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Cure Retrogression Into Reptilian Ego Suck

Lessons 40-45


Lesson 40

Retarded adolescent rebellion is really the tip of the iceberg of child confusions, pains and fears. Your moral adolescent is trying -- one last time -- to save your child from spiritual death.

Your child was born with pure genetic intelligence. Such intelligence knows, simply knows, that Life is an infinity of play fun games which mature into adult play fun games -- even while earning salary. Genius games.

When that wisdom was destroyed by parental ignorance -- by inflicted traumas -- your child started to die. One after another genetic growth insight, motivation and action was clicked off. The game of Life became the game of death. But at the age of self-determination, at adolescence, tanta rah!, your bugle-blowing teenager stopped fibrillating with uncertainty and clicked fully into reptile brain, for the first time, and fully counter-attacked! Rebellion!! ?I must save my Life!!!?

But the enemy?s cultural value artillery and public school tanks and job boss infantry were too strong. Your idealism was bombed, machine-gunned and bayonetted out of your entrenched spirit. The natural adolescent rebel was crushed. S/he went underground, either as coffined corpse or as conspiratorial outlaw. The injustice of your dis-allowed, un-instructed, healthy, genetic, adolescent rebellion festered into adulthood. Now, your adult is making the last counter-attack against the cultural enemy. This time, superior, overwhelming knowledge (and love) shall bring final victory.

Indeed, Tanntaa Rahhh!!!

For war is not lost in the first battle. Your inner war will be won by you winning the last battle. The trick of winning the last battle is not to fall into the fatal trap of clicking your amygdala into permanent infantile narcissistic suck. Do not such for your child?s survival so hard that your adolescent becomes a total child. Do not fake your morality of saving your child so totally that it becomes an excuse for your adolescent never to grow up.

Neurologically, the fatal flaw of imperfect retarded adolescent rebellion is when you click your amygdala so hard backward into your reptilian self-defense and counter-attack tactics that you fail to see the larger strategy of outgrowing these temporary therapeutic behaviors. By so clicking backward too hard, you fail to progress into the beginning frontal lobes circuits which compute cooperation.

The fatal flaw of foolish retarded adolescent rebellion is when you allow your reptilian ego suck behaviors to be your only behaviors. During adolescent self-therapy, you must keep a rational rope tied to a strong visionary tree while you drop down into the pit of your repressed trauma memories. During self-therapy, you must continue to see the forward growth of your social intelligence while continuing to cure the backward retrogression of your personal intelligence. During self-therapy, you must tithe 10% cooperative giving of time/energy/work/production/money/love to others while receiving 90% of their trained intelligence dedicated to your redemption and salvation.

Do not become a dead suck. A hippie.

1. Invent a magic mirror which shows you when you are 100% infantile narcissistic suckie. Invent a mysterious toy trick which clicks you out of that quicksand and clicks you up into a tree where you can give at least 10% cooperativeness and affection to others trying to help you grow up like that ponderosa pine.

2. Go into 100% conscious retrogression into 100% infantile narcissistic suck. Suck everything 101% But do this alone so as not to insult and injure the integrity and dignity of others. Or, if you have a totally honest and trustworthy and patient and witty friend/teacher/soulmate, persuade him/her to help you discover the true nakedness of your neurotic entropy. Play this game for a full day, from morning wake-up to night snore. Like chugg-a-lugging a quart of whiskey, become totally disgusted with your ego. Vomit. The next day, by an act of will, force your Self to be the same egotistical suckie again. Vomit again. This will help you transcend your sickening ego.

3. Gently and lovingly re-introduce your more mature adolescent to your more spontaneous child and to your more spiritual infant. Get together. Have lunch. Talk over, perhaps for the first time, your problems of all four of you living in the same skull house together but without talking to each other, perhaps, until now. Solve each communication problem systematically, comprehensively and fulfillingly. Eventually, you will concentrate primarily on the problem of your youngest entropy preventing adult growth: your infantile narcissistic suckie piggie.

4. Re-discover your genetically encoded adolescent idealism, morality and vision of perfection. Play the game of being a 100% adolescent idealist with 100% intelligence and power. Apologize to no one. Be blocked by no one. Express your gorgeous morality and breathtaking vision creating a perfect Self in a perfect family within a perfect society. Write down these standards of excellence. Re-live these hopes of wisdom. Re-be this adolescent of nobility. By so playing, what is your new, mature understanding of your infantile ego suck needs; of your reptilian ego suck needs? From this understanding, invent four specific new behaviors which balance your reptile brain with your mammal brain with your primate brain and frontal lobes.

5. By so playing your adolescent pure idealist game, observe and record the clickings of your amygdala forward. Observe and record the surgings of new energies to and from your awakening frontal lobs. Observe the record the new surges of your positive emotions and more intelligent thoughts.

Lesson 41

Cure Retrogression Of Sane Adult Intelligence Into Insane Adult Ignorance

When adolescent self-therapy really starts in earnest, the ego is flattered that it, finally, will be cured of its pains. It collapses its brace and disciplined adult mask into adolescent and child suck behaviors. Such collapse is good because it lowers one?s defenses against later remembering repressed child traumas so that those deeper hurts can be brought up for rational therapizing in proper sequence. But such collapse into childhood also can collapse your more efficient adult intelligence into less efficient adolescent and child intelligences. Thus, the trick of successful self-therapy is to go down into your adolescent and child injured emotions while remaining in your adult superior intelligence. Tie the rope of sanity to the boulder of adult intelligence before dropping down into the deep hole of adolescent and child trauma memories. In this way, your best adult insights and actions can control and guide your most pain-filled and irrational adolescent and child malfunctions of brain until you discover your most efficient cure.

If, on the other hand, your hard-won adult intelligence wrongly lowers itself totally down to the age level of your adolescent or child being de-traumatized, your skill and wisdom of curing that episode will be the same as the blundering confusion of a rebellious teenager or an uneducated kid. During such malfunctioning therapy, you will behave in stupid ways which do not cure the dis-ease effectively and efficiently. Rather, you will behave in immature ways which surely slow down therapy and may compound the problem, thereby delaying maturation. You may turn ignorant; insane.

The way to maintain your adult intelligence and sanity while wallowing in adolescent ego flattery and child ego flattery during excretion of traumatic emotions is to do, by a simple act of thinking willpower, a split of your intelligence. Split your ego. Split your intelligence into adult intelligence and adolescent/child intelligence. Split your ego into adult ego and adolescent/child ego. Half of you -- the controlling, guiding, sane half -- is adult intelligence watching over the second half of you, which is your adolescent intelligence or child intelligence allowing full expression of its injured emotions. His plain, stark procedure is exactly the same as when you lovingly talk down to a real adolescent or child, explaining how to cure a cut finger or broken arm while maintaining no-nonsense control over the potentially dangerous situation.

This intelligent adult control of your adolescent or child during self-therapy will avoid sudden perilous falls down the fumarole of neurosis. This sane, adult understanding will guide your less sane adolescent and child, step-by-step, down the more gradual slope of self-revelation and self-cleansing. You will avoid collapse into full psychotic irrationality and chaos. Your self-therapy then will proceed at a more reasonable, leisurely and satisfying pace. You will cleanse and re-start your genetic growth normally.

1. What undesired retrogressions of adult intelligence into less sane adolescent and child intelligences have you experienced while doing self-therapy?

2. Invent a procedure to clanggga bell and flashFlashFLASH a light and squirt a stink into your adult awareness as soon as you start to fall too suddenly down the chute into adolescent and child irrational logic and psychotic emotions. Invent a quick-slap gimmick to bring your Self back to adult intelligence sanity before trying such descent again.

3. Invent a serious method to stop, lovingly, the rapid retrogression of another adult?s intelligence into disgusting and dangerous adolescent or childish neurotic behavior. Invent a serious procedure to bring his/her intelligence back up to sane dialog and cooperation for systematic and inspiring cure.

4. Invent a short vocabulary describing the stages of abuse and disgust which an irrational neurotic displays while going down the ladder of decreasing intelligence and rationality during wrong self-therapy. Invent a series of jokes and wit regimens to hold up the mirror to such a foolish person so as to shock him/her back into sane civilized discourse with peers.

5. What question should you ask your Self to catch your rebellious self when it does not want to accept the wisdom of this exercise with 100% seriousness and safety?

Lesson 42

Cure Rebellious Backward Stupidities

The rebelling adolescent is encoded genetically to make mistakes. In this way, s/he learns by trial-and-error to test all the assumptions, facts, values, attitudes and conformist behaviors of father and mother. In this way, s/he learns by the pain of failure which received truths, handed down by mother and father, truly are true and which truly are false; which are lies. Thus does the culturally suffocated brain outgrow its 90% dormancy and evolve toward transcendence and happiness.

If natural, healthy rebellion is blocked, frustrated or/and stopped, the resulting adult is ignorant of the wisdom learned by the direct experience of trial-and-error experiments; by the direct experience of making wisdom mistakes so as to learn sagacity and prudence from them. S/he blunders into the last gasps of retarded adolescent rebellion. S/he blindly tries to re-learn normal adolescent wisdom by adult hit-and-miss testings which no longer are wise, but stupid. Placing one?s hand along the bar of a chain saw while cutting a tree in order to learn whether or not Daddy?s tool is loving ends not in knowledge trumps but lie stumps.

The dominant symptom of virulent retarded adolescent rebellion is the doing of conspicuously ridiculous, backward mistakes. If such idiocy cuts off your hand and if you need to cut off your hand to learn each point of such rebellion, so be it. Merely do it in your own home. Don?t splash your innocent neighbors. But if you are rational enough to learn from abstract logic and common sense discussion, you can save your self enormous quantities of time and energy -- and fingers -- by not rebelling absurdly.

1. What stupid backward rebellious things have you done which you now know were unnecessary and should have been avoided?

2. What stupid backward rebellious things do you still contemplate doing to prove your stupidity and unfitness? Suicide?

3. Make a joke out of a moronic behavior and transcend it into a laughing love wisdom.

4. Inventory a list of experiments you should have performed, wisely, but did not, during normal adolescence to test out and learn the limits of your healthy rebelliousness. Which experiments are you now performing unwisely -- in perverted form because of un-admitted motivation -- during your retarded adolescent rebellion? Which of these experiments are proving to be flat-out beef-witted? Which future experiments toward which you now relentlessly are drifting (marriage; pregnancy) can you now see to be heroically assinine? How shall you stop your Self from mindlessly putting your brain into the meat grinder?

5. What question here can only your stupidly rebelling retarded adolescent ask your stupidly rebelling retarded adolescent?

Lesson 43

Cure Lying

The basic human instinct of cooperation has evolved the wo/man animal from cave to condominium. This frontal lobes instinct of cooperation is perverted into competition, aggression and war by the pressure of the material culture. Both capitalism and communism force natural inter-personal honesty into unnatural competition. The greed to hoard wealth for Self perverts the subtle drive of genetic intelligence away from its circuiting into full frontal lobes love sharing computations; perverts that subtle drive back into reptilian suck miser computations. Each person who succumbs to this perversion of Life-completing evolution knows at sub-threshold awareness that a sin against all-giving cosmic intelligence is being performed. Each person who chooses greedy anti-Life devolution knows at above-threshold awareness that s/he is retrogressing deeper and deeper into reptilian self-destruction by the increasing emotions and thoughts of confusion, boredom, loneliness, lovelessness, guilt, meaninglessness, pain, fear and suicide. Such a person is proving his/her unfitness to survive. Yet, survival is the function of the reptilian brain, just as it is the cause of this gene-perverting dilemma. So the reptile brain computes and displays its last perimeter of defense: Lie.

Lie is the last human behavior after sophistry and before insanity.

Lie is the last attempt of the reptile brain to defend the triune brain against overwhelmingly negative cultural values, attitudes and behaviors crushing the genetic drive and forbidding the individual from growing toward positive mammalian cooperation and toward transcending primate love.

Lie is the last sophist logic by which the end of survival justifies the means of deception.

By lying, the culturally crushed triune brain blurts its last spasm of reptilian self-defense in the hope of discovering some magical way out of this retreat into conformist redoubt; in the hope of discovering some psychic way out of this defeat trending toward frightening suicide.

By lying, the individual unconsciously tries to obey the forward drive of genetic cooperation while simultaneously being forced to obey -- by threat of starvation, prison and death -- the backward conformity of American cultural competition.

By lying, the mutant escapes the trap and discovers the magic of frontal lobes transcendence.

Rules Of Lying

Lying to an enemy is survival.

Lying to a friend is stupid.

Lying to your Self is insanity.

If you are lying to an enemy, you are engaged in an act of war. You might as well be good at it. Click your amygdala fully into your reptile brain and play the game with 100% cold, emotionless, rattlesnake intelligence and cosmic efficiency.

If you are lying to a friend or teacher, you are engaged in an act of competition which cannot help but end in devolution down the gradient of increased lovelessness, loneliness and meaninglessness. You might as well be locked in solitary skull confinement (as you shall be) for the remainder of your Life with the worst conceivable and most infuriating enemy: you.

If you are lying to your Self, you are slipping off the billion year evolutionary thread from amoeba to anthropos. You simply are too crippled or/and too dumb to understand Life, Self, brain and transcendence. You might as well obey the sin of culture and conform. Or obey that deepest of all genetic impulses by which the Lifeforce purifies itself.

If you lie to your Self and your friends/teachers during therapy, you forfeit your last chance to escape the sightless, stinking dungeon of your brain. If your lies to your friends cause them to be insulted or injured, they, in time, will abandon you. Your desired, rebellious loneliness will be complete. But if you lie to your Self, you have stepped off the thin, fragile laser of sane evolution into the thick, mucking swamp of insane devolution. One lie begets two. Two beget four. Four beget sixteen. Chain-reaction works backward in the brain to reptilian breakdown as well as forward to frontal lobes breakout. And the breakdown is permanent. Nutsiness. Bang.

The lie of therapy is that you honestly are doing your self-therapy. The lie during self-therapy is that you honestly are digging down into your repressed memories and honestly are pulling up repressed traumas for systematic detoxification via self trauma drama. If you are not doing that, if you are lying, your lie is performed to your Self by skimming over the surface of the exercises in this Workbook, writing down shallow, vapid, partial diagnoses and prescriptions, doing minimum work, then claiming cure -- and demanding to know why your ?promised? frontal lobes transcendence is not happening.

Cures Of Lying

The cure of lie is proof. If you are lying to others, they -- subtly or grossly; blandly and surreptitiously -- will set up tests to catch you in your lie. They either will tell you of their test and proof, thereby giving you one more chance to get back on the genetic track of inter-personal trust and cooperation, or they will not tell you. It is very easy for a mature companion to walk away from an immature liar. Forgetfullness quickly heals the frustration of having lost time, energy, integrity and sharing; of having been suckered by the liar.

But if you are lying to your Self, the testing for proof is more lethal. If performed improperly, the connection with Life is broken. No further tests will be possible. The slide down the razor of self-extermination is inevasible. Conversely, if the testing is performed properly, the rope strengthens and the pull out of the strangulating quicksand accelerates.

The proof of self-lying is to draw a line down a sheet of paper. Down one column, itemize your still sane, still genetically idealistic standards of excellent human behaviors. Down the second column, itemize your actual physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual behaviors. The proof is in the comparison.

1. Do you lie?

2. Do you lie to your friends?

3. Do you lie to your Self?

4. Itemize your lies.

5. Select a suspected area of your behavior. Select a single behavior. Design a test to prove absolutely whether or not you are lying while performing that behavior.

6. If that behavior is a lie, design a cure for it. Design, by an act of will, a change in your total personality and character from competitive to cooperative behaviors toward Self; toward friends.

7. Analyze the values, attitudes and behaviors of the competitive American culture which force you to lie. Design and apply your perfect defense perimeter against the lies of America; your perfect counter-attack strategy. When should you lie morally in America? When is a lie immoral?

8. Analyze the lies of America and the Soviet Union which uncontrollably are leading to war and extermination of the Lifeforce. Plan a strategy of persuasion and tactics of actions to help the peace movement stop this global insanity.

9. What wealths of what materials do you hoard? Is the hoarding a lie?

10. What guilts do you feel from the above questions? What are you going to do about them?

Male Lying

Economics determines consciousness.

The capitalist competitive economic system of America is in consonance with the 350 million year-old reptilian instinct of self-defense and counter-attack; of survival of the fittest. This causes all parents to absorb and communicate that attitude. This causes all infants to be born into consciousness contraction -- which triggers the automatic posterior click of the amygdala into reptilian devolution and still further consciousness contraction. This causes all children to be shaped into unhealthy, retrogressive adolescent rebellion -- fighting against the progressive genetic drive trying to self-circuit into frontal lobes transcendence; into infinite consciousness expansion. The confusion and pain are serious enough in females, but can be overcome quickly via mammalian nurturing instincts. Females do not lie about wanting transcendence. At worst, they merely are lazy. But for males, the confusion and pain are absolute. This is because a male also is genetically encoded to ?PMB?: ?Prove my balls.?

The crisis for males comes when genetically encoded adolescent idealism confronts genetically encoded adolescent ?PMB.? The idealism intuitively knows ?There is more to living Life than merely conforming to the competitive meaninglessness and the contracted hopelessness of Pa and Ma; of only working for money to buy material glut -- with no spiritual meaning left in old age!? The idealism intuitively knows that there is something like ?frontal lobes transcendence? inside the brain -- but American culture does not teach the adolescent that he has a brain, that it mostly is dormant, that this dormancy can be self-released to fulfill his wildest idealism and that the first step toward this released idealism is frontal lobes transcendence into Godly perfection. So the frustration of receiving absolutely no confirmation that his precious intuitions are correct causes the adolescent male to rebel doubly: blindly, ignorantly, quietly or furiously. ?If nothing else, I will prove my reptilian balls by fighting against EVERYTHING!? Yes becomes No. Day becomes Night. Teacher becomes enemy.

Thus does the old, retarded adolescent rebel male lie, cheat and steal growth energy from others to feed his ever-metastasizing entropy. He becomes survival of the ?fittest?: exploiting, consciously or unconsciously, energy profits out of all others. He becomes ?rich? and ?successful?: sucking up all material comforts and technological contraptions to give ?purpose? to existence. But he does not become survival of the wisest: transcended. For reptilian competitive consciousness flows backward in the brain. Pure reptilian efficiency kills frontal lobes circuiting.

All males are controlled by testosterone hormone. Testosterone, produced in the testicles, causes the unconscious motivation of ?prove my balls.? Genetically, the proving should be done at adolescence by fighting against one?s father so the younger, weaker male is beaten out of the home by the older, tougher man, thereby preventing in-breeding with mother and diluting of the gene pool; thereby teaching Life toughness. But most modern males fear to fight their biological fathers at puberty for such would cut off the money for food, shelter and education. Thus, this crucial self-testing and self-proving developmental stage is left unresolved. It just hangs there in the personality, an unconscious, subservient itch, wondering: ?Am I man enough to make it in the outside world alone, without constantly asking permission for every thing I do from Father?? -- And never knowing. Constant fear. Hence, we have found from teaching males on this mountain, when undergoing liberation therapy into full manhood -- which does not endorphin-bond the subservient child to the dominant father-psychiatrist -- the rejuvinated adolescent re-starts the PMB fight by fighting against his father-substitute: against his teacher.

If the fight against teacher is done rationally, it is over and transcended in a few hours. But too many such fights, without this information, are done irrationally, via ?sliding logic.? To prove his balls, and to gloss over his factual ignorance of his true motivation, the retarded adolescent rebel?s rebellion turns irrational. His rebellion verges on insanity, merely to vent his Lifelong frustrations from disobeying genetic drive at the proper time during puberty. Thus, he fights via child temper tantrum. He fights via adult insult. He fights via infantile whining. He fights via adolescent sophistry. He fights via idealistic judgment. He fights via desperate anger. And if he is cornered by rational reason from his ?enemy? teacher, he fights via slipping from one logic to the other. He fights by using all logics simultaneously. In addition, he is insulted when the teacher will not, can not, answer each attack persuasively and lovingly to satisfy infant, child, adolescent and adult simultaneously. In short, he fights in every blind, reckless way, except honestly. For he is ignorant of, and trying to discover the understanding of, his true motive for adolescent rebellion -- even to the stark-staring mad point of destroying the very teacher trying to teach him that.

His true motive is his residual, unconscious fear of fighting his true father.

The wise teacher walks away from such an irrational fool until the student learns the proper manner of courteous scholar?s discourse so as to receive this information. No teacher is required to suffer the disgust of rotten communication from a pupil who chooses to ruin the daily spiritual flow, the love flow, within which a mature teacher lives.

No teacher can be expected to tolerate a student who slyly changes the teacher?s very foundation state of consciousness -- from cooperative to competitive -- from which the teacher?s thoughts, emotions and actions are computed into teaching or not teaching that student.

No teacher enjoys teaching by ?telephoning-in? sophist ?wisdom? just to confuse the irrationally rebellious student until he can be eased out of the program -- which means the dupe must die neurally alone.

If the testosterone-driven ignoramus does not so learn that he unconsciously is fighting his Father through his teacher, he is not so taught that he is pouring all his free energy from his trauma dramas into his posterior amygdala and reptile brain -- from which zero transcendence comes. He fails. He rots into permanent ego behavior and ego personality. In short time, the self-flattered reptilian ego/greed/suck persuades the half-cured (or 99% cured) male: ?I?ve got other more important things to do in the city. I feel real good and ballsy now. I can delay my self trauma drama work. I can ignore any further self-therapy.?

And if, for a while, he also persuades himself that he truly is doing ?social intelligence? in Act-VI of the trauma drama, he very blithely can fake it. He can demonstrate 651% ?helping love,? or 75%, or even 99% ?inter-personal cooperation and affection.? But 99% giving to the genetic Lifeforse is not passing in the game of anterior/posterior amygdala choice. A 99% un-holey bucket does not hold water over night. That single testosterone asymptote lie forbids most males from transcending.

The cure of such incredibly subtle, lethal motivation is to discuss the fatal flaw with one?s colleagues/teacher with 1000% ruthless honesty. Total, emotionless honesty. Disputatious scholar?s honesty. The unfit will not be able to take such truth; will run. Cursing. Whining. The fit will learn. Shockingly. Tearfully.

The fit male, by a simple act of willpower, will re-polarize his lying Self. He will re-polarize his Life-destroying motive and Self-destroying amygdala. He will understand that his Pleistocene hominid, still bashing saber-toothed tigers, must adjust to modern reality and stop bashing teacher; this Workbook. He will grow up. He will re-dedicate his work and communication -- his spiritual communion -- with his friends/teacher/ America to true social intelligence: to the brain revolution for all. From this, his free energy from self trauma drama will flow, absolutely, into his anterior amygdala.

1. What are your lies to prove your balls?

2. Do you feel a deep, subtle, irresistible need to dominate -- to prove your balls against -- any male who appears to be dominating and controlling your adolescent ego, especially if he has superior knowledge of how your brain works?

3. What are your subtly lying self-defenses and subtly lying counter-attacks against teacher?s honest teaching? Against teacher?s very physical survival?

4. What are your subtle, lying insults and abuses against teacher, done consciously or unconsciously, because you unconsciously are using teacher as Father-substitute? Because you do not have the courage and skill to fight your biological Father? How do you insult and abuse teacher via the leverage tool of money?

5. How shall you get a 100% honest, true, diagnosis, prescription and cure of your ?PMB? syndrome?

6. How much honesty can you truly take in discussing this topic? With 1000% truth?

7. How is your ?social intelligence? work of Act-VI fake?

8. Do these questions make you want to run? (Posterior reptilian self-defense.)

9. Do these questions make you angry? (Anterior reptilian counter-attack.)

10. If not, how shall you dedicate your Self toughly to the brain revolution to guarantee your frontal lobes transcendence into permanent egoless ecstacy?

Cure Male Lying

The simplest way to re-click the posterior amygdala out of reptile brain self-destruction and into anterior amygdala frontal lobes construction is to admit your retarded adolescent rebellion; is to outgrow, by a simple act of willpower, the ?prove my balls? testosterone instinct against your teacher; against this Workbook. Merely admit the lie which masks that you unconsciously are fighting against your teacher as a substitute for fighting against your Father. Merely outgrow the lie which crippled you into Lifelong subservience to your father via finishing your self trauma dramas against him.

Once your anti-Father traumas are therapized and forgiven, the sub-threshold competitive consciousness you have been aiming unconsciously at your colleagues/teacher/society magically re-clicks into cooperative consciousness. Reciprocally nurturing love growth makes all future teaching/learning into infinite ecstacy. Into euphoric spiritual flow. Reciprocal transcendence spirals into eternal Lifeforce meaning. Shared work creates the new society of 100% brain power -- for all. All.

What this lesson does is to undermine and dissolve the complex superstructure of your lying adolescent personality -- composed of culturally educated aggression, sociologically warped aimlessness, psychological self-deceit, neurological dormancy and genetic blockage -- into simplified cooperative consciousness moving forward. Once again, as in infancy and childhood, you are being re-guided into harmony with the Lifeforce. You are in forward flow out of reptilian self-defense and counter-attack dying and into frontal lobes living. Full theatric, laughing, singing, dancing living of astonishing Life. You are completing the Universe circle within your brain: the 3 states of consciousness and the 4 forms of intelligence. Increasingly, you shall feel divine love. You now can prove your balls by not needing to prove your balls.

1. Do you now choose to stop fighting your Father through your Father-substitute teacher (this Workbook) so that both of you can get on with the luscious job of fighting Father directly through self trauma drama?
2. Do you now choose to cooperate in 100% trust and honesty and communication with your teacher so that both of you can achieve both your growth goals?
3. How shall you now give a definite percentage of your time/energy/work/production/money to your teacher?s transcended goals while he/she continues to give 100% intelligence to your personal growth goal: to your frontal lobes transcendence?
4. How shall you now prove you are not lying at this, your final test of whether or not you are survival of the fittest; survival of the wisest?
5. Shall you help change the American Ideology from reptilian competitive consciousness into frontal lobes cooperative consciousness; into inter-personal cooperation consciousness with all other humans; into social cooperation with all other humans within the common society; into global neural socialism?

Lesson 44

Death Or Life?

The ultimate adolescent rebellion -- ?I?ll show them! I?ll make them feel guilty!!? -- suicide.

The ultimate test of discovering one?s true thought about Self in relation to the bottomless Universe chasm of death is to walk across the razor of Life by asking the single, simple question: ?Shall I die or live??

Ultimate Life meaninglessness or ultimate Life meaning?

Suicide or transcendence?

Teenage intensity.

This final confrontation is caused by the concentration and release into petrifying awareness of one?s Lifelong held confusions, pains and fears about the very philosophic purpose of daily eating, excreting and being. It is done with characteristic adolescent melodrama and self-pity. It is totally egotistical. It must be. For this is the last, crucial, genetically-driven, intuitively-felt choice: ?I either choose ego death or frontal lobes egolessness.?

Some students of Life -- those who can discover no truth, beauty of goodness in the Lifeforce propelling them toward frontal lobes transcendence -- commit suicide. They do this either slowly, by dint of cultural conformity, or rapidly, physically. Other students of Life make the preliminary discovery of personal meaning in existence. From this finger-hold and toe-hold on the cliffside of daily coping, they do the work of self-therapy and accept the reward: growing up. The climb out of internal chaos is the last adolescent test for immaturity versus maturity; for survival of the fittest.

1. Do you want to accept the cosmic intelligence which created the genetic intelligence which created your Mother?s ovum and Father?s sperm which created your personal intelligence?

2. Do you want to accept your genetic drive to grow into your 90% dormant brain and into your frontal lobes transcendence?

3. If the answers to the above two questions are ?Yes,? are you now ready to stop being morbid about your very existence and to start turning totally toward your positive, joyous work of growth into your frontal lobes transcendence?

Lesson 45

First Adolescent Genius Creativity

At this sybaritic stage of your luscious self-therapy, start accepting the accelerating flow of your newly freed energies and start investing them in creative work. Start accelerating the flood of your frozen powers from your adolescent frustrations now being melted into deliciously non-conformist, rebellious actions; now being freed into unlimited choices. Choose some of those choices to be tangible creative work. Such work will be your therapy made visible. You will have something to show for all your time and labor down in the shitpit.

The simple theory of creativity is to turn a material object, idea or relationship upside down, inside out or/and front to back. Merely look at an old, seemingly insoluble problem containing two seemingly irreconcilable factors. Look at the problem not with your conformist eyes computing through your reptile brain, but with your third eye computing through your frontal lobes. Do it as a child play game and it will not seem as esoteric and complicated as the above words. It will happen. Involuntarily. Once it happens, merely allow the automaticness of your magic triune computer to bounce around that old problem. Your brain, reflexively, will bounce out a new solution. A spray of creative new solutions.

Creativity is genetically automatic. You have but to allow it to emerge and give you unlimited free gifts; to drive forward and give you endless intellectual powers. Truly, it is magic.

Once your not-so-mysterious creativity and productive intelligence are allowed to glide forward in their own way, at their own pace, they pull your sledge of entropic ego like a snorting team of Percherons. All you have to do is record the stream -- steady of jerking, like horse pee -- of insights and inventions into your chosen plastic or performing art.

1. Inventory the subjects / topics / issues / ideas / forms which you intuitively feel would give you most pleasure via creative play. Identify several play problems which you intuitively feel would give others most pleasure once you creatively solve them.

2. Playfully, as a kid, turn a problem upside down, inside out, front to back. Change relationships between conventional conformities into nutsie goofies. Allow all tentative solutions to pour out with no taboos. Be as tabooless as a naked, free child defecating on the steps of the United States Supreme Court -- and accepting a wiping Writ of Certiorari from the Chief Justice. Go to sleep with this unrestrained, imaginative mash fermenting in your moonshine brain. Be amazed -- but routinely expectant -- when the strings of firecracker ideas ignite and explode whisperingly during your morning pre-conscious reverie. Write them down. Copyright and patent them.

3. Solve your most important problems during your sleep dreaming; during your most precious morning pre-conscious euphoria. In this way, you allow your sub-threshold, unconscious 6 triune computers to dissect each problem, review its elements through the genetic and cosmic data base and present comprehensive combinations and permutations of solutions from which you can pick and choose the ones which best suit your fancy. This leisurely night and morning problem-solving method allows your limited personal intelligence to realize it is rooted into a deeper and larger genetic intelligence; to realize it is expanded into an infinite cosmic intelligence. Thus, ?creativity? merely is allowing genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence to participate in the closed game of your egotistical personal intelligence.

Merely allow the dissected problem to be shunted from your cluttered left-hemisphere linear verbal computer to your mostly unused right-hemisphere holistic pattern computer. Your amygdala will do that automatically if you but give it the leisure of timeless sleep and morning creative production. Such relaxation causes the emergence of spectacular new visions which give you displays of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, understandings and emotions never before recorded in any artform; never before imagined or experienced on Earth.

4. Playfully, as an adolescent, run each creative problem and each tentative solution up front through the meat massager of your frontal lobes. Merely think the problem/solution, then grunt this idea matrix forward like pushing a constipated brick sideways out to blooey. Think and image and grunt the idea forward through your right-hemisphere into your right frontal lobe. This mechanical flowing of a low-energy, low-genius idea back up through your right-hemisphere frontal factory spontaneously causes that problem and those dangling tentative solutions to be re-computed with the moonshine mash of cosmic whackiness. The re-cycled solutions which then skyrocket and burst into your conscious awareness all will have intellectual content far beyond your limited intelligence and formal education.

5. Playfully, as a wild teener, run each new solution down through some appropriate toilet institution or mass medium or public awareness forum within your city. Form an aneurysm in the heart of the city; in the social plumbing. Blast out through their conformity. Erupt their mind sludges. Shock your town with your innovative gimmicks. Spray your sweet hunnie of Life-changing ideas into the sleepers to awaken them so as to accelerate their evolutions.

This mechanical mass-multiplying of your creative intelligence through society intelligence automatically triggers your genetic intelligence to open more of your dormant frontal lobes cells to compute more simplified and colossal genius inventions.



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