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For Beginners:

Beginners will find our Neuro-Programmer 2 Home Edition easy to learn and packaged with all of the necessary tools to get started, such as a Wizard, an extensive user guide and sessions spanning virtually every known use of the technology.

Mind Stereo is also an excellent application to start off with. Its media player style interface makes it instantly familiar and intuitive. If you are interested in using entrainment with playlists, visual plugins or internet radio Mind Stereo is the application for you!

For Professionals:

For professionals or those experienced in the industry, the Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional software is the way to go. It includes all the features of NP2 Home, with the addition of an immensely powerful session editor that allows you to create your own completely original brainwave entrainment sessions.

If you are a professional musician, composer or plan on working with music files, our Brain Sound Studio software is for you. By passing imported sounds through a series of complex scientific filters, Brain Sound Studio embeds entrainment into any type of audio file.

For Clinical / Commercial Users

Commercial or clinical users, who plan on using our software with clients or to sell CDs will want to check out our commercial licensing options for the Neuro-Programmer 2.

There is also commercial licensing available for Brain Sound Studio and Neural Noise Synthesizer.


Product Guide



Neuro-Programmer 2 Home Edition (NP2)



NP2 is designed primarily as a tool for self-improvement, meant to combine a number of self-improvement techniques into one. The program delivers powerful brainwave entrainment, affirmations, hypnosis and other psychological methods. NP2 includes 125 high quality, customizable sessions spanning a huge range of applications. Each session can be exported to create Audio CDs or for use on MP3 players. NP2 also includes pre-recorded suggestions, hypnosis scripts and is the only application to include text-to-speech and microphone recording capabilities.

* The professional version includes a fully featured session editor (see below).

Recommended for:

  • Those interested in general brainwave entrainment
  • Those interested in self-improvement, relaxation or cognitive enhancement.
  • Those interested in losing weight, stopping smoking, emotional stability, improving their performance, stopping bad habits and other mental solutions.
  • Those interested in using brainwave entrainment to help with ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia or a range of other problems.
  • Those interested in hypnosis and affirmations.
  • NP2 Home is perfect for beginners. While it may seem overwhelming at first because of all that is packed into it, it really is quite easy to work with and includes everything you need to get started. There is a detailed user guide, a Wizard, Tips, and instructions come with each session.

Unique Features:

  • Large e-book style documentation, psychological testing, Microphone recording, Text-To-Speech capabilities, pre-recorded suggestions/hypnosis scripts, hypnosis script editor, a large session list.

Learn more about this product.

Price: $44.99 Add to Cart!

Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional



NP2 Professional includes everything found in the Home version, and a professional-grade Session Editor. Session editing allows you to create your own completely unique brainwave entrainment sessions. This is great for professionals and also those interested in experimentation or more extensive customization of the NP2 experience.

Additionally, in this application you can do nearly everything you can do with NNS or BSS, such as generating noise or embedding entrainment into sound files. See the sections of BSS and NNS below for more info.

Recommended for:

  • Professionals or anyone experienced in this technology
  • Those interested in creating their own sessions or CDs
  • Therapists who want more control over sessions for hypnosis or NLP work
  • Those interested in experimenting with brainwave entrainment, or customizing the NP2 experience even further

Learn more about this product.

Price: $59.99 Add to Cart!

Mind Stereo



Mind Stereo turns your computer into a brain-enhanced media center, using playlists and mesmerizing visualizations to affect the brain. This is an ideal application to use in the background while you work, read or create. It can be completely unobtrusive, in "mini" modes, the system tray, or docked with the taskbar. It is also very simple to use, even for beginners. Mind Stereo makes it easy to train your brain, using a playlist of music you would probably be listening to anyway! The visualization features also make it uniquely suited for altered states and hypnosis work.

Recommended for:

  • Those interested in using brainwave entrainment in the background. Students, in particular, will find this application immensely useful.
  • Anyone currently involved in brain training such as neurofeedback or cognitive enhancement will want this application.
  • Those interested in altered states or hypnosis (sessions are included for this purpose and the visual plugins are particularly useful for altered/trance states).
  • Anyone interested in Net Radio, which gives you access to a huge free library of music, and allows you to have a different mental experience each time you use the application. If you are interested in adding variety to your brainwave entrainment sessions, this is the application for you.
  • Beginners will find Mind Stereo instantly intuitive because of its media player style interface.

Unique Features:

  • Media player style interface, Brain-Enhanced Visual Plugins with flash effect, Playlists (supports nearly every media format available including CDs, Internet radio, DRM like Napster-To-Go), Equalizer tools and effects (like echo and reverb), Mini interface modes and taskbar docking to save screen space
  • Mind Stereo is also the first application to use the newly developed Pitch Modulation Panning function, which modulates the pitch of sound files to produce actual binaural beats in the brain, using carriers as complex as a symphony.

Learn more about this product

Price: $44.99 Add to Cart

Brain Sound Studio (BSS)



The job of Brain Sound Studio is to embed entrainment into sound, and for that job it is the best application you will find. Mind Stereo can also do this, but does not export to WAV since it is meant as a computer-based media player. NP2 Professional includes all the functionality of BSS and can export, but BSS is the most user friendly and flexible application for this specific purpose. If you are interested in working closely with sound files, BSS is the application for you.

Recommended for:

  • BSS is preferred by people who are working specifically with sound files, such as sound engineers, audiophiles, composers and musicians.

Learn more about this product.

Price: $44.99 Add to Cart

Neural Noise Synthesizer (NNS)


NNS is a full featured white noise generator. White noise has been used for decades to help people sleep and relax. NNS generates specially structured white noise embedded with brainwave entrainment, taking this process a step further.

Recommended for:

  • Those who are only interested in generating brain-enhanced white noise will find this application simple and easy to use. It is primarily used by people interested in sleep solutions or sleep-based altered states (such as lucid dreaming).

Learn more about this product.

Price: $34.99 Add to Cart


Feature Comparisons

  NP2 Home NP2 Pro Mind Stereo BSS NNS
Brainwave Entrainment
Member's Area access
Session Editing / Creation
White Noise (also Brown, Pink, etc)
Binaural Beats
Monaural Beats
Background Sounds (MP3, WAV, etc)
Sound Modulation (Entrainment)
Isochronic Tones
Multiple Tracks
  NP2 Home NP2 Pro Mind Stereo BSS NNS
AudioStrobe Compatibility
(works with units sold here)
Screen Flashing
Affirmations / Suggestions
Microphone Recording
Hypnosis Scripting
E-Book Style Extensive Documentation
Psychological Testing
  NP2 Home NP2 Pro Mind Stereo BSS NNS
Advanced Visual Plugins
Playlists (for songs, sessions, affirmations)
Plays CDs directly
Internet Radio
Effects, Equalizer, Echo, Reverberation
Mini Mode, Tray Mode, TaskBar Docking
Export to WAV


Common Features:
  • 90 day guarantee
  • The purchase of any software application gives you access to the Member's Area
  • All applications can be used with or without headphones






Affirmations are usually short, positive statements related to a goal. They are used to affirm something to be true, in order to encourage your subconscious to change a behavior. When used, affirmations are typically repeated many times while the mind of the listener is in a receptive mental state, such as during hypnosis or meditation.

Brainwaves & Brainwave Entrainment Brainwaves represent electrical activity in the brain, and brainwave entrainment is a method of stimulating this activity using patterns of sound or light. Here is a more detailed explanation.
Embedding (Entrainment) & Sound Modulation Embedding entrainment (or sound modulation) refers to modifying an existing song or sound so that when played the song will stimulate the brain in a specific way.
Hypnosis Scripting Hypnosis scripting involves using a tool available in the Neuro-Programmer 2 product. This is an immensely useful tool that allows the user to easily arrange sounds files into a professional hypnosis script.

A session is an audio/visual experience meant to affect the brain in some way. In our programs you can define a session across a time length of your choice, defining which brainwaves will be stimulated at which times.

Suggestions Suggestions are another word for Affirmations explained above.
Text-To-Speech Text-To-Speech is a tool available in the Neuro-Programmer product that allows you to use your keyboard instead of a microphone to create affirmations or hypnosis scripts. All you need to do is type in what you want the computer to say, and NP2 will synthesize the speech for you.
White Noise (or just "Noise") White Noise is a type of sound that many people find soothing and pleasant. It sounds somewhat like rain falling, a soft fan or an ocean surf.




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