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Re-DiscoveringYour Child Lifeforce Fingertips



Every infant is born with thecapacity and genetic drive to see and hear and smell and taste and feel theLifeforce fully in every flower, tree, cloud and person.  But the first timethe verbal kid says, "Hey Ma!  Aint dem golden auras round yer Mudder'sDay geraniums purty!!," her reply, "No.  Aint no sech ting,"persuades.

"Aint no sech ting, huh?  Ma'soldern me, so shee shuld know.  An i doan wanna irrigate her sos shee terns offher love to mee an stops shovin humm humm in mee eat hole an stops wipin meeblow hole.  So gess I dint see no auras."IMG


The amygdala turns off the frontallobes.

The frontal lobes no longer computeautomatic genetic normal "paranormal" perceptions.  The eyes nolonger see each material object as a shimmering vibrancy of energy fields.  Theears no longer hear the sunshine pinging merrily on each person's internal warof shrieking entropy and singing synergy.  The nose no longer sniffs thefragrancy of a music and the fartancy of a curse.  The tongue no longer tastesthe growing soul essence of a star.  The fingers turn numb to God's handshake.

Let us start turning on your turned off frontal lobes by re-discovering your still-alive child fingertips.

1. Preferably do this exercise in 100% energy. 0% entropy, primal nature.  If not, find some growing energy plants amidst the stressed concrete of the city.  With your fingers less or more than one inch away, feel the energy field radiating from a grass, a flower, a tree.  Make the energy flow more by hugging and kissing this other-specie soulmate.  Play with your pal by having your 2-finger Little Wo/Man walk around and jump and twang from leaf to branch to essence.  This re-clicks your brain's master click-switch, the amygdala, out of backward competitive consciousness (computed in the reptile brain) into forward cooperative consciousness (computed in the frontal lobes). This re-flows your infantile genetic drive up and out into contact with the Lifeforce (out through the frontal lobes into cosmic intelligence).  This re-starts your automatic, perpetual child curiosity, imagination and playfulness (CIP) into mature intellectual understanding and expansion of the Life love process.(Cosmic intelligence + genetic intelligence = personal intelligence.  CI + GI = PI.)


IMG2. Teach a child to re-feel theLifeforce energy in all organic and inorganic objects.  "Feel the heatcoming out. When you move your hands around the stone and you feel the heat(consciousness) coming out like from a stove, feel your forehead go click. Feel your brain inside your head go click. Feel a rush of energy go up aroundyour eyebrows. Do you hear the click? Do you feel the warm and buzzy in yourforehead?"  Have the child teach you how to do the above.

3. As you progressively open yourfrontal lobes circuit, still mostly blocked by neurosis, feel the increasinglove flow from the bush and chipmunk into your crippled infant.  Feel theincreasing love flow from your re-awakening child out to all Life.  Feel theincreasing love flow from your re-idealized adolescent out to all sufferers ofinjustice.  Feel at-one-ment. Atonement with the Lifeforce.

4. As youprogressively open your frontal lobes circuit, expand your range of sensing througheach other sensor.  See the energy fields your fingertips are feeling.  Justshift into neutral no-thought in your brain (semi-meditation) and squint youreyes just to focus on that beetle.  See the beetle's multi-colored aura.  Flipthe beetle on its back to swim air.  See the aura colors and the pattern changeto brown and black zapps.  Hear the sap gurgling in a ponderosa.  Smell thehawk squawk.  Taste the boiling chemicals of yonder night sky speck.

5. If yourfeeling of the Lifeforce does not happen, or if it is so faint as to cast doubtupon your belief that you really are feeling it, your dirty adult neurosis istoo strong and is trying to underwhelm your clean child knowing.  Merely keepplaying.  Play eventually dominates neurosis.  Merely keep retrogressing inyears until you hit a child age or an infant age which feels trustworthy andhonest.  Re-be that child/infant at that age -- unashamedly.


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