can learn the succulent joy of continuous daily jollification as pre-requisite to surviving, evolving and mutating into brain cell genius.

5. Extend your child Self. As part of your gusto good times, extend your child's identity/dignity/nobility into those biophiles and searchers who slyly recognize your adult loveableness. Play with them. As a courageous tactic of your mature sport, create subtle stimuli and teasing tests and bashing baits which push your peewee play into others; which penetrate into the hungry and yearning neuroses of those who still want to learn your bawdy rapture by playing -- gently and carefully at first – with you.

Tough Play

imgOnce you have started this mechanical technique to re-start your organic child play, and if you are ready for this next leap forward, start doing direct play therapy. Drill down into the cavities of your anti-play neurosis. Discover and cure those negative experience toxins which poison your ability to play more freely. Drill down and spout out the reasons why your play still is mechanical, neurotic, frightened.

1. What are the blocks between your adult awareness and your child's need to play with Self/Life/Universe? When and how did you lose your self-confidence to play with your Self/Life/Cosmos as pure child in divine love with the whole mishmash of being alive? What parts of that self-confidence were not quashed? How can you bring up those still-alive parts of your child self-confidence into full power via adult logic, adolescent willpower and child play?

2. What is your child's special, magical play name?

3. What freedoms of self-expression were blocked in your child? What freedoms of child's self-expression are blocked by the city? What freedoms of child self-expression can you re-discover and re-expand uniquely in primal nature?

4.Inventory the memories of your child's wonders and awes when you first discovered the blossoming of new emotional feelings and intellectual insights relating Self to Life and Universe. Re-live each moment.

5. Define love. Inventory the memories in childhood when you felt overwhelming, total, unconditional, holy love. Beside receiving it, were you capable of giving it? Are you now capable of giving it? Of receiving it? Back then, your love was more than mere infantile narcissistic suck. Describe. And now? What is the relationship of your child's love history to your current capacity to give and receive mature adult love?

6. Do you remember the first time you looked at a flower, animal, tree or sky with total, pure infantile love? Cosmic at-one-ment love? Where did the power go? Do it again. Forever. Describe how. Teach someone else.

7. Lay on your back and just watch the colossal cloud comfort. Contemplate the whispering stars. Why is this therapeutic? How does this nurture transcendence?

8. Turn off your (left-hemisphere) verbal intellect. Just stop talking. Just stop thinking about talking. Just stop thinking about thinking. Turn on your (right-hemisphere) non-verbal artistic child cosmic flow. You do this merely by playing and feeling like a child. (That automatically clicks your amygdala click-switch into your right-hemisphere.) Now focus on a flower, animal, tree, cloud. Describe this different way of perceiving and communicating with reality. How can you build this mechanism into a daily regimen? How can you build this regimen into your daily, workaday Life? Invent a "Be Here Now" game which stops your verbal intelligence to concentrate your non-verbal, child gliding, love awareness on a single thing or event during your normal job-doing day.

9. Describe your self-confidence and power drive toward child love of Life which says, "I WANT it! I CAN do it!! I SHALL get it!!!"

10. What next question should you ask your Self about this lesson?

More Pure Right Hemisphere Plays

  1. Bild the neetest lean-to with all kinda secrut hidin places.
  2. Didja ever crawl down a mountain? Walk backerds?
  3. Sing a song to a tree and tellum all bout Mommie an' Daddie.
  4. Dance a tree.
  5. Have a innalectchul diskussion with a tree.
  6. Sculpt a tree.
  7. Sculpt poopie.
  8. Dig a hole.
  9. Bugs. Pullem apart. What makes 'em wiggle?
  10. Make a doll from sticks an grass an flowers.
  11. Bild a treehouse. Bild a ground hut.
  12. Play hidengoseek. Kick the can. Baby inna hole. Capture the flag.
  13. Make a rock and log fort to fight off the Injuns.
  14. Make a Injun teepee to pray off the sojers.
  15. Play Mountain Man an Mountain woman round the campfire.
  16. Bary a message in a jar with secrut stuff from your pocket.
  17. Sail stick boats. In pee puddle.
  18. Make up words, names, yells, gurgles, snuffels, pipps &popps.
  19. Make up rituals for each part of each day of each week.
  20. Make up a song for each ritual.
  21. Make off like you are sumbuddy from history and be him/her all day.
  22. Eat like a liddle kid.
  23. Sleep like a liddle kid.
  24. Wakeup like a liddle kid.
  25. Ask sumbuddy if s/he wantsta be your playmate.
  26. Make up new games together.
  27. Go fer a Beauty Walk together holdin hands & ooohing & ahhhing.








Get the idee??


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