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Mature Adult Love


Lesson 6

Love is the supreme emotion which harmonizes the human brain so that genetic intelligence can re-start (from blocked childhood) probing forward to connect more unconnected cells, tissues and organs with each other. Love smoothes out the negative emotions of distrust and anger so the positive energy of growth can re-start probing and discovering the next connections between cells which then compute higher intelligence: transcended love. Love feels better than boredom or hate while you are learning to be more intelligent about releasing your dormant brain into higher reality.

1. Play the love game. Play it any time you have a few minutes free and feel like amusing your Self. Play the love game while driving, on the bus or subway, during your money job, at the store, at home; anywhere.

Eric Fromm2. Play pretend. Imagination. Fantasy. Phantastique. Pretend you are 100% distrustful. Angry. Hate-filled. Self-defensive. Counter-attacking. This automatically causes the electricity in your brain -- and your consciousness -- to slosh into the back base of the meat (where your skull bone ends). This is the place where all self-defense and counter-attack behaviors are computed automatically. This is the place where you will start your back-stroke to throw your electro-consciousness energy forward more powerfully. Imagine you are throwing a stone forward by first moving your arm backward, then snapping it frontward. The back-stroke gives momentum to the forward-stroke.

3. Fling your electro-consciousness energy forward into your frontal lobes. To repeat, your frontal lobes occupy the space of your entire forehead. Your frontal lobes take up the entire 1/3rd forward bulk of your brain. They are dormant. They are the computers of transcendence love.

4. By play-flinging your consciousness from the back base of your brain into your frontal lobes, you shoot a bolt of lightning into those sleeping love monsters. Like Frankenstein, they awaken. But unlike the movie ghoul, they do not want to kill. The kill instinct is computed by the back base of the brain. If you saw the old timey 1930 movie, you remember that when the monster first came to Life, he wanted love. But ignorant, fear-filled peasants forced him to defend himself against their counter-attacks. So too you. Your Frankenstein frontal lobes want love. But ignorant, fear-polluted American culture forces you to defend your Self against daily counter-attacks at home, on the roads, at your job and in the supermarket. Merely understand that your dormant frontal lobes are the automatic computers of cooperative consciousness, inter-personal love euphoria and cosmic communication with other planets.

5. After the lightning bolt awakens your frontal lobes -- partially and temporarily -- play love re-actions and pro-actions with everything, person and idea coming into your vision. Either silently inside your head, or spoken externally -- or yelled while driving alone -- feel and think and express the positive, cooperative, loving inter-action between your Self and that other thing, person or idea.

6. Express your love re-action or pro-action gently at first. Remember: Americans are trained from infancy to flow their electro-consciousness energy primarily into the back base of their brains. This back base of the human brain is called the "reptile brain." It computes no emotions. It computes only cold self-defense and counter-attack behaviors against all other individuals. It creates self-defensive Frankenstein versus counter-attacking Frankenstein. Soh. The average person on the street will not understand your unexpected and "threatening" gush of frontal lobes love if it comes out too strong too soon. The average American will not believe your love pro-action and will trigger a skeptical re-action against it; will become reptilian defensive against it; will counter-attack against it. Hence, caution. Play gently at first. Experiment. Learn. Laugh. Then press down on your brain motor gas pedal.

7. As you learn progressively how and when to express the love game more and more honestly, feel the reciprocal cooperation and affection which comes from some of the people whom you zapp with your Frankenstein-Lovenstein energy bolt. Smile lovingly at the driver of the car next to yours waiting at the stop light. Feel the love force flowing between your frontal lobes and his/her frontal lobes. Feel the telepathic understanding of human at-one-ment which squishes automatically between you two. Feel the potential for transcending all hostility, crime, violence and war between all people suffering the pain of ignorance in their human brains. Then feel your frontals slam shut. The light turns. Horns honk. Feel the overwhelming entropy of competitive society force you back into yourself-defense and counter-attack behavior. Feel you and him/her suddenly become killer apes against each other as the traffic light changes from red to green. Your toy autos become army tanks zooming to the orgasm of war. Observe this same click from love to hate as the boss gets cranky because of pressure from his/her boss; as the supermarket line gets longer and slower; as your soulmate's ego rots back into reptile brain sucking only for Self.

8. As you play the love game more and more, feel how the spontaneity of it and the enthusiasm of it become more and more natural. Feel how the sensitivity of it and the wonder of it become more and more exciting. Feel how the awe and holiness of it grow more astonishing. This proves you are opening more dormant wires into your now-awakening frontal lobes. This proves you are linking more cells from the active parts of your brain with more cells in your formerly passive parts. And all these circuits are in-gathering into your frontal lobes. Feel the tingling there. Buzzing. Clicks. Popps. And remember that practice makes perfect. The more you play the love game, the more you self-circuit into your latent frontal lobes, the more you feel rapture in learning to live Life luxuriously, the more you are preparing your Self for ultimate transcendence.

9. The more you play the love game, the more your cells throughout your entire brain re-compute the cosmic consciousness (coming in from Universe) into cooperative consciousness. The more cooperative consciousness flowing between all your cells, tissues and organs -- and even through your now quieted and smiling reptile brain -- the sooner you signal the genetic intelligence within the molecules of each cell that you now are ready to be given the next discovery of evolution into your total brain power. Magic happens. Completely new emotions of happiness begin to trickle into your awareness at the least expected moments -- like when you are in a crowded elevator and a child farts. When Life natural things happen, as they did when you were a kid, you spontaneously re-act with love, not reptilian disgust. Or like when you are arguing sourily with somebody, defending your Self, and suddenly: Click! You silently reach out and huggg. You suddenly feel just natural and just right and just holy, allowing your competitive consciousness to be overloved by cooperative cosmic consciousness. You allow your natural compassion to sluice an ocean tide of love from your now tingling frontal lobes into his/her frozen, but thawing, frontals. Shared nirvana. After such sharing of euphoria, a totally new intelligence of genius begins to pour into your rusty personal intelligence. You begin to solve ordinary old problems in lusciously new creative ways. Totally free behaviors of whimsey begin to nudge into your culturally conditioned robot motions. Your formerly unfeeling and unthinking stupidities -- which retrogressed your brain into permanent reptilian meaninglessness -- begin to spray forward into more frontal lobes love. Totally natural transcendence into normal "paranormal" powers of telepathy and clairvoyance and telekinesis happens.

10.Teach a soulmate. Each one teach one. USA & USSR. Cause an arithmetic progression of linking your dormant cells into action with the dormant cells of other people: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... Cause a population geometric progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.... An exponential branching chain-reaction: 1,2, 4, 16, 256, 65,536.... Create Earth's natural genetic moral brainbomb.


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