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Harmonizing With Lovely Genetic Intelligence


Lesson 7

Lay on your back atop a night mountain and look through the thin crystal atmosphere at the stunningly brilliant stars.  Ask, "Why?"

imgUniverse is composed of but 5 elements:  space, time energy, matter and consciousness.  The acronym to remember this formula is STEM-C. (Throughout this Workbook, playful acronyms will be given in parentheses for you to use, or not use, in your evolving personal neural jargon.  They condense a matrix of key words into quick memory gimmicks which help unlock your brain.  Acronyms will not, however, be repeated and forced upon you as formal elements within the text logic.)

Cosmic consciousness is universal.  It is everywhere.  It spreads uniformly, like an ocean, throughout Universe.  It creates space, time, energy and matter.  It is created by the Creator.  Cosmic consciousness creates energy which creates sub-atomic particles which create electrons and protons which create atoms which create molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid which created your mother's ovum and your father's sperm which created you.  Cosmic consciousness enters your brain through a pinpoint of tissue at the back base where your brain joins your spine.  You can feel it at the back bottom of your skull just where the bone ends.  The pinpoint of tissue is located within an organ called the reticular activating formation.  This pinpoint of cells forms your consciousness click-switch.  The click-switch clicks off when you sleep, during anesthesia, during fainting and during coma.  The click-switch clicks on when you awaken from sleep in the morning, either abusively from the vulgar alarm or luxuriously with singing hummingbird licking nosetip.

Your brain is an empty barrel at the bottom of the consciousnessses.  The click-switch spigot lets in the goody.

Once your consciousness click-switch is clicked on, neutral valenced cosmic consciousness enters your brain to be re-computed either into negative valenced competitive consciousness or into positive valenced cooperative consciousness.  The competitive consciousness is generated by the lowest part of your brain, the so-called reptilian brain.  At that first location, the competitive consciousness next is re-computed into self-defense and counter-attack behaviors.  These are the actions which allowed your successful ancestors to survive the jungle and to evolve into technological society.  So don't knock it.  Without competitive consciousness and competitive behaviors, you wouldn't be here; you wouldn't last a minute during the shark feeding frenzy of driving on the freeway during morning rush hour traffic.  But such aggressive impulses now are obsolete since the ancestral cudgel to bash saber-toothed tigers has transmogrified into an inter-continental ballistic missile.  Fortunately, the kill instinct created by the reptilian core of the brain can be transcended by circuiting in-coming cosmic consciousness fully into the dormant frontal lobes. 

When you allow cosmic consciousness to move forward into your forehead frontal lobes, it is re-computed automatically into cooperative consciousness.  Cooperative consciousness then is re-computed into emotions of love, thoughts of genius and actions of helping others mature into this next stage of common evolution. 

Cosmic consciousness is the carrier wave upon which rides cosmic intelligence.  Cosmic consciousness is like the flowing river which carries the boats through the brain.  The boats contain all sorts of intelligences which are to be delivered to all parts of the brain and the body.  These intelligences create the brain and the body. 

imgCosmic intelligence enters the brain-body to create genetic intelligence.  DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic intelligence in each ovum and sperm.  A fertilized egg grows within the absolute dictation of genetic intelligence.  A fetus grows within the absolute dictation of cosmic intelligence translated down into tinier DNA.  A born child grows within the absolute dictatorship of cosmic intelligence creating genetic intelligence creating personal intelligence.  Any violation of this absolute progression of evolutionary law from A to Z -- from reptile brain to frontal lobes --automatically stops that brain's growth.  Thus, all of today's humanoids have not gotten beyond 10% functioning brains.  Thus, genetic intelligence reminds them of this fact by inducing constant pain.  Thus, they are about to relieve their mass pain by expressing a mass temper tantrum:  by murdering their Mother, Earth.

Cosmic intelligence which is harmonized properly with genetic intelligence produces a proper child.  A child's personal intelligence which is harmonized properly with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence produces a 100% functioning brain.  All normal and paranormal powers blatantly are operational in the non-crying child.  Properly educated parents are those who have taken the time to understand the relationship between cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence before wrestling in flowery combat. They create the quantity of a child for the single purpose of helping it evolve the quality of its personal intelligence into 100% perfect harmony between Self, Life and Universe.  Anything less is ignorance.  Disaster.  Crime.

An improperly conceived, gestated, born and raised child has one chance to be re-born properly.  Re-birth can occur at the age of self-determination:  after puberty, providing you can get away from your poisoning parents -- physically and in your memories.  The re-birth is caused by re-circuiting your parentally mis-circuited cells, tissues and organs of your brain back into proper cosmic, genetic and personal intelligence.  Their circuiting causes the completion of your genetic drive attempting to link all your cells, tissues and organs (CTO) from your reptile core into your frontal lobes so as to cause mature emotion production, thought production and action production.  The exercises of this Workbook cause that re-circuiting and re-birth.  Cosmic intelligence forms a circular circuit with itself through the human brain.

Cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence flow into the back base of the reptile brain and through your personal intelligence prior to completing the circuit in the frontal lobes and back out to cosmos.  Inactive frontal lobes thus block the circuit.  The circuit can be re-opened, as it was at birth, by means of social intelligence.

imgSocial intelligence is your understanding that the cosmic intelligence circuit is broken and incomplete within your brain.  Social intelligence is your personal intelligence creating your desire -- by an act of will -- to complete your circuit of all four intelligences. 

Social intelligence is the extension of your personal intelligence which does the work to complete the circuit.

Social intelligence is your realization that the Lifeforce is not going to help any individual who chooses not to be survival of the fittest. 

Social intelligence is your realization that the Lifeforce is going to help only those individuals who understand the three forms of consciousness -- cosmic, competitive, cooperative (3C or C3) -- which carry the four forms of intelligence:  cosmic, genetic, personal, social (4I or I4).

Social intelligence is your completion of the three forms of consciousness with the four forms of intelligence (C3I4) so as to click your brain into each or all as needed while teaching others to grow up.

Social intelligence is the completion of your cosmic circuit so as to evolve your brain into natural leadership guiding all Earthlings away from being killer apes into Self-completion and society-completion. 

Once this simple fact of personal growth is understood and accepted, your growth will progress routinely through all the automatic clicks of your brain draining all entropy poisons and shunting forward into all your available energy powers. Entropy is negative energy.

Entropy is good positive energy which has been turned into bad negative poison which stops genetic growth.  Bad entropy can be transformed back into good energy.

Entropy causes neurosis.  Neurosis is caused by poisons in the brain.  Neurosis is the spectrum of negative, poisonous feelings from boredom, loneliness and lovelessness through melancholy, depression and meaninglessness to hopelessness, terror, and suicide.  Neurosis is pain.  And pain is the only thing that a neurotic person truly can understand and believe.  For pain is the only way that genetic intelligence can tell your personal intelligence that you are blocking natural genetic drive by doing something fatally wrong.  Pain is the only way you can be forced to stop doing that stupid something so that genetic drive again can start surging genetic energy forward toward your piteously dormant frontal lobes.

There is but one single entropy which causes your neurosis which causes your pain of blocked genetic drive and rotting frontal lobes. There is but one single stuck log in your brain consciousness river causing the log jam of your neurosis blocking the free flow of whole brain ecstacy:  Repressed child trauma memories (RCTM.)

The repressed memories of all the bad things which happened to you during childhood are being held by you like a log jam.  This log jam in the consciousness river of your brain is blocking all your adult energy flows searching for love, meaning, and happiness.  We now are starting to unblock that neurotic log jam.  We soon shall cause the consciousness flow and intelligence flow of your brain river to expand and become one with the ocean of cosmic wisdom.  We soon shall transform your brain entropy into brain energy.  Your energy then shall flow into your dormant frontal lobes to trigger transcendence.  Nirvana.

Start with feeling the irresistible slither of positive cosmic energy and genetic energy through your brain; through those parts of your brain which have not yet been plugged up by neurosis.  Start feeling the good power of your automatic cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence still trying to teach your personal intelligence precisely how to climb through and around and over your log jam of neurosis so as to pick it apart and release more and more bound energies of neurosis.  Start understanding the honest, trustworthy, automatic wisdom of your brain guiding you to communicate directly with cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence so as to release, systematically, your bound energy of neurosis into free energy.  Start enjoying each new pulse of free energy which then helps you release still more neurosis into still more free energy.  Start re-growth with this free energy cumulating into critical mass to cause cellular chain-reaction igniting your brainbomb into complete cosmic intelligence.

1. Wake leisurely and luxuriously in the morning.  Feel your brain and body accepting enough sleep to heal each and every cell, tissue and organ which was exhausted by yesterday's love play.

2. Just before you waken fully -- in your morning pre-conscious reverie -- feel the flow of cosmic consciousness entering the back base of your brain.  (With subtle awareness, you can feel, and hear -- actually hear-- the "click" as the consciousness click-switch clicks open).  Feel the cosmic consciousness quickly by-pass your lower reptile root and move directly into your frontal lobes.  This happens because your reptile brain still is asleep and has not yet had time to put up its daily reflexive self-defense and counter-attack behaviors.  So the cosmic consciousness does not have to get bogged down in its usual reptilian swamp, which usually forces it to be re-computed into competitive trivia.  Cosmic consciousness zooms right into the warm womb of love, your frontal lobes.

3. Feel the gush of cooperative consciousness now being pumped out by your frontal lobes.  Feel it flowing backward, back-flushing your brain toilet.  Feel it gurgle backward to wash the surface and interior of your entire brain; to wash down your spine, out into each organ, tissue and cell of your body; out through your tingling toes and fingertips.

img4. Feel the warm, loving healing power of your natural cooperative consciousness now joining automatically with your genetic intelligence to start work on diagnosing and curing specific points of entropy within specific points of tissue within your brain.  Observe how this healing power automatically seeks out and pours into specific weak links or broken links of cells caused by the entropy of your neurosis.  Whenever the unified power from your cooperative consciousness and genetic intelligence finds a weak or broken link to be healed, observe through your inner eye how the energy glows at that healing spot just like an electric-arc welding torch.  Feel the increased heat.  By an act of will, gently increase the voltage of the energy jetting into the dis-eased spot.  In this way, your personal intelligence now will be cooperating with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence to heal you more quickly and more efficiently.  In addition, such an act of willpower signals your genetic intelligence that you now are ready to receive and learn more advanced techniques of self-therapy.

5. As you become more awake, observe how the back-flushing of cooperative consciousness from your frontal lobes releases and integrates more diverse data bits stored in the memory libraries situated in different parts of your brain.  Observe how those diverse data bits now flow together automatically to form more complex and intelligent ideas.  This dramatic increase in your personal intelligence is caused by the now dominant cooperation of your brain parts helping each other do their automatic works of producing fragments of emotions, thoughts and actions.  This acceleration of your personal intelligence is caused by your now dominant frontal lobes cooperative consciousness overwhelming your usually dominant reptilian competitive consciousness.  Your brain no longer is fighting against itself.  Your brain now is loving with itself and helping itself to re-start automatic genetic growth into curing itself of neurosis entropy.  Your brain is now sane.

6. As your morning-fresh brain generates more intelligent ideas, write them down.  This evacuates them from your brain circuit so that circuit can form and evacuate its next ideas.  Observe how the boxcars of barely felt emotions and barely understood idea bits grow slowly and link together and form solid trains of thought.  Observe how, when you move one train of thought out of your brain onto paper, all parts of your now-cooperative brain start forming the next bits into full trains of power ideas.  This is creative process.  It works because your frontal lobes are working and are dominant.  It does not work when your reptile brain is dominant.

7. As you flow through your morning reverie, observe your belief.  Belief is your automatic knowing of whether something is right or wrong.  Belief is your automatic integration and harmonization of your competitive consciousness and cooperative consciousness with cosmic consciousness.  Belief is your automatic integration and harmonization of your personal intelligence with genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence caused by an act of will thinking forward through social intelligence into your dormant frontal lobes so as to complete the "C3I4" circuit back out to cosmos:  3 consciousnesses and 4 intelligences.  By trusting that your belief mechanism is automatic and foolproof, you can test each newly produced idea for its absolute rightness or absolute wrongness against the standard of excellence of cosmic intelligence.  Such testing is done through your intuitions.  Your intuitions are the tip of the C3I4 iceberg.  As you develop the skill of trusting your intuitions, you will expose more of your thought production iceberg so as to read it directly.  Eventually, you will expose the iceberg totally.  You will read the iceberg totally directly.  By reading directly your brain's interplay with your three states of consciousness and four levels of intelligence, you will see directly the exact motivation and formation of each idea which comes up above sub-threshold awareness to fully conscious awareness.  Thus, you will be able to judge with 100% precision the 100% rightness or wrongness of each produced idea related to the harmony of your Self, Life, Earth and Universe.

8. As you drift through your morning reverie, observe subtle gushes, snaps and shivers in your left-side frontal lobe and right-side frontal lobe.  The left-side computes ideas and words.  The right-side computes patterns in whole harmonies of feelings integrated with the Universe.  Observe which side is most active.  Adjust your day to use mostly that side.  Accept the disproportionate efficiency of creative production from that side.

9. As you waken fully from your ravished morning bed work, plan the physical actions of your day to be natural extensions of these new intellectual discoveries and emotional satiations.  In this way, you will solidify that day's growth into perfect extension from all your previous growths.  In this way you will prepare your brain to increase the quantity and quality of your neural growth tomorrow.  In this way, you will harmonize your natural neural growth with your spiritual discovery of nirvana.

10. As your day progresses, observe extra sensory perceptions.  As your brain flushes its toilet and cleans out more entropy, more energy from more dormant cells, tissues and organs will generate more normal paranormal powers of telepathy, pre-cognition, clairaudience, distant viewing and moving objects with thought force.


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