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Who Am I?


Lesson 5 Bisbing Image

1. Write down all the good things about your Self. List all the worthy parts of your body and personality which give happiness to you and to others. Inventory your PIES: your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual virtues. You are a precious Life.

2. Physically, start with your toes and work up to your scalp. Write down each and every true, beautiful and pleasant part of your body. (Leave out all negative comments. We will get to these later when we will change them to positive assets.) By so placing on paper in one place all your positive qualities, you are building your self-confidence. You are building your belief that you are a worthy human bean, just as you are right now. You are taking the first step of many onto the up-trail of your inner identity mountain. You will climb this mountain of identity, dignity and integrity to the top. At the top, above the acid clouds of lower reality, you shall see higher reality. By so climbing the mountain of facts which define your identity, you are rising above the negative ideas and images about your valuable Self which you picked up from parents and teachers since childhood. Later, this will give you the courage to confront and change those truly negative parts of your Self which are blocking you from 100% brain power. Crossing this frontier, you are a daring pioneer.

3. Inventory your intellectual excellences. Start with the fact that you are smart enough to not die. Inventory your emotional finenesses. You are enthused enough to save your own Life and grow into glee.

4. Inventory your healthy spiritual yearnings and growths toward fulfillment within the Lifeforce. You are wise enough to know there is more to living than mere conformity and sucking of material wealth.

5. From these now visible facts jelled out of your mushy brain and onto solid paper, write a comprehensive essay. Tell your Self how that magnificence of "Me!" now is motivating you to finish this entire Workbook.



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