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Luscious Morning Pre-Conscious Honesty


Lesson 8

The human brain is designed by genetic intelligence to accept its full 100% power.  But the Earth brain also is designed by genetic intelligence to turn off 90% of its power whenever an individual's personal intelligence is too crippled by culture or too stupified by laziness to understand the full wisdom of genetic intelligence.

Any individual, however, can turn on the total energy of his/her brain into total genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence merely by accepting the total honesty which the genetic code has built into the morning pre-conscious state of reverie.

Pre-conscious reverie is the warm feeling of luxurious contentment which the brain radiates just before it wakes up fully.

Pre-conscious love flow is the state of delicious awareness which the brain experiences just after it begins to leave sleep but just before it achieves awakeness.

Pre-conscious computation is the 100% intellectual efficiency of cosmic intelligence which the brain demonstrates to itself the first few seconds after the consciousness click-switch in the reticular activating formation is clicked on to allow cosmic consciousness to enter and energize the neurotic meat computer.

Pre-conscious magic occurs as the thin middle layer in the morning baloney sandwich is recognized.  The lower layer is unconscious sleep.  The upper layer is conscious awakeness.  The middle layer is pre-conscious awareness.  The middle pre-conscious state of awareness is when you are rising from sleep toward complete awakeness and you stop just before you fully are awake.  You are not asleep -- and you know it.  You are not awake -- and you know it.  You are floating halfway between sleep and awakeness in a hypnotic trance; in twilight imagery.  This trance can be self-controlled.

During sleep, rational thought is stopped.  During awakeness, neurotic defenses are operational fully.  Ego is operational fully.  During awakeness, rational thought must be computed through these defenses; through ego.  Thus, rational thought is warped accordingly.

During the pre-conscious state of awareness, neurotic defenses and ego still are asleep.  During the pre-conscious state, rational thought re-starts automatically.  Thus, the rational thought is computed between personal intelligence and genetic intelligence through zero defenses and zero ego.  Your rational thought computes an answer to a problem in zero friction pure flow through your maximum brain circuits and power.

During morning pre-conscious (pre-con or MPC), your rational thought is operational fully without the warp of your neurotic defenses; without the warp of your ego.  You create thoughts of personal intelligence indirect communication with genetic intelligence.  You create thoughts which tell you the precise right and wrong way to make a decision to perform an action which determines the ultimate direction of ultimate growth in your Life.

The morning pre-conscious has but one single quality:  You cannot lie to your Self.

That is a major key to your brain lock, so let us repeat it:  You cannot lie to your Self when you are computing thought -- asking questions and receiving answers -- in your morning pre-conscious reverie.

Conscious awakeness is a lie.

Conscious awakeness forbids the brain to know, believe and grow from the single fact that it is 90% dormant.

Conscious awakeness is the reptile brain in control of the "modern" (primate), culturally conditioned, robot brain preparing its technological society to commit suicide so as to mask its lie.  Cultural conditioning has created the personality mask of lie, cheat and steal behind which every individual in the society can pretend that s/he does not have a vastly dormant brain and does not need to do the work of growing up into ripe brain power.

Cultural conditioning has created the neurosis personality of confusion, pain and fear (CPF) within which every individual is trapped while awaiting the rattlesnake vapor trails rising from pious silos to strike Life from planet Earth.

Cultural conditioning has created the evolutionary mistake of assuming its institutionalized reptilian intelligence is smarter than the basic genetic intelligence from which it came as only a 10% first step of growth toward maturation.  For genetic know-how, using the accumulated experience of billions of failed and successful planetary civilizations throughout the galaxies, has built-in the morning pre-conscious mechanism so that any brain which chooses to survive can test each lie of Self and culture, thereby evolving routinely beyond culturally caused neurosis into final brain health and Earth society sanity.

Merely by practicing the skill of waking into your morning pre-conscious, you can accept this routine brain mechanism which tests each learned fact in your memory for 100% truth or falsity against the standard of genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence. 

Merely by accepting the power of your morning pre-conscious honesty, you can grow beyond neurosis into cooperative discovery of your brain's infinite truth, beauty and goodness.

Merely by growing up enough to want -- by an act of will; truly to want -- to practice acquiring your skill of morning pre-conscious astonishment, you can mutate and evolve beyond your innate killer ape.

Once you have mastered the knack of stopping your wakening so as to freeze your consciousness into morning pre-conscious vision, you will seethe bolt of cosmic lightning which shocks off your fog of cultural lies and jolts you into being purely honest with your Self, with Life, with Earth and with Universe.  You will not go fully into your neurotic, desperation awakening.  You will stop in the middle layer of the sandwich (after sleep and before awakening) to eat wisdom in the free flowing communication between your starved personal intelligence and the endlessly nutritious teachings of genetic intelligence.  You will lengthen your stay in morning pre-conscious learning from one second to two seconds to ten seconds; from one minute to two minutes to one hour.  You will bless your growth in morning pre-conscious expectation with complete belief and final felicity as, eventually, you wake into furious bed writing of plans for that day's tactics to help others survive and transcend.

The 10 States Of Consciousness

What is morning pre-conscious reverie?

It merely is but one of the many gears in the gear box of your gear shifting brain driving to the stars.

The human brain computes cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence into personal intelligence through 10 self-selectable states of consciousness.

Consciousness is teaching/learning energy.  Consciousness energizes the brain so that it can learn itself through various stages of understanding until it can guide itself into the final stage of knowing: cosmic intelligence.

The brain which does not understand and know cosmic intelligence is neurotic.  Cosmic consciousness and genetic consciousness thus must control the two main states of brain consciousness which the neurotic individual can understand and know:  fully awake and aware consciousness and fully asleep and unaware consciousness.  These are your "conscious" and "unconscious" states of being.

These two gross states of consciousness and unconsciousness control all human behaviors on Earth.  It is through these two gross states of consciousness that cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence control and teach all human behaviors on Earth.  These two gross states of consciousness and unconsciousness are transformed further into two fine states of consciousness:  competitive consciousness and cooperative consciousness. In-coming cosmic consciousness is re-computed in the reptile brain into competitive consciousness; is re-computed in the frontal lobes into cooperative consciousness.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth states of consciousness are sleep, orgasm, narcosis (alcohol, drugs) and love.

To these 8 states of "normal" consciousness, we now can add the morning pre-conscious state of consciousness.  The tenth, and final, state of consciousness is transcendence.  Completing the circuit back to cosmic consciousness.

Hypnagogic/Hypnapompic Hocus Pocus

The pre-conscious state of awareness can be approached from two directions:  from awakeness down toward sleep and from sleep up toward awakeness.  Start with the hypnagogic state of awareness.  In Greek, "hypnos" means sleep; "gogos" means leading into.  The hypnagogic state of awareness is approached by flowing from awakeness down toward sleep by means of the techniques of falling asleep, hypnosis and meditation.  In Greek, "pompos "means leading out of.  The hypnapompic state of awareness is approached from sleep up toward awakeness only by the method described in this lesson.

The method of asking a question and receiving a 100% true answer in pre-conscious reverie works from both the hypnagogic and hypnapompic directions.  Since the latter is the simplest approach, it is the only procedure described herein.

The principle of the hypnapompic procedure of testing for total honesty is to ask a single question the night before going to sleep and to receive the answer before waking up.

To repeat, during pre-conscious awareness, rational thought is re-started, but irrational, neurotic defenses from your hurt child memories and from your minimally intelligent ego still are asleep.  Thus, your rational adult thought is not warped by the confused, pain-filled and fear-filled memories of your childhood traumas or your animal ego.  You compute through zero defenses.  Your rational thought goes directly to your memory library, ignores the snoring child traumata, selects only the data bits which directly apply to the question being asked in awareness, forms the tentative answer, adds from genetic intelligence whatever supplementary elements of information are relevant and presents the final answer back into genetic intelligence for final judgment.  In one wham of thunder, genetic intelligence judges the answer to be "No!" or "Yes!"

In one flash of lightning belief, you see and understand and know the wrongness or rightness of the answer.  You awaken fully with a jolt and adjust your day's behavior -- now re-warped by neurosis -- to grow in the unexpected direction dictated by that one honest answer amidst all the smiling culture lies.

1. Start on the weekend when you do not have to obey the alarming devil's hands and go to your money job.  Wake leisurely.  Keep trying until you develop the skill of flowing into your morning pre-conscious state of reverie.  You will know when you are there by asking the first, simple, obvious question: "Am I in pre-con?"  When you are, the answer will flash:  "YES!"  Then repeat until routine.

2.  All morning pre-conscious answers flash like lightning.  All answers are 100% true.

3. Ask only one question at a time.  Ask each question the night before; just before falling asleep.  Repeat it three times.  This programs the question into your unconscious computer.  Thus, your computer will know what the question is when you wake into your pre-conscious reverie without you having to ask it again.  If you take the time and exert the energy to ask the question again in the fragile pre-conscious state, this would bust the bubble. So, relax.  Just ask the question the night before and trust that your brain remembers it when you start to wake into pre-con.

4. In the beginning, ask each question in binary, Yes/No form.  Do not ask a question which must be answered with a phrase of words or with a full sentence of words.  Ask your question so your pre-conscious brain can answer it either with a simple "Yes" or with a simple "No."  Start with the easiest, least threatening, most obvious questions when you first are learning the procedure so as to build your skill slowly and surely.  "Do I want to learn how to communicate with my morning pre-conscious?"  "Is my ego ready to learn this skill?"  Later, you can increase the voltage of the questions.  "Shall I feel happiness today?"  "Do I want to grow up?"  Finally, ask only one question at a time.  Ask each question the night before; just before falling asleep.  Repeat once you start self-therapy, you can increase the toughness and threat of the questions still more.  "Can I remember my childhood traumas?"  "Do I want to finish doing my trauma drama today?"  "Did Father love me?"  "Did Mother want me?"

5. When an answer flashes, you will believe it with 100% trust and certainty.  It will fit perfectly into your value system, collapsing many old, wrongly-held values up to a higher simplicity.  It will explain your old values up to a new, higher wisdom.  It will re-adjust your destiny into a new direction of growth.  You will be 100% motivated to grow into that new direction.  From that moment forward, you will grow in that new direction and build your Life upon the 100% surety of that new bedrock foundation answer.

6. Once you have mastered the process of asking a night question and getting a morning answer, solve a problem a day.  Analyze each mess of problems in your Life growth.  Break down each complex mush of problems into a simple matrix of elements.  Write out a matrix of binary questions to cover each element.  Arrange the questions in order of difficulty and threat.  Feed one question in each night.  Receive one answer each morning.  Grow one unit of genius each day.

7. Once you have started self-therapy, ask questions about your repressed adult trauma memories.  About your repressed adolescent trauma memories.  About your repressed child trauma memories.  About your repressed infant memories.

8. Eventually, ask more complex, non-binary questions which require a full sentence to be answered.  "What question do I most fear to ask?"  "What part of my brain is most damaged and most in need of my first work to heal it?"  "Which childhood trauma memory is the key log in my log jam of repressed experiences blocking my whole neurosis from bursting free?"

9. Eventually, after self-therapy is at least 10% underway, lock into your morning pre-conscious clean channel for hours.  Use it some holiday mornings to bypass your neurosis and not do therapy but to receive advanced genius ideas, ecstacy emotions and pragmatic, money-making productions.  These Ca$h-earning productions will be beyond your learned knowledge and will tap the con$umer market in ways never before imagined.  You will start receiving data bits of economic profit from the genetic intelligence circuit; from the cosmic intelligence circuit.  From Big Computer in The Sky (which considers the Dow-Jones Averages as child's play).  You will scribble down or type out words beyond your own studies; ideas beyond Earth vocabulary.  You will make complex decisions in a simple twinkle of a synapse.  You will make simple decisions to join complex databases  into "irreconcilable" and "impossible" ways.  Into super creativity.  You will do multiple track computations -- simultaneously diverging and converging seemingly unrelated facts into super facts.  You will write essays and books in morning pre-conscious flow in one-draft easiness; in one day; in a few days.  You will be power.

10.  Eventually, after self-therapy is at least 51% underway, your  cosmic teachers will appear directly in your morning pre-conscious awareness.  Family reunion picnic.


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